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Pigtails on long hair — ideas for weaving their own hands, step-by-step master classes

Beautiful and simple braids on long hair — instructions for weaving with photos

Pigtails on long hair Look very beautiful and spectacular at all times. Fashion trends constantly dictate to us some new trends and varieties of female hairstyles, but beautifully braided or folded braids are relevant now.

To date, there are a huge number of ways to weave braids for both short hair and very long, going to any image and style. For a long time, the girl’s long curls were braided not only in Russia, but throughout the world. For sure, it is still not possible to find out exactly when the beautiful ladies began to make such feminine hairstyles. It is clear only that since the times of Antiquity, young maidens and older ladies have widely used braids as a method of curbing rebellious hair. Braided hair got wide popularity in ancient Greece, Egypt, and also in Russia.

It is no secret that the fair sex, who follow the fashion, every time trying to choose a hairstyle to match the makeup and the occasion together. There are a huge number of variations of hairstyles (festive, wedding or everyday), thanks to which you can neatly and very originally put your hair in a braid, which a woman can easily do to herself at home.

Long maiden spit to the waist has long been considered the pride of any young lady. Nowadays, girls are increasingly preferring long hair, rather than short haircuts, as the former most often rive the enthusiastic eyes of the opposite sex. In addition, simple, voluminous or small braids look very nice on both an adult girl and a little girl.

It is not always appropriate or convenient to walk with loose curls. Undoubtedly, at a festive or gala event a beautiful styling on long hair looks amazing. But there are such cases when wearing loose hair is considered a move. According to many rules of the dress code, it is customary to wear neatly styled hair, gathered in a beautiful hairstyle, tail or braid. Fortunately, there are a large number of step-by-step master classes with step-by-step photos for creating your own hands on the latest on the Internet. Thanks to them, you can learn to independently and quickly weave interesting hairstyles, in which pigtails are present in one way or another (African, voluminous, with cannacalon, with curls, as well as many others).

An experienced master in two accounts of long hair will build a real masterpiece, which will be admired by others. Thanks to the original or simple weaving, a skilled stylist will be able to create a beautiful hairstyle from both long and small braids.

The current trends in wedding fashion imply the decoration of the bride’s head not only with an original headdress in the form of a veil, tiara or a beautiful flower arrangement, but also an exquisite oblique in French or Roman style. Many modern mommies of small princesses and young schoolgirls prefer to braid pigtails for daughters, because they are very practical and allow you to keep curls in perfect shape for a long time, even if their children like to play pranks. Also, many young women who have very long hair, prefer to make neat pigtails with curls or without a prom ball.

Spit on the owner’s long hair is, first of all, convenience, and, of course, beauty. Agree that braided and neatly removed strands of hair during the working day practically do not need combing and correction. Moreover, due to weaving in a braid, the hair is not injured, as, for example, after using curlers, trowels or irons. This method of hair styling also protects the curls from the action of ultraviolet rays, which contributes to the preservation of beauty and health of the hair.

If you follow certain rules and examine the available varieties of braids, then you can achieve their easy weaving. In this section, we will talk about how to properly choose a girl’s hairstyle depending on the contour of the face, and also give some practical recommendations on this matter.

As you know, absolutely the same people do not exist. Each person has its own individual characteristics and forms. For this reason, specialists have been identified 5 main types of human faces. This classification is skillfully used by hairdressers, fashion designers, makeup artists and stylists. Based on the contour of the face of the owner, you can easily find a suitable image for her, makeup or hair.

From the point of view of the traditional idea of ​​beauty, the ideal face shape is an oval. For this reason, a large number of female and male hairstyles or styling are selected on the basis of this criterion. In order to bring the face contour as close as possible to the shape of an ellipse, the masters in every possible way hide the presence of unaesthetic defects in the young lady, and then turn them into virtues.

Stylists, together with makeup artists take into account such facial contours, on the basis of which you can choose hairstyles-weaving:

  1. Oval. Experienced professionals can create on the oval face the most spectacular and original weaving (fishnet, fishtail, snake, waterfall, rope, French, Greek and Russian versions of the braid, as well as many others). Such weaving ideas look very elegant and beautiful on thick strands that start above the crown and go across the entire outer surface of the curls. At the bottom of the curls make a small bundle or tail. With this method of weaving the face looks more expressive, which optically lengthens its contour.
  2. Angular or square shape. The preservation of a smooth line is used to visually align two specified facial contours at once. First, you must weave a braid all over your head, leaving behind the classic three-strand braided edge of the braid behind or from one side. The pigtail formed according to this scheme smoothes the extra angularities of the face, gently bending around its contours.
  3. Triangle. Owners of this type of face should use techniques that visually enlarge the contour from below. Professionals are advised to let go of the elongated bangs, and then you can weave a classic braid from the back of the head or side.
  4. Rectangle. Ladies with a rectangular face contour can visually make their shape shorter by smoothing some angularities. Experts recommend making a long or straight braid. Some variations of voluminous weaves, woven around the entire circumference of the head (volumetric spike) or French braid will look very beautiful. Long bangs visually and very advantageously shorten the shape of an elongated face.

Due to the fact that an interesting and elegant braid attracts the eyes of others to the face of the owner, it is necessary to ensure that their connection looks very harmonious. For this purpose, you should first determine which version of the hairstyle best suits you, and then take advantage of this idea.

What rules should be used to achieve perfect weaving:

  • for a neat hairstyle and long preservation of its shape should be carefully prepared curls;
  • the head must be clean and slightly wet (for ease of operation);
  • To achieve a stable and reliable result, you should use a special mousse in advance, and sprinkle it on the finished hair;
  • thin hair, you can add volume by pulling several strands, but only to perform these actions should be very careful not to harm the weave.

