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Ammonia-anisic cough drops — instructions on how to take children and adults

Instructions for use of ammonia-anisic drops of cough, composition and storage

Ammoniac anisic cough drops (see photo) is a herbal-based combination medicine intended to treat this symptom. In this article we will try to tell about this drug in as much detail as possible.

The described remedy differs in expectorant and anti-inflammatory properties and positively affects the activity of the digestive tract. During the treatment of dry cough, this drug can alleviate the pain that this disease delivers, as well as bring recovery after a severe cold..

This tool in the form of a clear yellow syrup or tablets is widely used for complex treatment of bronchitis (acute and chronic), tracheitis, pharyngitis, bronchopneumonia not only in adults, but also in children.

Pharmacy has a positive effect on the bronchi and activates the function of the ciliated multi-row epithelium. As a result of therapeutic effects of oral drops, sputum is more intensively advanced and removed from the respiratory system (upper and lower respiratory organs).

More information on how to properly treat cough with a pharmacy can be found in the next section.

Ammonium-anisotal oral drops can be treated not only cough, but also other diseases of a cold nature. The drug is a combined agent that facilitates the smooth expectoration of bronchial secretions and the removal of inflammation in this area.

The presence in the treatment of anise oil has an effective effect on bronchial secretion, contributes to the normal digestive process, and also acts as an antiseptic. The presence of ammonia in the tool speeds up the process of sputum withdrawal. Both substances together very effectively clean the bronchi, contribute to the liquefaction of viscous sputum. With a wet cough, the use of the drug is a stimulus for cleansing the bronchi and unhindered coughing of the secretion formed in them.

Numerous reviews of patients about the drug indicate that the described oral agent is a very effective medication that can relieve pain when dry cough. In addition, the tool also significantly speeds up the healing process in the complicated form of a viral disease.

The pharmacological effects of oral cough drops based on extracts from anise have long been known. With this drug, you can easily cure a dry or wet cough for adults and children. Many probably remember from childhood the aroma and taste of this pharmaceutical oral agent, which the doctor prescribed by prescription.

The drug is quite effective, since in almost 4-5 days it is possible to achieve the transition of the disease from the acute to the more productive form. It should be remembered that before using oral drops, you must first read the instructions for use of the tool. In addition, an important positive factor is the low price of the drug compared with similar drugs, designed to eliminate the symptoms of a viral disease.

In addition, the drug is an absolutely natural remedy, which does not contain any chemical additives, as well as elements that are harmful to humans (except alcohol and ammonia-water solution). In connection with the content in the tool of these elements, ammonia-anisic drug should not be used undiluted, so as not to cause a burn or acute chronic inflammation of the gastric mucosa or esophagus (esophagitis).

In order to determine the degree of effectiveness of the described preparation, one should first examine the available indications for its use, which will be discussed in this section.

This pharmacy tool is used to provide therapeutic effects on both adults and children. In the instructions of the drug indicated that it should be used in combination with other medicines, which prescription prescribed by the doctor.

For which diseases can use the tool:

  • pharyngitis;
  • chronic and acute bronchitis;
  • laryngitis;
  • whooping cough;
  • tracheitis;
  • bronchiectasis;
  • bronchopneumonia.

This drug can be very effective in treating children whooping cough. As an additional effect during the use of the drug, you can improve the processing of food, get rid of flatulence and normalize the motor and secretory function of the stomach.

Doctors recommend taking oral drops at least 3 times a day in an amount of 15 droplets. The effectiveness of the described pharmaceutical means is influenced by the type of cough. The drug can be combined with other drugs, which include, for example, marshmallow or propolis.

The drug is absorbed by the body perfectly. For this reason, after taking the drug orally, the patient may rarely have small side effects, but we will tell about this later.

Because of the alcohol content in the medication during pregnancy, the expectant mother should limit the use of the drug, and in some cases, completely discard it. On prescription and in diluted form, the described preparation will not cause particular harm to a pregnant woman. But still the use of drops must be strictly controlled or choose an alternative means that you can replace this drug. Nursing mothers should also be wary of using an oral agent or abandon it at the time of breastfeeding.

