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Piercing — variety; description how to do and how to care for him

Piercing — types and fashion trends; a description of how to do it and how it is looked after; contraindications to the procedure

Body piercing — this is just a fashionable adaptation of the traditional decoration of ancient people. But the decorative factor was not the most important — as people designated their belonging to one or another tribe. It is known that such piercing and even attachment to all parts of the body of various objects are often practiced in the cultures of Indians, Mayans and Aztecs, as well as among African tribes.

Today it is used for self-expression and stress relief. Piercing is associated with representatives of that part of the subcultural society, which promotes non-standard and prefers to lead a somewhat marginal and outrageous way of life. Such originals remind, to put it mildly, the aborigines of African tribes, whose ideas about beauty are too different from modern society — this is the ears, lips, etc., stretched to infinity.

Modern women’s craving for embellishment has adopted the ancient traditions, but with a sense of style and genuine sophisticated beauty that is characteristic of women. Many women prefer to constantly improve and add details. And a beautiful piercing for them is another opportunity to give your image originality, expressiveness and individuality, which will make it stand out against the general background.

Anyway, body piercing — it is practically an surgical intervention in the skin because of which this procedure is considered unsafe. It should be carried out only by the hands of a specialist in compliance with all standards of sanitation and personal hygiene.

The procedure of piercing takes just a few seconds — it is only necessary to make a puncture of the skin in a predetermined place. But the preparation stage takes much more time, effort and resources. After all, as a result, you should get a neat body decoration, and not a long period of rehabilitation from infections and viruses. There are several mandatory conditions for the organization of all sanitary and hygienic conditions:

  • use of disposable gloves, sterile needles for each client to avoid the transfer of contaminants;
  • carrying out all procedures for cleaning, disinfecting and sterilizing equipment and jewelery in special high-temperature autoclaves that will save you from various pathogenic bacteria — such piercing is also called medical;
  • processing of the place where the puncture will be made, for maximum disinfection and mark the point;
  • a special needle makes a puncture, the needle is equipped with a cap, which remains in the hole, stretching it — an ornament is inserted into it, after which the cap is removed, leaving the earring in its proper place;
  • treatment of wounds by special means.

Contrary to popular belief, body piercings are not done with pistols. This type of equipment is only suitable for piercing the earlobes. Its design does not allow to cope with other parts of the body. In addition, the gun is not suitable for thermal sterilization, because most of it is made of plastic.

Punctures with a pistol are much more painful — instead of a needle, they use decorative elements with rather blunt tips. In fact, there is a rupture of the skin under the influence of a large impact force, as a result of which it heals longer due to a severe injury. Yes, and the blow itself is sensitive enough.

Piercing jewelry, which is designed for a pistol, is most often made of poor quality materials, and this can lead to additional complications, and the very form of earrings, especially zippers, complicates the care of damaged skin and prolongs healing. Therefore, the masters in the salons prefer to use thin needles for puncture, the shape of each of which is designed specifically for puncturing a particular part of the body.

For female piercing there is a great variety of jewelry — made of wood, plastic, metals. Although for the first time, while healing will take place, it is recommended to wear elements of a completely neutral medical metal or titanium. Many designers include piercing products made of precious stones and metals — gold, platinum, diamonds, and so on.

After the end of the entire procedure, the master must conduct a detailed briefing on the treatment and stages of wound healing. The regeneration time is very individual, so you cannot get an accurate answer. But get ready for the fact that very quickly it will not happen. Removing jewelry to speed up healing is not recommended, because The epithelialization process can heal the entire opening.

If the procedure was performed correctly, then you will feel discomfort only for the first time — hypersensitivity appears at the puncture site. Carry out all the procedures in a timely manner and quickly enough you will be able to boast a beautiful novelty on your body.

Modern fashion dictates its own conditions for piercing, so girls gladly pierce themselves many parts of the body. However, there are certain places that are particularly popular. This is not surprising, because it is in them that the stylish beautiful jewelry looks especially feminine. In addition, with the help of decorative elements, you can draw attention to your merits.

The most popular places for piercing are often in sight, therefore, for women the most attractive.

Ears. The most common and, one might say, a classic place. However, besides the usual motifs, it has become popular to pierce the entire rim of the auricle using special decorative designs. For the most daring, tunnels and cylinders of various sizes are offered, which sufficiently stretch the hole in the ear lobe. Jewelry for the ears have a huge variety of forms and are made of various materials.

Navel. For girls, this is probably the most attractive type of piercing. After all, with his tummy looks very feminine and beautiful, especially if the girl has a healthy toned appearance. In ancient Egypt, such a decoration meant a special proximity to the pharaoh, which was used by the high priests and retinue.

The procedure is quite simple, and if carried out correctly, the result will be able to please its owner and everyone around with a beautiful view. Special “bananas”, “bars” and rings made of medical metal are used as decorations — they are ideal for the first period due to their small size and lightness. After healing, you can try to insert already seductive pendants with an original image or decorated with shiny stones.

Nose. The age category that prefers this type of body piercing can usually be attributed to teenage. Although many young ladies, too, with pleasure wear a small brilliant decoration in the form of a carnation in one of the wings of the nose. The hole must be done right in the center of the wing, on the so-called shadow line, here the earring will look best.

Often young people also pierce the nasal septum, into which a small ring is inserted. It is important to choose the right place at the junction of cartilage, where the puncture will heal much faster.

