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Tattoos for girls: on the arm, back, wrist, shoulder and their meaning

Tattoos for girls — beautiful photo ideas and their meaning

Tattoos for girls serve their main purpose — to decorate the body and attract attention to it. If for a strong half it is from ancient times a kind of symbol indicating the owner’s involvement in a certain social community or its achievements, then for women this is still a new, underdeveloped area of ​​culture.

Tattooing on a woman’s body is no longer considered something shameful, prejudices gradually disappear from public consciousness. Therefore, girls are increasingly turning to this way to emphasize the beauty of their bodies, to attract the attention of themselves with a bold act and an original image. Of course, there are those who perceive only a tattoo as a fashion accessory, but most approach the question quite thoroughly. It’s not for nothing that the word “tattoo” means “sign”. Apply a random symbol on the body, few people decide.

Drawing on the body can make changes in the character, life and even the future of the owner.

Women have managed to add an important aesthetic factor to this, which was considered a purely masculine occupation. Not only do tattoos for girls usually carry a fairly deep meaning, as they are still elegant, delicate and non-aggressive. There is even such an opinion of recognized masters that initially tattooing was intended just for women, because drawings decorate the body and make it much more attractive and original.

Girls usually choose light and elegant images for tattoos, other than bulk and dark men. They are characterized by tenderness, romance and careful forethought of each stroke.

The most popular styles are:

  • Ethnic — this type of tattoo includes African, Celtic motifs, Japanese or Chinese characters and Indian ritual images that can talk about the passions of the owner, or about her belonging to a particular culture.
  • Inscriptions — fix a certain fact from life or life credo. Often such tattoos are winged phrases in various languages ​​of the world, oaths, slogans, and names of loved ones.
  • Traditional — drawing enough realistic images in the form of animals, insects, flowers, emblems and other things.
  • Tribal — this type of tattoo can also be attributed to the ethnic, because its motives are transferred to us from the Polynesian and New Zealand tribes. Looks like a geometric pattern made with black ink.
  • Oriental — Oriental heritage, representing complex color patterns taken from Japanese culture. Most often drawn dragons, flowers, lotuses, fish, geisha.

All these varieties today are already considered classic and fairly banal. But art never stands still, just as fashion is an eternal companion of the fair sex. Therefore, in recent years, new types of beautiful tattoos for girls have appeared and are actively developing. Their goal is to truly become a real gem.

White tattoos. White tattoo today has become one of the most popular areas. It is made with the help of white pigment, which is hardly noticeable on the skin, unlike contrasting color images. However, on closer examination, they are very attracted to their attention by their sophistication and modesty. Particularly highlighted such an image on tanned skin. For young girls, who often spend time in nightclubs, white tattoos will become a real boon, because under fluorescent lamps they glow pleasantly and certainly attract attention. They make tattoos in white on any part of the body, but they look especially attractive in the form of elegant, subtle inscriptions or patterns on the ankles or wrists, or on the back, where large lace patterns look like real works of art.

Black and white tattoos. Another fashionable trend is more familiar, but no less sophisticated tattoos in black and white colors. Due to its contrast and classic restraint, such images on girls are very appropriate. Moreover, such a color scheme can be made in any style: the finest Indian patterns, inscriptions, the simplest symbolic images and complex sign drawings. They are distinguished by graphic, clear lines and skillfully superimposed shadows. Moreover, such tattoos, most likely, will never lose their relevance and will be in the «trend».

Lace tattoos. Another trend in the art of tattooing today is true women’s lace patterns. They can be both independent images, and to complement existing patterns, decorating the body of a woman, just like ordinary lace decorate clothes. Such patterns can be complemented with bows and ribbons, especially original they look like bracelets on the hand or bandages on the hips. The color of such tattoos is usually selected in contrast with the skin tone, for example, white and pastel pigments are perfect for dark skin, and dark dyes are ideal for light brown. Although this rule is not categorical, on a light skin a white lace tattoo is barely visible, creating the illusion that the lace is under the skin.

3D-Images. The modern world is committed to realism in all its manifestations. This aspiration and the art of tattoo have not bypassed, since lately, three-dimensional drawings have been gaining special popularity among girls, creating the effect of a three-dimensional object located on the body. Very often the object of the image are insects: butterflies, dragonflies and other exotic. You can also find 3D inscriptions in a wide variety of colors (usually these are multi-colored rainbow colors or a clear black and white palette). For effective and high-quality execution, a careful approach to the choice of the sketch and location of the future tattoo is required, but not least the talent of the master.

Most often, girls choose drawings of the natural direction: flowers, animals, insects. This is quite natural, because they are a manifestation of harmony and beauty of nature.