Drivers of vehicles and other mechanisms during therapeutic drug treatment should not drive. It is shown to use the drug to children who have reached the age of 12.

More information on the composition of oral drops and how to use them can be found in the next section.

Thanks to the natural components that are part of a therapeutic agent, it is possible to achieve a slight expectoration of sputum, as well as the elimination of inflammatory processes in the mucous membrane.

What is included in the preparation:

  1. Ammonia solution. This element contributes to the normalization of the bronchi, and also has a positive effect on the respiratory system.
  2. Anise oil. This component stimulates the release of bronchial secretions and plays the role of an antiseptic. Anise oil extract improves digestion. This component is a natural substance, which is obtained by the method of distillation and the production of condensate from anise seeds. The resulting oil makes sputum less thick, thereby activating the procedure for its expectoration. In addition, the substance can eliminate the residual symptoms of a cold and a viral disease. Also, this component is an excellent antipyretic agent that can enhance the effect of therapeutic drugs.
  3. Ethyl alcohol 90%.

The described oral agent is a clear yellow liquid that has a pronounced ammonia-anise flavor. The form of release of drops — a bottle in a various dosage (on 25 milliliters and 100 milliliters). The drug contains 2.81 grams of anise oil, as well as 15 milliliters of ammonia solution. Auxiliary agent in the tool is ethanol in the amount of 90%.

Before using a pharmaceutical product, you must carefully read the instructions for use of the drug. In the annotations to the above medication indicated that the tool is intended for oral administration. Release the tool in a pharmacy without a prescription from the doctor.

The recommended dose for an adult is 10-15 drops. The tool must be used no more than 3-4 times a day. 1 small spoonful of the drug is dissolved with 1 large spoonful of purified water.

Many patients have found a very original way of using the described drops. For this purpose, it is necessary to drop a few droplets of money on a cube of refined sugar, and then use it without dissolving it in a liquid. AT undiluted use of the drug can not be, because there is a risk of redness on the skin and burns of the oral mucosa and the digestive tract.

The drug is prescribed to children in this ratio: 1 drop of funds for each year of the child’s life 3 times a day. Thus, a 2-year-old baby should be given no more than two drops of oral medication 3 times a day, and a child of six years old — 6 drops.

After reaching the age of 14, a drug must be given to a teenager in an adult dosage. The duration of the treatment course should be prescribed by the doctor individually, based on the particular case.

At the time of treatment with the described remedy, doctors recommend drinking plenty of warm drinks (tea, herbal teas, or medicinal infusions).

There are minor contraindications to the described oral agent, which can cause a side effect. This information will be devoted to this section.

Most patients of any age tolerate the drug without any particular complications.

In some cases, after ingesting drops inside, the following side effects may occur:

  • a short pathology of the nervous system in the form of overexcitation, which may be replaced by a slight lethargy and depression in the work of the central nervous system;
  • allergic reaction;
  • bronchospasm;
  • vomiting or nausea.

Do not recommend the use of the drug for such diseases and symptoms:

  1. When inflammation of the gastric mucosa (gastritis).
  2. In the presence of gastric ulcers.
  3. With excessive susceptibility to the components of the tool or with their individual intolerance.
  4. During the period of childbearing and breastfeeding.

Care should be taken when using oral drops in such cases.:

  • if the patient has alcohol dependence;
  • with children under 1 year;
  • with damage to the soft tissues of the face, head, skull and brain diseases (Alzheimer’s disease, strokes or tumors of this organ);
  • with hepatitis;
  • when the patient conducts activity associated with high concentration of attention.

This tool is contraindicated for use by persons with individual intolerance to the elements that it includes. Extreme caution should be taken to use the drug during pregnancy and breastfeeding, and, if possible, oral drops should be replaced by other therapeutic agents.

The storage conditions of the drug are indicated on the product packaging, as well as in the annotation thereto.

The described preparation must be stored in a dark and dry, well-ventilated place for 2 years from the date of issue.

After the expiration date indicated on the bottle should not be used.

We sincerely hope that this article was useful for you. If the material provided to you was not enough, then we suggest watching an informative video that clearly demonstrates how you can effectively treat cough at home with anise.

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