Eyebrows Very bold decision, because A large number of nerve endings, blood vessels and tear ducts are located in this area. An error of even 1 mm can lead to permanent suppurations, inflammations and even loss of sensation. The procedure itself is quite painful.

There are several different piercing for eyebrow piercing — vertical, at an angle to the eye, horizontal, under the eye in the upper part of the cheek (Anti-eyebrow), below or above the nose bridge (bridge).

Jewelry is selected depending on the type of puncture, but mostly it is bars, rings and bananas, which can be decorated with colorful and shiny elements. After healing, you can use gold as a base material for earrings.

Tongue. Despite persistent rumors about an unforgettable sensation when kissing with a pierced tongue, in fact, nothing special they do not represent. But the fact that there is a high risk of infection, which in a humid environment is much more spread — it is a fact. In addition, you can damage the blood vessels in the lower part of the tongue. The safest places are the tip of the tongue or closer to the root.

A tongue piercing is a procedure with a history. It was used for ritual purposes in the tribes of the American indigenous people and the Australian Aborigines in order to expel evil magical powers.

Bar decorations should be of optimal size and thickness so that permanent discomfort does not occur in the mouth.

Lips. Usually punctures are done in the center of the lips or in the corner. It is only important that the decoration is located strictly between the teeth, so as not to damage the enamel with hard objects. Lip piercing earrings should have a special shape — labrets, studs or rings.

There are several types of punctures that can serve as a very attractive decorative detail on your face:

  • Madonna — front sight over the upper lip on the right side;
  • Monroe — a puncture on the left side above the upper lip;
  • jellyfish — earring is inserted into the hole in the groove above the upper lip.

Nails This procedure is difficult to attribute to this piercer, but it is very popular — on the Internet you can find a lot of photos of nail piercing. Specialists use a special drill bit that makes a hole into which the earring is inserted.

This procedure, unlike all the others, can be easily performed at home with the help of an ordinary needle. However, this is only possible for your own nails. The stained nail plate is too hard, but the earring will be worn in it for much longer.

Best of all, the decoration will look on the ring finger. Having picked up color scale and an earring, you can achieve a unique and inimitable effect. For example, this type of piercing looks very good on a French manicure.

The puncture needs to be done from the inside with a red-hot needle, better put your hand on some kind of stand. If you often have to do homework, then the decoration at this time is better to remove, as well as at night during sleep. To get rid of the decoration at all, it is enough just to cut off the nail plate.

There are people whose fear of needles turns into a real phobia. And someone else in thought about the need to change something in your body. And it would be very desirable to look attractive in accordance with fashion trends. For these girls were designed ear hooks for body piercing.

Fake jewelery looks almost identical to the original earrings, but for their attachment use special devices that do not require punctures and painful healing. In the afternoon you can be an exemplary student or a strict business woman, and in the evening you can turn into a reckless party girl in a nightclub.

You can wear such tricks on any part of the body — cuffs for the ears, open rings for the lips and nose. Also, jewelry is attached in the following ways:

  • magnets — decoration consists of two parts with polar magnetic poles, which will perfectly “work” even through cartilage and bone tissues;
  • suckers — when they hit a moist environment, it instantly sticks to the surface of the skin, it is often used to decorate the tongue, but before eating it is better to take them off so as not to accidentally swallow them.

Therefore, you can safely join the fashion trends and wear a piercing on any part of the body without fear of pain and possible negative consequences. In addition, you can change your image even every day, surprising your loved ones.

Piercing after piercing and contraindications to it

Piercing, being a practically operational intervention, requires sufficiently thorough rehabilitation to restore, otherwise serious health complications may occur. therefore it is important to follow the rules of care, with which you must familiarize the master:

  • treating the wound with an antiseptic at least twice a day for the first two weeks; additional rinses will be required for the tongue;
  • gently wash each time you bath in the bath, while the earring must be gently rotated in the hole to clean it of dirt, sebum and other secretions;
  • It is forbidden to visit saunas and baths, as well as swimming in ponds where it is easy to catch an infection;
  • do not remove the jewelry until it is completely healed, unless it is recommended by the master;
  • wearing comfortable clothes that will not touch the decorations;
  • avoiding alcohol and smoking while piercing the lips and tongue, and rinsing the mouth after each meal.

But first of all, the main factor will be the choice of the master himself — the “operation” carried out will not cause complications, and the recovery period will go much faster if the qualified specialist performs it.

Failure to comply with these rules is likely to cause injury, suppuration, infections with various infections and life-threatening viral diseases (AIDS, hepatitis, tuberculosis, tetanus).

It is also extremely important to choose high-quality hypoallergenic materials for jewelry, this is especially important for facial piercings. For example, inflammation of the cornea of ​​the eye can lead to blindness or a significant deterioration in vision, and disruption of the nerve endings will cause paralysis of the facial muscles. You should not immediately insert gold jewelry — they include nickel and cobalt, which are the strongest allergens. They will cause irritation and redness.

The skin will respond best to teflon, titanium and niobium — they are ideal for primary piercing. And only after complete healing can one begin to experiment with materials.

There are also contraindications for the procedure:

  • skin diseases — eczema, psoriasis;
  • blood diseases, poor coagulability, menstruation period;
  • diabetes;
  • epilepsy and nervous disorders;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases (stomach, kidneys, liver, etc.);
  • cold, runny nose;
  • hepatitis B and C;
  • allergy to anesthesia or metals.

Despite the fact that there are so many contraindications and opponents who want to experience new sensations with piercing is growing. At least the original, attractive, and sometimes very seductive, the view you will be provided.

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