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Undefined — international or multinational cuisine

Undefined — international (multinational) cuisine: recipes for preparing dishes with step by step photos

An international or multinational cuisine is a collection of those dishes that with a certain degree of certainty cannot be attributed to any particular country. An example would be the various types of broths, which are used for the further preparation of dishes almost all over the world. Of course, they may differ from one region to another by the components used, but this does not change the essence of the dish!

One of the root causes of the emergence of international cuisine is the similarity of different regions of the world in the food used. For example, the cultivation of approximately the same «set» of vegetables predetermines the preparation of quite similar among themselves salads and vegetable side dishes. Also, the emergence of a multinational cuisine can be largely due to the processes of globalization taking place in the world. The cultures of different countries are mixed, and the clear boundaries of their culinary identification are blurred more and more. For example, it would seem, everyone knows the birthplace of pizza. However, this dish became so popular in the USA that sometimes it seems to be a purely American dish, but completely non-Italian. Yes, and our hostesses have mastered pizza cooking recipes and are happy to cook it. It may take another couple of hundred years, and the real birthplace of this dish will be forgotten.

The international cuisine is quite rich in all kinds of recipes. Among them you will find the first and second dishes, appetizers, salads, pastries, desserts. Therefore, it is not worth to discount it, thinking that there is nothing standing in it! On the contrary, international cuisine can surprise you greatly. Therefore, we invite you to join the study of its recipes, which on this site are given with detailed instructions in preparation and, moreover, are provided with step-by-step photos of all stages!

We hope that you will like the multinational cuisine!

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