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Orange peel on the face — the methods of struggle, cosmetic services and home ways

The skin on the face is like an orange peel — why and what to do?

Orange peel on face delivers a lot of inconvenience to man. The reason for the appearance of such an unpleasant phenomenon is stretching the pores on the face, which may be due to:

  • age-related skin hypertrophy;
  • frequent fatigue and stress;
  • features of the climate zone (excessive humidity or, conversely, dry air, strong winds or frosts);
  • bad habits;
  • hormonal disorders;
  • malnutrition and lack of a measured rhythm of life.

Also among the reasons for the appearance of flabbiness of the skin on the face are climate change and a surplus of decorative cosmetics. Many of the reasons do not depend on lifestyle and are a genetic predisposition to the formation of wide pores on the face.

Regardless of gender and age, people want to have an attractive look. But especially the problem of the appearance and appearance of orange peel on the face worries young people. And they are the ones who resort to radical ways of getting rid of enlarged pores: they dry the face with lotions, and then use inappropriate formulations and creams, the effect of which is to tighten the skin of the face. As a result, the effect is the opposite: a secondary infection joins the orange peel, and black dots begin to appear in the pores themselves.

You will read about what to do and what to avoid in the fight against orange peel on your face in the article devoted to this common problem.

Methods of dealing with orange peel on the face can be divided into home and those that are held in beauty salons. The main activities that should be carried out in the fight against orange peel on the face should be aimed at:

  1. Pore ​​cleaning. This should be done with the help of light soap solutions and cleansing lotions that do not contain alcohol. You can also use scrubs and apply steam baths.
  2. The narrowing of flabby areas, which can be achieved by applying the herbal decoction.
  3. Skin toning with dilated pores.

The best solution in getting rid of orange peel on the face is the use of complex drugs that have all three of the above actions. Also, the means of this action will easily get rid of other unhealthy manifestations: salinity and unhealthy shine..

To the services of beauty salons, helping to get rid of orange peel on the face, include the following procedures:

  1. Peeling — the process of removing the upper horny layer of skin using mechanical stress.
  2. Darsonval therapy — exposure to high frequency pulsed current.
  3. Microdermabrasion — mechanical polishing of the skin.
  4. Laser polishing — the process of exposure to the pores of a laser of a certain frequency and color.

All the procedures listed above give excellent results in the fight against orange peel, even for those people who have a tendency to form the latter for reasons beyond their control.

The cost of procedures can not be attributed to the budget, besides the multiplicity of them is always not less than ten, and the duration of one can exceed two hours. Also often there is a recording in the salons, and time can be inconvenient for people. That is why these actions are not considered by many people for many reasons.

Homemade methods of dealing with orange peel are the imposition of masks, allowing to narrow the pores of the skin. All means are simple, and most importantly, they can be used at a convenient time, without leaving home. Although efforts should be made no less and the duration of getting rid of the unpleasant phenomenon on the face also will not be fast.

Excellent means in the fight against «orange» skin will be:

  1. A decoction of linden flowers to be prepared from one tablespoon of the workpiece, ground into powder, and one hundred milliliters of hot water. Aromatic tea should be boiled for an hour on low heat, and then infused for about twenty minutes. The cooled broth is applied to the face with cotton swabs, and then left on the skin until it is completely dry. Flush means not worth it.
  2. Nutritious masks from fresh fruit or seasonal berries. In all cosmetics should be added whipped protein.
  3. Potato mask, cooked from one tuber of grated potatoes and mixed with egg yolk. Apply the product on the face and incubated for half an hour, after which they are washed off.
  4. Tomato mask with a narrowing effect. To enhance the effect, add grated in water and squeezed rye bread and one tablespoon of vegetable oil to grated tomatoes. Duration of application is fifteen minutes. Rinse off with cold water.
  5. A mask made from one tablespoon of fresh lemon zest mixed with a teaspoon of natural olive oil. Applying this tool regularly throughout the month, you can achieve the desired results. It is only important to know that for those who want to keep a tan on their face, such a tool is no good.
  6. A cleansing scrub made from steamed coffee grounds and dry oatmeal, taken in equal amounts.
  7. A mask made from one beaten chicken protein, mixed with one tablespoon of grated carrots and three tablespoons of rye flour. The exposure time of the therapeutic composition is no more than fifteen minutes, after which the agent for narrowing the pores should be washed off with cool water without soap. After this operation, you should wipe the face with ice cubes, and then lubricate with a moisturizer or milk.

Apply all of the above means you need for a long time. Also should be abandoned at the time of treatment from the use of decorative cosmetics. Vitamins and probiotics, which will improve the functioning of the intestines, can also help in the fight against skin problems, because everyone knows that outdoor beauty begins with order inside the body.

Measures to prevent the occurrence of orange peel, the appearance of which is not associated with genetic problems, are simple. They consist in proper skin care, prone to the formation of enlarged pores. The most popular of all warning methods are listed below.

  1. Healthy lifestyle. If possible, try to avoid stressful situations, as well as overwork. Classes in any sport, good company and active pastime, plus proper nutrition will help prevent the expansion of pores with other negative conditions.
  2. Do not use cosmetics that are not suitable for age criteria. Refuse color cosmetics from unverified manufacturers. Apply makeup correctly and avoid excess, and in the evening be sure to remove it with the help of gentle means.
  3. Use stone, coffee or cereal scrubs designed to care for the skin of the face and neckline. Use the product strictly in accordance with the instructions, but be sure to perform the procedure at least once every ten days.
  4. For washing, use mild remedies based on essential oils and extracts of medicinal herbs. You can also use gels or decoctions of herbs and medicinal plants. The best options will be infusions cooked with hawthorn berries, lemon peel, marigold, field horsetail and chamomile.

Prevention of enlarged pores on the face is also the use of masks to improve blood circulation and. as a result, the elasticity and elasticity of the skin. The frequency of such procedures — at least once every five days.

We hope that the article was useful to all those who are looking for solutions to the problem of orange peel on the face, and the proposed simple and affordable skin care products will help to instill confidence in yourself and get rid of the complexes.

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