Among the well-deservedly popular images for girls can be found:

  • Flowers — symbolize beauty and tender femininity. There is even a whole language of floristics, which is applicable to tattoos. For example, the lily is purity and innocence, the rose is majesty, the sunflower is charm. Also, the girls really like a few exotic orchids, graceful branches of sakura, oriental lotuses, which mean perfection, purity and symbolize creativity.
  • Cats — each of us has its own prototype in the animal world, but, undoubtedly, in all women there are characteristic feline features. Therefore, drawing with cats is one of the most harmonious for the whole fair sex.
  • Wings — most often such a tattoo is applied in the area of ​​the shoulder blades on the back. Wings can be completely different sizes and styles. Someone “draws” the angel wings, expressing his innocence, and some are more characteristic of the demonic wings of the vamp woman.
  • Butterflies — this beautiful insect had its own meaning for every nation on earth, and it was quite deep and philosophical. Today, the butterfly seems to many to be a light fluttering moth, rejoicing in life and receiving pleasure from it. Anyway This symbol can not be called frivolous, but positive — definitely.
  • Dolphin — manifestation of the harmonious combination of freedom and reason.
  • Birds and Feathers — symbolize the hope for change for the better, and are also a kind of amulet. For example, the famous “dream catcher” is often depicted, protecting us from evil spirits.
  • Lizard — a sign that means rebirth and renewal. Therefore, girls who want to make significant changes in their lives are recommended to apply such an image. And it will look great on any part of the body.

There can be an infinite number of images and their variations, but it is important to choose a real Master, who can embody your ideas with the highest quality.

Place to apply: wrist, neck, back, waist, abdomen, legs and ankles

Often, choosing a picture for a tattoo, girls begin to painfully think about the place where to put it. Although the situation may be reversed: there is a desire to originally draw attention to any part of the body, as a rule, to the most attractive and expressive.

There are a number of features that must be considered when choosing the location of your future tattoo: its size, meaning, and the ability or necessity to hide it from prying eyes.

Such situations are quite frequent, because office etiquette usually does not welcome the presence of tattoos on the body of their employees. Usually noticeable drawings are found in people leading a freer, creative lifestyle.

There are several points on the female body, where the tattoo will look very organic, highlighting and emphasizing the elegance of the lines. Do not be afraid to appear banal, placing the decoration in these places, because you can express all your originality in the image itself.

1. The wrist. This is the most attractive place on the hand, distinguished by special grace and refinement. Inscriptions of various characters, hieroglyphs, ethnic patterns, as well as symbolic sketches of various animals are often put here. And this point is a privilege for women: men prefer to paint their forearms. By the way, women’s tattoos on the forearms look a little rough, so they are not popular among the fair sex.

Even in ancient India, only girls decorated their hands, palms and wrists with artistic painting. Over time, only styles have changed, and the drawings have become more modern thanks to the use of new technologies. But tattoos on a woman’s wrist have a special magic, tested for centuries, because they:

  • give charm, mystery and style to its owner;
  • are small, but significant and capacious;
  • they are distinguished by a wide variety of images, as well as the ability to make paired pictures, which can be either simply symmetrical or be a continuation of each other;
  • Easily hidden by a long sleeve or wide strap from a watch or a bracelet.

Of course, such a tattoo will not do without flaws, to which can be attributed, for example, painful application or the fact that it is always in sight and can podnadoest order. However, the probability of the latter is low with a careful approach to the choice of the image, and modern means will allow to cope with the pain or reduce it.

2. The back. The largest field for creativity, especially if it is engaged in the true creator. But even if you choose a small image for your back, it can look very beautiful on this relatively even, but seductive part of the female body. Especially because the back and the skin on it, even with a minimum of care, practically do not change with age, so the image will remain for many years.

Especially attractive pictures look on a well-groomed relief surface, and you can, if necessary, easily pick up clothes to put the creation on display (open evening dress or swimsuit) or hide if necessary.

Masters love to “draw” masterpieces on the back, because only here they can achieve perfect symmetry and harmony of composition. To describe all the possibilities that really translate into this part of the body is almost impossible. Therefore, it is better to approach the issue in a complex way: a specific place and a picture should ideally match each other, for example, wings on the shoulder blades, a tree growing out of the spine, etc. The master in the salon will help you determine all the parameters.

Large tattoos can be made long enough and not even in one session, especially if several colors are involved in the drawing, since they should be applied in several tricks to achieve brightness. The process causes quite strong pain in the areas of the spine, shoulder blades and ribs, since here the bones are extremely closely located. In addition, the tattoo on the back is quite difficult to care for after applying without assistance.

3. Belly. The female belly is the most sacred part of the body. Since ancient times, philosophers argue about its natural significance and purpose. Therefore, it is not surprising that girls strive to decorate their tummies with an original pattern.

There are several factors to consider when planning to put a tattoo on this area of ​​the body, since it is the belly that most often undergoes changes due to various circumstances. Changes in weight, fluctuations in health status, postpartum and age-related changes in the skin condition can turn the picture into an incomprehensible blurry spot.

On a healthy, trained belly, tattoos look amazing. Therefore, your desire to put a tattoo on this part of the body should be a strong incentive to put yourself in order, if you have not done so. Then in the summer on the beach you will be able to catch admiring men’s glances on yourself.

Figures can be very diverse, and you can place them both in the center of the abdomen, and with a side shift. Tattoos surrounding the navel with various ornamental symbolic circles look very interesting.

