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Micellar water

Micellar water for makeup removal — application for the skin; benefit and harm; text and video instruction

Micellar water — This is one of the most common makeup remover. An interesting fact is that at first, micellar water was used as a remedy for people suffering from skin diseases. But over time, the fame of her spread throughout the world! It is known that micellar water was first used in Europe.

Micellar water very successfully and delicately cleanses the skin from cosmetics and other impurities, simultaneously moisturizing it. Reviews of micellar water are usually the most positive, since most girls know that there is no better way to find a makeup remover!

In our article, you can learn how to properly use micellar water, what it is for, and what useful or harmful properties it has.

It is very easy to use micellar water. It is great for removing makeup from the eyes, lips and other areas of the face. Micellar water is suitable for oily and dry skin, its use does not depend on gender and age of a person. If you find micellar water with different oils, it will not only help you remove makeup and harmlessly, but also improve the characteristics of your skin.

Many girls can not decide which is better: micellar water or tonic? There is an answer to this. If you buy micellar water, which includes tonic substances such as green tea or hibiscus, then it can easily replace tonic.

The use of micellar water involves the usual process of washing with it. Rinse micellar water is not necessary, however, still do not be lazy to read the instructions.

Use this tool as follows:

Shake well the liquid container.

Find a cotton swab or a piece of clean, soft cloth.

Moisten a cotton swab or a piece of cloth with a small amount of micellar water.

Cleanse the skin with light massaging movements.

If you want to clean your eyes from persistent shadows, mascara or eyeliner, then you need to thoroughly soak a cotton disk with micellar water and put it on the eye for a while. After that, mascara and eyeliner will be removed from the eyes with a flick of the wrist.

You can buy micellar water in any cosmetology shop. It is better to give preference to the already familiar companies that produce cosmetics, so as not to get «a cat in a bag.» If you do not know which micellar water is better to buy and how it differs from the other, then you should consult with the seller. It will help you to choose micellar water for your skin type.

Like any other product, micelles have both benefits and harm. The benefits include the fact that the use of such a makeup remover will help to significantly moisturize the skin. Also, micellar water will help to clean the pores not only from cosmetics, but also from all sorts of dirt and bacteria.

Harm micelle water can also cause. Especially if you use it for other purposes. It is not recommended to use this tool in case of physical damage to the skin, open wounds or pustules. Micellar water should also not be used during irritation or an allergic reaction. Make sure that you are not allergic to the components that appear on the label. Read more about the effectiveness of the use of micellar water in the video, which is presented below.

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