Remember that it is necessary to perform stretching strands from the tips, gradually moving upwards. With this method it is necessary to hold the braid with the other hand, controlling the observance of symmetry with respect to the center. Very strong and sharp movements are not worth making. It is desirable to first fluff the strands a little, and only after that (if there is such a need) to perform the same actions again.

It is known that the hairstyle is well kept, you need to have available the necessary fixtures and hair accessories. Various pigtails, braids, spikelets suggest a convenient and independent weaving, which must be fixed with something.

Modern designs of devices allow not to get confused in the order of weaving the strands and secure fastening of accessories.

What you can use:

  • invisible;
  • a hoop;
  • scallops;
  • clips for hair;
  • studs;
  • sets of gum;
  • cancolon;
  • hairpins;
  • special device for weaving braids and others.

It is impossible to build a beautiful hairstyle on your head without useful accessories that perform the function of distributing and fixing the strands at the time of intermediate work. It is advisable to choose combs with sharp teeth, with the help of which it is very easy to shape the magnificent spit.

These devices can bring to life all sorts of variations of hairstyles that are easy to change every day depending on the chosen outfit and mood. In addition, you can buy a special machine with which you can braid pigtails (African or various hairstyles).

If you prefer to wear braids every day, then do not wear them for more than eight hours without a break. The fact is that frequent hair tightening significantly weakens the hair follicles.

Step-by-step photo instructions for creating an original hairstyle

In this section, we offer you to familiarize yourself with step by step instructions with photos to create an original hairstyle. The basis of weaving is the division of the locks into separate strands of the same size, which are then crossed with each other in the required sequence.

As a rule, 3-5 strands should be used, but sometimes it is required more for separate weaving techniques.

We offer you to get acquainted with some schemes of weaving beautiful braids and other hairstyles:

  1. Spit Russian. With this simple method of weaving, you must first comb your hair well and then divide it into 3 equal parts. After that, the strands should be interwoven in the following order: the right strand should be inserted between the middle and the left, and the last one should be placed between the right and middle. Next, you should alternate the sequence of weaving until reaching the required size. At the end of the process it is necessary to tie the braid with a thick rubber band.
  2. Harness This original way of weaving is done quite easily. To create this design it is necessary to collect the curls in the tail in the area of ​​the crown and divide them into two proportional lobes. Twist each part in a clockwise direction until a strong flagellum is obtained. Twisted locks need to be connected so that they can twist around each other. The tips of the hair should be fixed stealth or rubber band.
  3. French style of weaving (see photo). This type of hair is similar to the style of weaving Russian braids, but with some differences. The French braid should begin to braid from the frontal part. To do this, do the following. First you need to carefully comb the curls, then take the upper part of the strands and divide into 3 equal parts. After that, you should braid your hair in the same way as with the traditional-Russian method, adding after another crossing with other strands on the sides, the same in size. After the required braid size is reached, the weaving process should be completed with a simple braid or tail. To obtain a volumetric braid, you need to take thicker strands, and then they do not need to be tightened.
  4. Waterfall. It is necessary to braid 2 braids around the head, and then collect them in the tail. This method of weaving looks perfect on long hair.
  5. «Fishtail» (see photo). In this variation, 4 equal strand elements should be used, which will give spit volume and width (unlike other types of weaving). Small strands of the original hairstyle are similar to fish scales, thanks to which the braid acquired this name. For an interesting weaving «fish tail» should be collected curls in the strand on the occipital region, and then divide them into 2 equal shares. From the part of the hair that will be on the left side, it is necessary to take a thin strand and add it to the curls on the right hand, consistently performing the same mirror actions. The hairstyle looks pretty neat and symmetrical in the event that the girl will take locks of the same size. To make the spit of French notes, you can start weaving not from the occipital, but from the top of the head or from the side.

In addition to the above ideas weaving, you can use another step-by-step variation, which is called «French braids turned out.» This hairstyle can be done to a schoolgirl or an adult girl whose hair is very long.

For clarity and easy weaving of this hairstyle, you can use step-by-step photos that are attached to each step separately.

  1. It is necessary to carefully comb the curls.
  2. Divide hair into 2 equal parts.
  3. The left side of the parting should be grabbed in the forehead area with a small strand.
  4. The selected strand should be divided into 3 equal parts.
  5. Next, you need to perform weaving according to the method of the classical three-spit braid, weaving the strands not inside, but inside.
  6. At runtime 2-3 flights, add unused strands on both sides. Do not tighten the curls too tight. It is necessary to ensure that the pigtail is smooth.
  7. At the level of the neck should be finished weaving by the traditional three-spun technique.
  8. The edge of the braids need to tie a small elastic for the hair.
  9. On the right side you need to take a bunch of hair of the same thickness as on the opposite side.
  10. Next, you need to divide the strand into 3 equal parts, and then begin to weave the classic Slavic braid.
  11. After 2-3 spans, loose hair should be added to the braided bundle on both sides. It is necessary to be extremely careful that the 2 braids are on the same level.
  12. On the cervical region should be finished weaving traditional method.
  13. The edge of the pigtail must be tightened with a rubber band.
  14. To give spit volume, you should stretch the fractions a little by hand.

This is not all weaving options that exist in a variety of ideas. Thanks to these methods of hair styling, it is possible not only to diversify everyday hairstyles, but also to transform them for a solemn event, work, study or leisure.

Girls who have long hair or not, you can use the variations of hairstyles, which are presented in this section.

Particular attention is given to those models of hairstyles, where braids play the role of not the main element, but only a supplement. It looks very original braid-knot, in which, in addition to exactly laid strands, hair is braided in thin and small braids. In order for the pigtails to play the role of a certain fixative, it is necessary to begin weaving with an oblique parting (in the upper temporal region).

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