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White chocolate: composition, beneficial properties and harm

Caloric content: 541 kcal.

Energy value of the product White chocolate:
Proteins: 4.2 g.
Fat: 30.4 g
Carbohydrates: 62.2 g.

White chocolate does not contain cocoa beans, so you can not call it a real chocolate. Invented this dessert in the last century by the workers of the famous brand «Nestle». White chocolate is a product that is literally surrounded by a lot of controversy over its shortcomings. Some talk about too sweet and sugary taste, others emphasize minimal benefits. But despite this, white chocolate found a huge number of fans around the world who preferred this particular dessert.

White chocolate is a compound of cocoa butter, sugar pest and milk proteins. Another part of the dessert is a thickener and flavoring, for example, vanilla. Also, as an addition to the original recipe, some manufacturers add nuts, raisins, coconut chips, etc.

When choosing white chocolate it is very important to look at the composition of the product, as many manufacturers use vegetable fats or powders instead of cocoa butter to save money. The composition of high-quality chocolate includes at least 20% cocoa butter and 14% milk powder. Also pay attention to the integrity of the packaging and the tile itself.

You also need to pay attention to the inscriptions on the packaging. It should contain data on the composition of the product, its energy value, necessarily the shelf life of chocolate, the date of its release and data on the manufacturer. In addition, there are several ways to identify real white chocolate by the following features:

  • melts quickly in the mouth;
  • at a break of a tile the crunch is audible;
  • on the cut, real chocolate has a matte color;
  • there is no plaque on the surface of the tile, the coating is uniform;
  • There is no other odor.

Another thing you should clarify is the price.. Good real chocolate can not be cheap. Therefore, wanting to buy a quality product at half price or for a stock, you are likely to run into a fake. To avoid this, it is better to pay a little more and get real white chocolate than to save ten rubles and not even feel the taste.

You should also be aware that the product that is made from real cocoa beans cannot be stored for too long, so if you see the shelf life on the package for more than three months, then you have a fake.

It is also necessary to store white chocolate correctly so that it does not spoil ahead of time and does not lose its taste. First you need to clarify that the storage temperature of the product should be 15-20 degrees Celsius. Despite the information that chocolate should be stored in the refrigerator, this cannot be done, since low temperatures adversely affect this dessert, and therefore it becomes covered with unappetizing white bloom.

Also in the storage of white chocolate should not be high humidity. The maximum allowable rate is seventy percent moisture. At higher rates, chocolate can flow and lose most of its gastronomic properties.

It is not recommended to store the product near food that exudes strong flavors. It can be smoked cheeses and sausages, garlic, citrus, etc.

With the right choice and the right conditions and storage of white chocolate, you can enjoy its taste and aroma as long as possible.

The benefits of white chocolate are questionable and it is believed that the product is useless. If you look at the composition, there you can find vitamin E, which is important for the beauty of the skin, as well as a list of useful acids for the body. Prefer white chocolate people who can not tolerate milk and bitter chocolate. This type of chocolate is also able to lift the mood and helps to cope with fatigue and stressful situations. Like other types of chocolate, white also has the beneficial property of lowering blood cholesterol levels.

White chocolate is used for cosmetic purposes, as it acts as a healing and tonic agent. Masks based on this dessert help to get rid of dryness and damage to the skin of the face and body. White chocolate can be used in procedures to combat stretch marks, rashes, small scars and wrinkles.

White chocolate is not a very popular product in cooking, but still there are several recipes for delicious sauces that are prepared on its basis. More white chocolate make decorations for different desserts.

In addition, on the basis of white chocolate, you can prepare several different desserts. As an option, make this product a delicious cream or mousse for decorating cakes and pies. Also on its basis they make glaze, which is poured over cheesecakes, muffins and cupcakes. Often hostesses add melted white chocolate to sponge dough, which makes the preparation more airy and sweet.

It is also possible to make mastic from white chocolate, and also paint it in any colors. This product is added to homemade chocolates and cookies, and also used as a filling for such a dessert as muffins.

If you want to make a delicious and delicate cake cream, you can combine white chocolate with other products, including berries and fruits. Best of all this dessert is combined with strawberries, raspberries, cranberries, currants, strawberries and cherries. Chocolate will improve the taste of coffee or caramel, and will also be perfectly combined with coconut. Any creamy desserts will be even tastier if you add some baked white chocolate to them.

However, you can always try experimenting, combining white chocolate with products that you like. You might find a new recipe for a delicious dessert!

To properly melt white chocolate, you need to know that its melting point is much lower than that of black and milk chocolate. That is why it is important to take note of our recommendations so that when heated, the dessert does not overheat and does not change its taste. We offer you several options with which you can correctly melt white chocolate.

