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Wen on the eye — the reasons for the appearance of an adult or a child, methods of removal

Wen on the upper or lower eyelid, as well as in the corner of the eye in a child and an adult — the reasons for the appearance and how to get rid of at home?

Eye wen or beneath it is a small compaction that can occur for various reasons. It is known that it is impossible to remove or squeeze the wen on its own in any case, since there is a possibility of infection. It is also impossible to constantly move and press on the seal, since the effect can be completely reversed.: due to this effect, the fabric may burst, but the fat will not flow out, but inside, which is fraught with unpleasant consequences.

In turn, a wen, who popped up near the eye, on the upper or lower eyelid, around the eyes, above them, in the corner of the eyes, on the mucous membrane or directly on the protein, tends to grow. Its increase without any intervention can bring serious problems with vision, so you should not delay with going to the doctor. Also, do not forget to warn your child about how important it is not to influence the wen, not to try to pierce or squeeze it out, since the children will do just that in the first place.

And now let’s try to find out what causes a wen on the eye, to determine the method of its treatment.

There are a large number of different reasons why a wen may appear on the eye in an adult and a child. The exact cause can be determined only by a qualified specialist, after which he will prescribe the correct treatment. We suggest to get acquainted with the list of possible reasons for the appearance of the wen on the eye.

  • The most common reason why white small or large Wen appear in front of their eyes is heredity. If your close relatives often had such a problem, then there is a high probability that the appearance of a wen on your eye is hereditary.
  • Another reason for the appearance of Wen is bad metabolism. Due to the fact that the body does not properly distribute the substances entering it, problems such as acne, acne, rashes and wen.
  • If you are a fan of quick and dense snacks, as well as harmful and fatty foods, then it can also be a serious cause of the wen on the eye.
  • Diabetes also should be attributed to the causes of the seal on the eyelids or under the eyes.
  • A wen under the eye or on its cornea may appear as a consequence. hormonal disruptions, as well as diseases of the reproductive system.
  • In case you drive passive lifestyle, the occurrence of Wen also has a place to be, because when insufficient physical activity fat can stagnate in any part of the body.

You should not independently determine the reason for which the wen appeared, as well as independently prescribe treatment and try to get rid of this problem. Be sure to consult your doctor and follow his recommendations.

With regard to the treatment of wen, then you can get rid of them in several ways. The safest and most effective is surgery. With the help of surgery you can remove the wen in the following ways:

  • laser removal;
  • operation;
  • chemical exposure.

Removal of the wen under the eye is the most painless and safe way, however, you need to carefully choose the clinic where this procedure will be done as qualitatively as possible. You should also read reviews about the clinic, so as not to regret her visit. A huge plus of this method of removing wen is that the procedure is absolutely painless, and there are no scars after it.

Surgery is a standard method for removing various tumors. This method is recommended only for those who need to get rid of overgrown wen, who is no longer able to retire by laser or medication. But the consequences after surgery can be quite unexpected.

To get rid of the wen, you can use special ointments and other chemicals. Their action is aimed at softening adipose tissue and reducing its volume.

All these methods relate to the treatment of wen in clinics. But you can use and folk remedies to get rid of trouble at home. Sometimes folk remedies can help more effectively than medicines. Let’s look at how to remove the wen at home.

  • You can use different alcohol tinctures, which will dry the skin and help get rid of the problem. However, be careful and ensure that alcohol does not get into the eyes or mucous membranes.
  • Masks, cooked at home will also help remove the wen. You can prepare your own mask based on honey and lamb fat, mixing the funds in equal quantities and inflicting on the affected place. It is necessary to hold such a mask for at least half an hour so that the useful elements from it could penetrate deep into the skin. After that, the mask must be washed off with warm water.
  • The juice of some plants will also help dry the wen. It is recommended to pay attention to plants such as onion, garlic, aloe and coltsfoot. For the processing of wen on the eye, you need to use only fresh juice, because it contains more nutrients. Apply it to the seal at bedtime and after waking up for a month.

Also very popular are mixtures of honey, sour cream and salt, masks of red clay, as well as a mixture of soap and onions. However, before applying this or that remedy, you should definitely make sure that you are not allergic to it.

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