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Why are cheeks burning? — medical reasons and national signs

The reasons why cheeks are burning and treatment, folk omens

Why are cheeks burning? The question is very relevant, because many people want to get an exhaustive answer to the true cause of the blush. In this article we will try to understand why a similar cosmetic defect usually arises from the point of view of medicine and popular superstitions.

Most people who start to burn their cheeks, the first thing they think is that someone scolds them. Perhaps this is so. Many are accustomed to associate various minor deviations from the norm in the state of health with folk omens. However, sometimes the cause of the crimson-red cheeks and ears in an adult or child can be caused by the presence of a disease.

In fact, cheeks are burning very strongly for a number of reasons. In some cases, the red blush on the face is caused by very intense heat. The human body thus tries to cope with the increased temperature on the street, indoors or in a stuffy transport.

Throughout his life, every person at least once felt such an unpleasant feeling as reddening of the cheeks. Sometimes they can burn along with the ears and nose. In some cases, a scarlet blush persists on the face for a short time, and sometimes only for a moment. Not every person would like bright red cheeks to “decorate” a face. With the occurrence of this discomfort, each cope in their own way. Some begin to put something cold on their cheeks, such as a bottle of cold drink or ice, while others run to the tap with cool water to wash. Some are helped by a stream of fresh air, which quickly returns a suddenly flushed face to its normal state, without a blush. There are such categories of people who immediately begin to look for some signs in the problem that has arisen, turning over signs and superstitions in their memory. Particularly suspicious people resort to the help of Internet resources in order to study folk signs associated with redness on the face.

Since ancient times in Russia it was believed that the girl was painted a healthy blush. In those days, it was believed that if a person does not have redness on his cheeks on his face, then he is somehow sick. Although in reality everything happens exactly the opposite. If the blush on the cheeks for no apparent reason appears quite often, then the woman or man should seek the advice of a doctor. Redness of the body signals some problems of a physiological or psychological nature.

Of course, popular beliefs and various signs were not just folded. Their appearance was reinforced by some of the observations that people made throughout their lives. They compared various events and actions and tried to find a causal link in this. On this occasion, it is worthwhile to sometimes listen to these superstitions, but do not take every sign to heart. It is not necessary in any belief connected with the reddening of the skin on the face, it is necessary to look for unkind signs. Perhaps you should clean up your thoughts, calm down, ventilate the room or consult a doctor for help. And then the problem will disappear by itself. If the doctor detects the presence of any ailment, then it must be treated so that there are no complications.

With the frequent occurrence of redness on the cheeks and in the ear, it is necessary to pay attention to the following:

  1. Nutrition. This is the very first reason why the cheeks along with the ears begin to burn both in the morning and in the evening. You should not get involved in fried, spicy and very hot dishes. This food can disrupt the normal balance in the human body and contribute to an increase in blood flow to the face.
  2. Harmful habits. First of all, you should limit the consumption of alcoholic beverages. Alcohol affects the body, causing the walls of blood vessels to expand. For this reason, often drinking people face is purple-red for a long time, and sometimes constantly.
  3. Coffee. Avid coffee lovers, who cannot live a day without this invigorating drink, are also subject to the phenomenon of a flush on the face. If you drink only 2-3 cups of coffee per day, then this circumstance will not affect the face in any way. But with a strong love for this drink, in which a person is able to drink more than 4-5 cups of coffee per day, you need to think about your health. It is advisable sometimes to try to do without another batch of coffee, replacing it with green tea or a decoction of some medicinal herbs (rosehip, mint, lemon balm or chamomile). Particularly relevant data medical fees are in the season of colds.

If such a situation happened to your face at the most crucial or inappropriate moment, then try to calm down. If possible, wash your face with cold water and then go out into the fresh air.

More information about what the medicine says about the appearance of redness on the face can be found in the next section of the article.

From a medical point of view, this problem is justified. In the context of this article we will try to figure it out.

Doctors call the crimson cheeks «blanching syndrome.» The reasons for the emergence of this disease is not so little. When examining a patient with similar symptoms, doctors can say with certainty that the person has some serious diseases that the body signals with a similar reaction.