  • The first and most common way is water bath. To melt chocolate in this way, you need to take a wide, sharp knife and cut the treat into small pieces no more than 15 millimeters thick. It will be much easier if you grate chocolate. After that, you need to take two containers, the same in diameter, in one of which to draw water and put on fire. Note that the water should not touch the bottom of the second tank, in which you want to put chocolate.
    Wait until the liquid boils, and place the container with the dessert on top, controlling the level of the flame so that the water does not boil. The product must be continuously stirred, waiting for it to melt. It is necessary to remove the container with the delicacy from the fire at the moment when the ingredient has melted almost completely, but small lumps still remain. We must not allow moisture to get into the container with the dessert when melting. If there is a need to add any liquid product to white chocolate, it is best to do it just before the treat has melted.
    If after melting the chocolate rolls into lumps, you can add a little butter to make the mixture more homogeneous. Melt the ingredient in a water bath, you can apply it for its intended purpose.
  • You can also melt chocolate with microwaves. To do this, it should also be cut into small pieces or grated, and the power on the microwave set no more than 50 degrees. Put the dessert in a plastic or glass container and send it in the microwave for no more than 30 seconds. After this time, you should check the chocolate. If it has not melted well enough, repeat the warm-up process for another thirty seconds. This procedure should be carried out until you achieve the desired consistency of white chocolate.
  • If you do not have a microwave, you can melt the product with ovens. To do this, you need to grate the dessert and fold it into a heat-resistant container, sending it to the oven. Kitchen gadget you need to pre-set to the lowest temperature and melt delicacy for eight minutes. If during this time it does not melt well, repeat the procedure for another two minutes.

In order to understand how to properly heat white chocolate at home, you should know that only a clean tile without various fillings is suitable for this. It is also undesirable to use porous chocolate, as it has a heterogeneous structure after melting.

In order to properly dye white chocolate, making it colored, it is better to buy food dyes in the form of a powder or an oily liquid. The use of just such ingredients does not harm the consistency of melted chocolate, because even a small drop of water can cause the product to crumble.

If your choice fell on a dye with an oily base, then before you add it to the product, you need to heat the liquid. To do this, place the dye bottle in a sealed bag and place it in a container with hot water for ten minutes.

Now you should melt the white chocolate. It is best to do this in a water bath, and only after it melts can you add an oil dye. If you use powdered food paint, then add it better before the chocolate melts.

Stir in the ingredients until the chocolate is liquid and the color is uniform, after which you can use the color mixture as intended.

White chocolate can be used to make delicious mastic, which usually decorates cakes and other pastries. To do this, you will need two hundred grams of white chocolate and one hundred and sixty grams of honey (preferably liquid). The process of making mastic is as follows:

  1. If you have taken liquid honey, you can skip this step. If there is no liquid honey on hand, take any other honey and melt it in a water bath to the desired consistency.
  2. Smash a bar of white chocolate into small pieces, fold into a saucepan and melt in any convenient way from those written in the previous sections. Constantly stir the dessert, if you drown it in a water bath, and wait until the chocolate becomes liquid and viscous.
  3. After the chocolate mixture becomes homogeneous, remove it from the water bath and mix with liquid honey. When stirring, oil may be released, which should be drained into a separate container. It is desirable to completely get rid of the oily liquid, so the future mastic is best squeezed by hand, getting rid of oil residue.
  4. Roll the resulting chocolate-honey mix into a bowl and pack into a regular bag. The billet should be left to stand at room temperature for twenty-four hours. After the mastic is infused, it will become stronger and more elastic.
  5. If it is necessary to dye the white chocolate mastic, then you should add a dye just before leaving the product to infuse, as kneading the mass after that will be quite problematic.
  6. Ready mastic can be used as intended.

Preparing delicious homemade mastic from white chocolate and honey, you can decorate your pastries, make fancy figurines or completely cover the cake. The product made by your own hands will be more useful and of higher quality than ready-made confectionery mastic. We recommend that you try at least once to do it yourself — and you will not regret it!

White chocolate, if desired, is quite easy to do at home with your own hands. So, in order to prepare this delicacy, you need to take 100 g of cocoa butter, powdered sugar and powdered milk. Use vanilla as a flavoring.

In a water bath, it is necessary to melt the cocoa butter. Ensure that the container does not touch the water. Then combine the butter with powdered milk, powder and vanilla. All must be thoroughly mixed so that the mass becomes homogeneous. Mass divided into molds and send in the refrigerator for an hour.

That’s all. As you can see, it is very easy to make this kind of chocolate at home!

Harm white chocolate can bring when it is consumed in large quantities, as it is sufficiently calories and can lead to obesity. In addition, this dessert can contribute to the development of problems with metabolism.

Refusing to use white chocolate is for people who suffer from individual intolerance to the product, that is, from allergies to it. The delicacy, as well as any other dessert with the high content of sugar, to diabetics is contraindicated. In addition, because of the high content of sugar and fat in white chocolate, it is not necessary to use it during gastritis (such chocolate also irritates the already inflamed stomach walls), as well as pancreatitis (the pancreas, under the use of white chocolate, is under serious strain).

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