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Saline for washing the nose

Saline for washing the nose at home for the child and adult

Saline for washing the nose — This is an excellent tool to get rid of a cold and keep the nasal mucosa in order. It is possible to rinse the nose with this agent for the purpose of prophylaxis, as well as for allergies, runny nose, sinusitis and other diseases. Washing with saline helps remove pathogenic bacteria and clear the airways of excess mucus.

Rinse the nose with saline at home is allowed for both children and adults, and even a dog or cat! This procedure will not harm even newborns and infants, if done correctly and accurately. You can also flush your nose with saline for pregnant and lactating women.

The composition of such saline includes only two elements: water and salt. The main principle of a well-made saline solution is the correct ratio of salt and water. At best, the percentage of salt in water should be at least 0.9 percent. It is very easy to make saline solution. To do this, take a hundred grams of boiled water to take one gram of regular or iodized salt and mix the resulting liquid thoroughly. This or any other solution for washing the nose, you can always make yourself.

You can flush your nose with saline in several ways. For this you may need special tools. Let’s try to take a closer look at how to rinse the nose at home.

The first is to flush the nose with a special device that looks like a plastic teapot with a long spout. Saline is poured into it, and then the nose is washed. It is highly desirable to carry out this procedure over the bath or sink. The solution must be poured into one nostril, and it will pour out through the oral cavity. If you need water to flow out of the other nostril, then during the rinsing you need to pronounce the letter “i”.

You can also do the washing with saline with a syringe or a special syringe. Both of these items can be easily found at any pharmacy.

A pipette is another option that can be used for flushing with saline. Usually a pipette is used to flush the nose of children.

With the help of saline, you can even make inhalation in a nebulizer, which is the most convenient and effective way.

If you do not have a single device at hand, then you can do the washing as follows: take a saline solution in your hands and gently pull it into each nostril.

To flush the nose with this solution, babies can use no more than one and a half milligram of salt per 200 milliliters of water. Children need to wash their nose very carefully.

Also do not forget that after washing the nose it is impossible to go outside for about an hour, so that the mucous membrane of the nasopharynx has time to recover. Details can be found in the video, which is also presented below.

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