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The camomile pharmaceutical — use of its properties in cosmetology and treatment

The camomile pharmaceutical — application in treatment and cosmetology; description of the plant with a photo; its composition, beneficial properties and possible harm

pharmaceutical camomile — It is a flowering plant that has accompanied man since ancient times. It is not known exactly when people discovered that beautiful flowers have tremendous power to heal diseases and ailments. But since then, chamomile takes a clear lead among other medicinal plants.

The origin of the word «daisy» is interesting. It dates back to “romana”, which means “roman”. But over time, the name turned into a diminutive «daisy.» Well, in our time the scientific name of the plant in Latin sounds like «Chamomilla recutita Rauschert».

Since ancient times, there is news that doctors Hippocrates and Dioscorides have recommended chamomile as a cure for many diseases. And Avicenna himself wrote that she was ““ the most useful remedy for exhaustion, because her warmth is like the warmth of an animal. ” Modern traditional medicine has a huge amount of a wide variety of recipes that use chamomile flowers.

This is an annual plant that is quite widespread. It has a very large number of species, but for medicinal purposes they use only chamomile, which is very easy to distinguish by the curved bottom and small petals. This species is different from others and has a pleasant aroma. The rest of the smell is quite unpleasant.

For medicinal purposes, they use baskets of these flowers. In this case, they often harvest oil, which is considered the most precious component of plants, because it has a number of useful properties.

Everyone knows fortune telling on daisies. And the belief is due to a very beautiful legend. According to her, a very beautiful girl, a young man by the name of a romance confessed in love and presented an unprecedented flower. After that, he went to uncharted land. And the girl every day was waiting for him, but all to no avail. And so, one morning, she saw that the entire lawn, by the will of her house, had bloomed with daisies. And then the girl understood that she could not see more than her beloved. After that, she gave chamomiles to all lovers, and they guessed to themselves the commitment of the object of their feelings.

The beneficial properties of camomile pharmacy are based on its unique and precious composition. First of all, it should be said that chamomile flowers extract the most valuable essential oil, which contains components such as sexveateroids and monotherapy, giving the plant an extremely powerful anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral character. Among other things, in the composition of chamomile can be found:

  • carotene;
  • vitamin C;
  • tannins;
  • acids;
  • glucose.

Chamomile is unique in that it can be used both as an external agent and inside. And in any case, it will be very effective and efficient.

The most popular use of chamomile is during colds, flu and other viral diseases. She happens to be powerful antibacterial agent, which actively helps fight the disease and strengthens the immune system.

In this case, chamomile flowers will become a faithful assistant in the case of intestinal diseases, because they normalize the microflora of the gastrointestinal tract. Chamomile is especially useful. for patients with increased acidity of gastric juice. With such a diagnosis, herbal preparations, as a rule, cannot be consumed. But for chamomile make a rare exception.

Medicinal properties of chamomile will fall as well as possible for people suffering nervous breakdowns and sleep problems. It is even used in convulsions and other nervous problems.

And about the cosmetological benefits of chamomile can talk endlessly, because it is — a pantry of beauty. It is impossible to name a single branch of cosmetology, in which these flowers would not be useful. So, even in industrial products for the care of the body and hair can be found such a component as oil or chamomile medicinal extract. It is quite popular in the manufacture of toothpaste, shampoos, creams and all other types of products.

Despite the fact that you can buy dried chamomile flowers at any pharmacy, it will be much better to prepare this useful plant yourself, especially since it is very easy and pleasant to do this.

The most useful chamomile become from mid-June. It is then that the preparation should begin. Flowers gently plucked early in the morning. And they must must be dry and upright. After that, they are sorted, removed garbage and laid out flowers on paper in a thin layer. Be sure to do this in a well ventilated area. Make sure that the flowers are thoroughly dried, because they are quickly deteriorated under-dried.

Store dried flowers in fabric bags in a dark, ventilated place. Such a preparation will make chamomile as useful as possible.

The use of chamomile for medicinal purposes is quite extensive.

For treating colds


How to cook?

How to apply?

Prepare one glass of boiling water and stir in it one full spoonful of dried chamomile flowers. Cover with a lid and leave to infuse until cool.

This infusion to drink in large quantities with a cold, straining it before use.

Mix three tablespoons of chamomile with a spoon of sage. One teaspoon of the mixture pour a cup of boiling water, let cool to a warm state and strain.

In the form of heat gargle three or four (you can even more) times a day.

One spoonful of flowers pour two cups of boiling water in a thermos. When a little cool and infused, strain and mix with two spoons of honey.

When the temperature and body aches to drink as tea in large quantities.

Chamomile inhalation

Throw a handful of daisies in a bowl of boiling water.

Bend over the bowl, cover yourself with a blanket and breathe in the fumes. The best remedy for cough and sore throat.

For the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases


How to cook?

How to use?

Tea to stimulate digestion

One tablespoon of flowers pour a glass of boiling water. Insist, but rather warm in a water bath, and strain.

Drink several times a day in the form of heat.

From indigestion

Two spoons of chamomile flowers thoroughly mixed with a teaspoon of dry pomegranate peel. Pour the glass over the whirling bottle. Add a little dry mint and insist. Then strain.

One such glass of drink should be drunk during the day for three or four doses in the form of heat.

Chamomile in gynecology


How to cook?

How to apply?

To normalize microflora

Mix one full handful of inflorescences with a liter of water, heat in a water bath. Insist, cool and filter.

Use this infusion for douching to destroy harmful microflora, fungi, etc.

Vulvita baths

Make a strong infusion of chamomile in a liter of water.

After that, in a convenient pelvic basin, sit this infusion with warm water and take a bath.

Swab from cervical erosion (in the initial stages of the disease)

Leave aloe leaves for a week in the fridge. Then grind in a meat grinder and mix with a glass of strong chamomile infusion. Strain.

This liquid should be impregnated with a gauze pad and placed in the vagina overnight for ten days.

To reduce pain during menstruation

Mix equal quantities of chamomile flowers, horsetail and potentilla. One scoop of a mixture of these herbs, pour a full glass of boiling water and let it stand for a while. Strain.

With severe pain, drink a glass of tea during the day in small sips in the form of heat.

Mix two tablespoons of dry plant with two cups of boiling water, warm and let it brew.

Filter and use for microclysters. In addition, a weaker solution can be used for external washing to prevent the spread of infection.

In addition to the above, chamomile is used and for the treatment and prevention of dental problems, since it has good bactericidal properties. To this end, you should brew an infusion of dried chamomile flowers, strain it, and rinse their mouth.

With rheumatic pains and pains in the joints Chamomile can also be your true friend. To do this, chop dry flowers to a powdery state and mix with boiling water to viscosity. Then apply a compress with this gruel on the gauze to the affected area for as long as possible.

Flowers of a camomile pharmaceutical — one of the most popular natural sources of beauty. A feature of this plant is its versatility. You can get maximum benefit from the medicinal properties of chamomile and for the beauty of your skin and hair. Yes, in almost any purpose in cosmetology it can be used.

In addition, chamomile can extremely intensively and productively nourish the skin, whiten it and remove the activity of pigmentation. Preparations based on this plant are recommended to be used for filling the vital force of weakened hair, caring for any type of skin. Chamomile-based preparations are great for everyday care for the overly delicate skin of babies.

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