What diseases can indicate reddened cheeks:

  1. Disturbances in the circulatory system. If the patient has been identified abnormalities in the bloodstream, then a cosmetologist will help to cope with a rash on the face and redness. After a series of procedures, this problem may disappear. If the treatment in the cosmetology salon did not bring the desired result, you need to contact a dermatologist to help cope with problem skin.
  2. Vegetative dystonia. This disease also causes unwanted blush. If the patient was made exactly such a diagnosis, then he needs to engage in enhanced treatment of this disease. Timely implementation of all the recommendations of the doctor will improve health and help get rid of redness.
  3. Disturbed metabolism. Itching in the cheeks may occur due to impaired metabolism. To normalize it, it is necessary to change the diet, otherwise complications may occur. Only balanced food and the use of a large number of vitamins and vegetables will help to cope with this imbalance.
  4. Hormonal disbalance. Accepted tablets and drugs with aggressive components, which contain hormones, can affect the face in the form of blush. If you identify this disease, you must undergo a full course of treatment, which will appoint a doctor.
  5. Diabetes. Often on the face of people with diabetes, you can see a similar blush.
  6. The initial stage of pulmonary tuberculosis. Crimson cheeks can also signal the development of a human tuberculous disease. This symptom may occur at the initial stage of development of this disease. In some cases, a person can blush only one cheek, precisely from the side from which the lung affected by tuberculosis is located.
  7. High blood pressure. This disease can also be accompanied by a blush on the cheeks. It is necessary first of all to begin complex treatment so that this ailment does not become a pretext for the occurrence of heart attacks and strokes.
  8. Malfunction of the endocrine glands. A common cause of blushing cheeks is a disorder in the endocrine system. Thyroid nodules or an enlarged size of the thyroid gland can cause blush on the face.
  9. Allergic reactions. Rash on the face and redness can be caused by individual intolerance to any drugs. In this case, you must take a special anti-allergic pills. In the future, you will have to completely abandon the previously taken drugs and replace them with more suitable ones. In any case, the tendency to allergies without consulting a doctor can not do.
  10. The decline of the function of the reproductive system in women. Those women who have menopause may also get a pink hue of the cheeks due to age-related changes in the body. To make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe the necessary treatment for prophylactic purposes, you need to visit a gynecologist or an endocrinologist. In very rare cases, men experience similar changes, which, unlike women, endure the stronger sex much more easily.
  11. Pregnancy. Carrying a child can also be accompanied by the presence of a blush in the future mom. Fortunately, this phenomenon after the birth of the baby passes by itself and does not require any treatment.

To give a person the correct diagnosis, the doctor needs to do a series of tests. A single visual examination will not be enough. As you can see, the reddening of the cheeks can occur due to various diseases that cannot be identified after the first visit to the doctor.

If reddened cheeks burn strongly and in this part of the face a person feels a burning sensation, then first of all the patient should consult a dermatologist, allergist or cosmetologist for a consultation. You must be prepared to have to take a large number of different tests to identify the true cause of the rash and redness.

Before you panic, discovering red and itchy cheeks on your face, remember that this discomfort may occur as a result of strong emotional excitement or external factors.

Causes of scarlet cheeks can also be a resentment, anger, disappointment, shame or anxiety. Each of these causes can cause a violent surge of emotions, which is accompanied by a rise in temperature, expansion of blood vessels and capillaries, due to which the cheeks begin to blaze. A large dose of alcohol can also cause a person to have both positive and negative emotions, as a result of which the blood rushes to the face and the patient feels itchy.

Often, patients go to the doctor for advice about the fact that after the street on returning home cheeks redden strongly. Speaking the language of physicians, the reason for this trouble is that due to the difference in temperature (in frosty weather) the walls of blood vessels can expand, and a lot of blood accumulates in the capillaries. For this reason, a person’s face becomes like a tomato. As a rule, this problem is faced by those individuals who have a disease called couperosis. In this category of people, the vessels are too close to the skin.

