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Piercing types — for men and women

Types of male and female piercing on the face and on the body (ears, nose, lips, navel, tongue, and intimate)

Types of piercing a lot, as well as all kinds of earrings and piercing jewelry. If before it was permissible to pierce only the ears, now piercing is done on any part of the body, starting with the eyebrow and ending with the genitals. For someone, piercing is a way of self-expression, someone likes how it looks, and someone tries to go against the system in this way.

Most of the piercings — it’s beautiful, if in moderation. We will not take into account the terrifying photos from the Internet, on which people pierce the entire free part of the skin.

In our article we will tell you about those types of piercing that are currently popular.

Ear piercing is the most standard type of piercing. Usually girls pierce their ears at a very young age, since, according to rumors, it is almost painless. However, sometimes girls do piercing on their own ears, piercing not only lobes, but also cartilage.

Ear piercing can be found even in men. Many people prefer to wear the so-called «tunnels», which are a big round earring in the form of a donut, which stretches the earlobe to incredible sizes.

This type of piercing is good because it can be done both in the salon and independently. Be careful, because not any material can take the body. It is recommended that after you have done the piercing, insert earrings from medical alloys into your ear. And even then, when the piercing wound heals, you can insert gold, silver or jewelry made from other materials.

There are several types of ear piercings.:

  • Classical. This type of piercing implies a standard earlobe puncture.
  • Helix Piercing — this is a puncture of the auricle curl.
  • Industrial — double puncture of the cartilage of the ear. With such a piercing, an earring, called a barbell, is inserted into the ear and twists on both sides of the puncture.
  • Tunnels — a type of piercing in which the puncture hole is expanded to the desired size and large-sized earrings are inserted.

After you have pierced your ears, you will need to take care of the wounds so that they do not rot. To do this, it is necessary to treat the ears with alcohol or special sprays that accelerate the healing of wounds.

Lip piercing is also quite common. Lip piercings are especially common in various subcultures.

The lip piercing itself can be done in two ways: horizontal and vertical. For vertical piercing, earrings are usually used, and for vertical piercing, weights are used.

Lip piercing also has several varieties.:

  • Monroe and Madonna — a type of lip piercing, in which the puncture is done on the principle of a fly over the lip. Piercing Madonna is a puncture on the right side of the lip, and Monroe — on the left. At the same time on the spot puncture set jewelry, called rods.
  • Another type of lip piercing is Jellyfish. With this piercing, a puncture is done immediately under the septum of the nose above the upper lip.
  • Piercing Dahlia represents two punctures in the corners of the mouth.

After this type of piercing can not eat about 4 hours. Also, until the wound heals, it is necessary to limit the intake of certain foods that may irritate the wound. Puncture lips fully heals in six weeks.

Navel piercing is also a fairly common type of piercing today. However, unlike other species, only owners of flat tummy can afford to pierce the navel.

This type of piercing originated in the times of ancient Egypt, where a pierced navel meant the special status of the Egyptian. Today, such a decoration can afford any girl.

Navel piercing should be done only in specialized salons! You should not do this at home, referring to the primitiveness of the procedure, as one wrong move can bring undesirable consequences.

Earrings for the navel look like a barbell, which is inserted into the piercing on the lips, only differs in a massive jewelry on the end.

Nose piercing became popular with us thanks to Indian women, for whom this was a mandatory procedure. Nose piercing also has several varieties.:

  • nose wing piercing;
  • cartilaginous piercing;
  • piercing the nose;
  • piercing the tip of the nose.

With any type of piercing, the nose should be treated with antiseptic, and also it is impossible to take out an earring before complete healing of a wound.

Tongue piercing can be attributed to the already more extreme types of piercing, since such a puncture heals very painfully, and besides, until it heals, it will be difficult to eat solid foods.

Piercing the tongue, like piercing the navel, should be done only in specialized salons, as piercing the tongue at home is a chance to pierce a vein, which is very much in the tongue.

As an ornament, a bar already familiar to us is inserted into the puncture. The wound heals for a very long time and causes great inconvenience when eating.

Intimate piercing for men and women — This is also a more extreme type of piercing. Modern men and women are ready to pierce the nipples, labia, head of the penis or clitoris in search of thrills. But the consequences of such a piercing may not be the most pleasant, since there is a high probability that something will catch on or get stuck somewhere.

For intimate piercing, there are also various types of jewelry: rings, bars, simple earrings and more.

Among other things, sometimes there are also types of piercing, such as corset, in which the skin on the back is pierced, earrings-rings are inserted into the holes, through which ribbons are passed.

Piercing is good because it is suitable for everyone, regardless of gender or age, however, you should not get too carried away with it, otherwise you risk turning your body into a pillow for needles.

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