Sometimes girls choose drawings and patterns that do not mean anything, but look like a real decoration to underline the feminine.

You can put on the belly of small tattoos, which are recognized characters, carrying a deep philosophical or religious meaning. These can be hieroglyphs, yin-yang, symbolic animals (snakes, cats, lizards) or flowers (clover, sakura, lotus, rose, etc.).

All the beauty of the images is manifested not only in their external attractiveness, but also in the real power that nature has bestowed. And with the help of significant tattoos, we can control and direct it in the right direction.

4. The neck. Tattoos on the neck of girls are very common. They have their undoubted advantages: they are easily hidden by flowing hair, they look very attractive and create some plaque of mystery to their owner. In addition, they are usually small in size, so even the most modest girls can easily decide on such courage.

The most comfortable place in all respects is the back of the neck. This is a flat place, little painful. But you can meet the tattoo and the side — in the ear.

For girls, there is a fairly standard stylistic set. The specificity of the location lies in the fact that the most advantageous look the most primitive schematic images (flowers, animals, insects, stars, hearts), as well as hieroglyphs and inscriptions. But with all its simplicity, they can be a real highlight of a beautiful lady, because they look elegant, feminine and very brave.

Tattoo on the neck for a long time will retain its appearance, virtually unchanged with time.

5. Legs and ankles. Great space for creativity is provided also by beautiful female legs. Lace tattoos on the thighs, which are depicted as elegant garters, look very interesting. They are easy to hide, showing only the closest person.

But the most feminine look patterned tattoo on the ankles — bracelets and thin chains, inscriptions, floral patterns, flowers, animals, and in the most diverse color palette. Parameters and showiness depend only on your courage, although the image is easily hidden under the pants. But in an informal setting you will be able to demonstrate the beauty of the legs, underlined intricate pattern. Often the pattern on the ankle continues on the foot or, on the contrary, goes to the ankle. Put on a skirt, stockings and high-heeled shoes — and you will not take admiring glances.

Do not forget that the process of drawing the image on the ankle is quite painful, although the result is worth it to suffer discomfort.

6. Loins. Tattoo on the lower back is not just a fashionable decoration.

Spiritual practices of the East consider the spine and its foundation to be the most powerful energy channel on which all the vital activity of the organism directly depends. The lumbar region is responsible for achievements and intellectual development, so you should not consider a tattoo here a manifestation of frivolity. Keep in mind that changing the strongest energy flows can greatly affect the fate.

Based on the foregoing, it is worth thinking about the content and meaning of the image. Traditionally, totems are applied on the back, for example, dragons for the attraction of wealth, power and wise decisions. Images are mostly symmetrical to maintain balance, but still they carry feminine and sometimes erotic subtext.

When you finally decided on a tattoo and decided on the pattern and its location, you need to look for a master who can do everything at the highest level. It is equally important to follow the rules of tattoo care, which you must inform the master.

They are summarized as follows:

  • lubricate the injury site to start with an antiseptic, and then with a healing cream twice a day;
  • do not tear off, but only soften the crust with a moisturizing agent until it comes off;
  • opt out of tanning beds, beach and saunas;
  • attend the shower, only pre-smeared the injured place with petroleum jelly.

As a result, you will receive a tattoo in one piece and intact, and within a couple of weeks you will be able to boast a spectacular sign.

Deciding to apply a tattoo is quite difficult for many girls who realize that she will stay with them for life.

If doubts about the feasibility of a tattoo do not stop, then it is better to abandon this thought and do not take rash steps: there will definitely not be any benefit from them.

We can recommend applying a temporary henna tattoo in order to feel all your sensations and decide whether you need such a decoration for life.

A big role is played by the choice of plot. On this topic you can now find a lot of information and photos of tattoos on the Internet. For example, Some animals and insects in a certain style can be used in a criminal environment. — you obviously do not need it. In this question you will also be able to help a qualified master: if you have a great desire to have a specific image, he will select the optimal style for you.

Also often are willing to portray a beautiful hieroglyph, not fully understanding its meaning, as well as the fact that this the sign can greatly affect the way of life and destined. The same applies to runes and ancient magical symbols.

Also objective are such reasons for refusing a tattoo:

  • obstacle to career growth and achievement of a certain status in society;
  • removing a boring or irrelevant pattern will be costly, lengthy and with consequences in the form of scars;
  • high risk of infection in non-professional work, especially if the girl dares to get a tattoo at home;
  • loss of aesthetic appearance over time due to various circumstances.

But there are medical contraindications, violation of which can lead to serious health problems:

  • low pain threshold, and consider that in places where the bone is close to the skin, the sensations are seriously increased;
  • the presence of chronic diseases and the period of their exacerbation;
  • cold and fever;
  • critical days;
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system and poor blood clotting;
  • pregnancy and the natural feeding period;
  • alcohol and drug intoxication;
  • the presence of skin diseases;
  • mental health problems;
  • minority.

Carefully and responsibly treat the art of tattooing, and then you can get a great result that can have a significant impact on your life and beauty.

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