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Alkaline inhalation

Alkaline inhalations for children and adults with a nebulizer; composition and methods of use at home

Alkaline inhalation — A great way to treat dry and wet cough and runny nose, such inhalations also help to alleviate the patient’s condition with laryngitis, pharyngitis, bronchitis, and even at elevated temperatures. If you correctly prepare a solution for alkaline inhalation, then you will see the first results after only three days.

Alkaline inhalation can be done both for adults and children. There are many ways and devices to do it at home.. The first method, which we consider in our article, will require a special device for inhalation, which is called a nebulizer.

Nebulizer inhalation is the most effective way to treat diseases of the respiratory system. The nebulizer is a special device with a mask into which the solution is poured. The mask is put on the face and the patient inhales vapors of the solution.

It is very important not to overdo it and control the temperature of the water so that the patient does not burn his airway with hot steam. Inhalation of the solution for inhalation should be carefully and slowly.

Nebulizer for inhalation is good because it delivers all the medical components directly to the lungs through all the respiratory organs, so that the effectiveness of such a procedure becomes higher. Inhalation using a nebulizer can be both adults and children.

When you begin treatment with alkaline inhalations with a nebulizer, the number of procedures can be 8 times a day. Gradually, you should reduce this number to two, so that the body does not get used to such a procedure.

For alkaline inhalation using a nebulizer, you can use two options:

Prepare the alkaline solution independently by mixing 0.5 teaspoons of soda with warm boiled water.

Buy ready alkaline mineral water similar to Borjomi.

After making an alkaline inhalation solution, pour it into the nebulizer, after which you can begin to inhale the alkaline vapors carefully. This will contribute to the rapid removal of sputum from the body, so that recovery will come much faster.

How to make alkaline inhalation at home?

But what if there is no nebulizer at home? How to make alkaline inhalation at home without using a nebulizer? There are two ways you can easily make alkaline inhalation at home.

The first method is the simplest and most primitive, it has come to us since the days of our grandmothers’ youth. And it consists in the following: having prepared an alkaline solution or having bought alkaline water, you have to pour it into a regular saucepan and bring it to a boil. After that, you need to throw a towel over your head and gently place your face over the steam. Be careful! Adjust the height and position of the face so as not to get burned. After setting the pan, begin to inhale the vapor with your nose or mouth, depending on the location of the disease. Continue for at least 7 minutes.

The second method is a more advanced version of the first. Everything happens the same way, only now you need not a pan, but a plastic inhaler, which you can buy at the pharmacy. It consists of two plastic bowls that are interconnected, and a face stand is installed on top. You pour the alkaline solution into the inhaler, fix your face on the stand and begin to inhale gently.

Such home inhalations can be performed for adults, children and even pregnant women. An alkaline solution will help remove sputum residues, destroy bacteria and speed up the retreat of the disease.

As you can see, alkaline inhalation is very simple at home. The main thing is to control the temperature of the steam in order not to burn your respiratory organs. Try to strengthen the immunity to the winter, so as not to catch a cold and not to look for ways of treatment.

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