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Wigs — how to choose and how to properly care for them?

How to choose a wig and how to properly care for it?

Wigs in many cases can provide invaluable assistance. In every girl’s life, a moment comes when she wants to radically change her appearance. And most often at this point, attention is drawn specifically to the hair, because it is the change of hairstyle or hair color that can completely change the image of a person. Experiments with looks are great, but, as a rule, hairstyle is not very grateful for that. What to do at such a moment, because you always want something new? And if the visit to the salon was not very successful, but on the nose is an important event where you should show yourself in all its glory and make a splash? Therefore, the most ancient invention of Egyptian fashionistas in our time is again gaining immense popularity.

The word «wig» has French roots and is translated as «pad for the hair.» And the very first was made in ancient Egypt. And not only women wore it there, but also men. Wearing a lining that imitates hair was inherent for every free inhabitant of this state. The most fantastic, spectacular products were with Pharaoh and his family members. Wearing wigs in ancient Egypt was at first not so much aesthetic as functional — they protected the wearer’s head from the hot, scorching sun.

The ancient Greeks borrowed the idea from Egypt, but there it was used only for theatrical performances. But already the ancient Romans introduced the fashion for these products in household use. As great conquerors, they visited different parts of the world, and as a result of this, the variety of hair shades was simply amazing. For example, dark hair from India or red hair of barbarian conquered tribes were considered to be among the most valuable hairs. And white wigs were just worth their weight in gold and were only in the highest aristocracy of ancient Roman society.

The subsequent history of mankind was extremely disloyal to the products that mimic the hair. In the Middle Ages, they were considered a devilish invention, preventing the penetration of God’s blessing into the «bright» head of the believer. It is known that several people were convicted of wearing them. And only by the 18th century, the wig reappears on the “fashionable” arena, but how. In France, for example, it was considered indecent even to simply appear in public without curled and powdered shovels of hair artfully attached to the head. It was during this period that the concept of “comprehension” appeared — a product made from natural or artificial hair, hence the word “compiler” — a master in making linings. And up to our times the wig does not lose its relevance.

Wig or hairpiece? You should first decide what functions the purchased product will perform. Do you need it for permanent wear or as a sometimes used accessory? Do you need a full-fledged substitute for your own hair, or will be enough hairpieces or individual strands that complement your image.

The first one is completely worn on your head like a hat, it imitates your own hair absolutely, creating the hair style that was made. It solves not only aesthetic issues, but is also very often necessary for certain medical indicators, such as partial or complete loss of hair.

The chignon is made as a separate part of the hairstyle and is able to instantly transform you. Most often, hairpieces imitate the ponytail hairstyle, there are also lining the formation of a romantic beam on the back of the head or individual strands for additional volume of their own hair.

Natural or artificial product — how to decide?

Natural hair wigs have always been considered the most valuable, expensive products, as in ancient times, and now. But all the same technology stepped away, and in our time there is a huge amount of materials from which the production is.

There are now three types on the market, depending on the materials used, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages:

  • Natural hair wigs
  • Mixed wigs from artificial hair with the addition of natural material.
  • Fully artificial wigs

Each species has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, fully artificial wigs give the widest scope for imagination due to the possibility of the brightest colors and low, in comparison with other types, cost. As a rule, they do not require complex care, they are extremely durable, perfectly retain their shape for a long time. But, at the same time, they are very easily melted, and they also do not accept experiments on themselves, which means there can be no talk of any haircut or dyeing. In addition, very often artificial can not completely imitate real hair, and therefore will be visible on your head.

Natural wigs are just gorgeous. Look like your own curls. They are very reliable, which means that you will not feel any discomfort during their use. You can calmly dance, lead an active lifestyle, touch, ruffle your hair and not be afraid of deformation and changing the «habitat» of your hairstyle. You can easily cut the product from natural hair, dye it according to your desires and modern fashion trends. The disadvantages include the very high cost of such a product and the extremely difficult care of such a product, which is almost impossible to produce at home. And, as a result, a regular visit to a specialist will add one more item to your expenses.

Mixed models combine the advantages of the two previous types. As a rule, having a fairly high quality, it is still more democratic in cost than premium-class products made from natural material, the care of them is not so complicated, and the appearance can be just as good as the “leaders”.

After you decide on the material for your wig, you should, of course, turn your attention to the features of caring for it. Let’s try to learn how to preserve the appearance and shape of the selected product.

First of all, let’s try to learn how to care for an artificial wig. Synthetic representatives are pretty easy to maintain. For example, in order to wash the product, you should dissolve a couple of caps of special shampoo in a small amount of water, dip the object and leave for 10-15 minutes. After that, rinse with a stream of water strictly in the direction of «growth» of hair and slightly wring out with a dry towel. Drying should only be on a special blank that follows the contours of the head. A word of advice: disassemble the knots in the fiber with your fingers before washing, otherwise you will not be able to comb it afterwards. Do not dry with a hot hairdryer. If it became necessary to quickly bring the thing into a presentation, then use only a stream of cold air. This should be done because Kanelon and Modacrilic, the materials of which most modern models make, are subject to melting. But how to comb an artificial wig — it should be combed only in a fully dried state with a comb with rare teeth, the air should be directed strictly in the direction of laying. Therefore, the question «how to put an artificial wig» and does not become, the styling is preserved by the one that was laid, initially by the master wand. Such products can not be cut or painted. And of course, in no case should you put hot curlers and irons all for the same reason of melting.

Samples of natural hair are a luxury item, bought because of extreme necessity. For these reasons, you should still entrust the care of high-class specialists from the salon. To care for a wig made of natural material should be similar to real hair, use high-quality detergents. Always dry on a special stand and comb with a comb with rare teeth, which comes with the product. With the right care, such a wig will last you 5 years and more.

Mixed models are still better to give to care professionals.

As for the care of different variations of the wig, such as hairpieces and lining, here you should take into account the material from which they were made, and choose the type of care depending on them.

You could decide to buy a wig for many reasons. With the help of a masterfully crafted product, you can solve a lot of problems and issues that arise in the lives of many people:

  • partial or complete hair loss;
  • a spectacular change of image to match fashion trends;
  • religious background in those moments when you should cover your head and not show your own hair;
  • acting reincarnation for complete similarity with the character;
  • and even conformity with the position taken in a public position, for example, as in Great Britain, where judges and statesmen cannot appear in the House of Lords without a curled wig.

For each situation there is a huge number of options. Women’s wigs of good quality will amaze you with a variety of styles and colors. Long wigs, short hairstyles, tight curls, hairpieces of artificial hair — beautiful girls can change the style every day. Men can also stop being embarrassed about the age suddenly exposed on the head — the lining and men’s wigs will cope well with this problem, a quality product will in no way interfere with your usual active lifestyle and add you confidence and attractiveness.

After purchasing a wig, you yourself will not notice how not only externally but internally begin to transform. And perhaps the update will affect not only your image, and the whole life in general.

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