What can be done so that the skin after the street does not blush:

  1. Do not allow a sharp change in temperature. Do not go from extreme to extreme. In the presence of rosacea, it is undesirable to allow a sharp change in temperature. Do not go straight into the dwelling with a hard frost, but stay a little on the landing. Take advantage of this time. Call relatives, read the press from the mailbox, do a few sit-ups, or invent another lesson yourself.
  2. Take pills. If redness is also accompanied by a sore throat that causes discomfort, then you can put validol under the tongue, use peppermint candies or menthol jelly.
  3. Get a little rest. Upon returning home from the frost, you should slowly undress, and then sit a little on the couch or in the chair, not grabbing a hundred cases at once. The body has to get used to the temperature difference and adapt. In this case, the person will not have trouble in the form of fainting or dizziness.
  4. Protect your face with a protective cream. Before you leave the house, apply a special cream on your face that will protect your skin from the effects of frost and wind.
  5. Take a horizontal position. With low blood pressure in the case of deterioration of health, you need to lie down on the sofa and lie still for some time until it becomes easier. If the state of health allows, at the moment you can not take any stimulating drugs. It is necessary to allow the body to recover and stabilize the pressure. If the state of health worsens, then it is necessary to take medicine.
  6. Refuse to go out into the street in a severe frost. If possible, in the presence of cardiovascular diseases, you should stay at home in frosty and windy weather so as not to cause an attack of angina.

If this redness appeared on the face of the child, then many parents are delighted at the sight of a rosy-cheeked baby. Some fathers and mothers are more likely to be upset because of the pale appearance of their offspring than from a blush. But, unfortunately, parents are not always right. Redness of the face is not always an indicator of the well-being of a small child. Rosy flap can give signals «sos» and clearly demonstrate that the son or daughter already has some kind of indisposition or illness that needs to be urgently identified and treated.

You should not panic, grab a bunch of baby and run with him immediately to the children’s clinic. Sometimes a very active game in the cold can be accompanied by the appearance of a blush, which usually passes half an hour after the walk. A small child expresses many positive and negative emotional experiences with the help of laughter, crying and screaming. After the mom calms the child, his little cheeks will again become normal color. Do not stay with a small child for too long in a stuffy, unventilated room or under the scorching rays of the sun. In children from 1.5 to 2 years old, red cheeks can become after eating food in which an allergen was present.

It is absolutely normal that a person who does not believe in omens and superstitions, first of all turns for help not to various dream-books and horoscopes, but to a specialist. Medical workers, together with dermatologists, are very suspicious of any kind of predictions that promise us various signs.

Folk signs associated with the appearance of blush on the cheeks, there is a huge amount. In this section of the article we will focus on them in more detail.

The most common sign says that if a person has flames on his cheeks, then someone thinks about him at the moment, or perhaps he scolds him.

Our ancestors believed that the thoughts of strangers, as well as gossip, could not long be kept under seven seals. In a person who “washed the bones” behind his back, these gossip will reach the subconscious regardless of where he is now. If a characteristic blush appeared on the face of the object of discussion, it means that he is now at the epicenter of some events. It is absolutely unimportant that a person can live hundreds of kilometers from gossips.

There is a very simple way to find out what is being said about you: good or bad. To understand this, you must use a wedding ring. It is necessary to take him in hand and start sorting through in the head all the possible candidates who could remember about you. Should be called out loud or silently their names. After each spoken name, it is necessary to carry out a ring on the most flaming cheek (sometimes only the right or left can burn) and watch the trace left by the engagement ring.

What traces can leave gold jewelry:

  • a white imprint indicates positive feedback about you;
  • the red trace symbolizes that a close or familiar person expresses a neutral attitude towards you or he has not yet decided on his position;
  • the black bar indicates that at the moment the «opponent» is not responding to you in the best way, obviously not praising it.

Based on the same belief, to get rid of the heat, which swept the face, you can start to list all potential enemies out loud. It is necessary to call their names in order. After you say “that same” name, the flushed cheeks and ears will immediately acquire a familiar look and tint. In addition, there are special old conspiracies that will help remove the ruddy.

There is another old belief, which says that if the cheeks are burning in the evening or at night, then expect trouble. Anyone who believes in these superstitions, simply wash your face with consecrated water.

Folk beliefs, which have been composed for a very long time, say that hot cheeks burning on a particular day of the week can more accurately identify the reason for which an event occurred or is to be. Strangely enough, many have noticed that such signs almost always accurately foresee the reasons that can be built into a logical chain. If a person burns not only the cheeks, but also the ears at the same time, then these signs can come true.

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