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Make-up removal: what is it and how to do the procedure correctly?

Makeup remover — what is it and how to do it correctly?

Make up remover Face in cosmetology involves the procedure of removing residues of cosmetic preparations or other impurities from the surface of the epidermis. This procedure is necessary so that the skin for a long period of time remains young and beautiful. Make-up removal should be done daily in the evening before bedtime, even though there was makeup on you or not. This is due to the fact that every day a huge amount of particles of dust, dirt, toxins, products of sweat and sebaceous glands accumulates on the face. All of the above pollution can clog pores and cause inflammation.

If you treat your skin negligently, then soon you will encounter the fact that:

  • the dermis will become dull and grayish;
  • the epidermis will begin to wrinkle;
  • pimples and black spots will appear regularly on the skin.

Buying a special product for make-up remover, you need to pay attention to the fact that the tool is suitable specifically for your skin type.

Below you can see a photo of make-up remover and how to do it correctly.

There are the following types of makeup remover:

  • do not require rinsing (wipes, milk, and cream);
  • intended for washing (gel, foam, mousse).

Consider now the best tools for makeup removal separately:

  1. Gel, foam, mousse. Designed for deep pore cleansing and makeup removal. Gel, foam or mousse for make-up remover are characterized by ease of use, as well as good economy. To apply the gel composition to the dermis, the agent should be applied to a special mesh or foamed personally. Foam and mousse do not require additional scrap items. The bottle with the contents is equipped with a pump. After you remove the cosmetic composition, makeup remover is required to wash off with some water. Famous product brands: Biotherm, Belita-Vitex, Guerlain and many others.
  2. Hydrophilic oil for makeup removal. It is considered the highest quality and best preparation for removing resistant makeup. Very good make-up remover oil removes cosmetics containing fats (BB-cream). Also, hydrophilic oil helps cleanse the pores, give the derma the necessary nutrition, slows down skin aging and accelerates the growth of eyebrows and cilia. After applying the composition to the face, the oil should be washed only with foam. In addition, it is necessary to clarify that the tool is applied to the dry dermis and only on those areas of the face where there is makeup. After thirty seconds, the face should be rinsed with water, a light massage of the facial area, and then remove the remnants of oily liquid with foam. Hydrophilic make-up oil is available in brands such as Tony Moly, Clinique, Innisfree.
  3. Two-phase liquid. It can remove lasting makeup, easily removing the mascara with cilia, masking cream or liner. Products consists of two layers. The first, including almond, or olive, or castor oil, dissolves even lasting eye makeup. The last layer, consisting of an aqueous solution with extracts from medicinal plants, removes the oily film. Biphasic liquids such as L’Oreal Paris Trio Active, Belita-Vitex are distinguished. Super-nutrition ”, Garnier“ Careful care ”and others.
  4. Micellar water. Is a hypoallergenic product, which has neither smell nor color. Such a liquid consists of micelles, exciting and removing particles of makeup. Micellar make-up remover gently cares for the dermis even when removing the makeup resistant. After applying the composition to the face, micellar makeup remover does not need to be washed off with some water. Recommended products: Garnier, Bioderma, Caudalie.
  5. Makeup removers. The latter are quite simple to use and can perform a make-up removal and cleansing of the dermis for a few minutes and in any place convenient for you. The fibers of wipes for make-up remover contain lotion or cream that removes makeup or dirt, even if there was no water nearby. However, napkins will not be able to remove very resistant cosmetics, so at home it is desirable to use other drugs that perform makeup removal and cleansing of the dermis. In the store you can buy makeup remover in the form of wipes from brands such as Nivea, Ola, Biocon and many others.
  6. Cream, milk and cream. Such compositions do not need to be washed off with some water. They include several special substances and fats that can even cope with persistent decorative cosmetics. Cream, milk and cream for make-up remover not only removes cosmetics, but also gives the derma the necessary moisture, eliminating dryness and flaking. One and only drawback of such drugs is that they can not give the dermis the desired tone. Therefore, for those with oily skin, such compositions will weight the dermis, leaving a film on the face at the end of the procedure. Specialists recommend makeup remover such as Dr. Herbarium «Cleanliness and Comfort», «Green Pharmacy», «Grandmother Agafi’s Recipes» and many others.
  7. Tonic, lotion. Such liquid products for getting rid of makeup consists of acid solutions, thermal or floral water, as well as from the alcohol part, if the product is designed specifically for the oily type of dermis. Tonic or lotion for make-up remover perfectly cleans the facial area of ​​blush, masking cream or mousse powder. However, such compositions are poorly coped with the removal of moisture-resistant cosmetic products, as well as cleansing the eyes from makeup. It is best to apply the compositions at the final stage of makeup removal, when most of the cosmetics have already been removed. Such tonics and lotions for make-up removers such as “The Secret of Radiance”, “Thing is still there”, “Calendula” Nivea, Be Loved are highlighted.
  8. Emulsion. Permissible to apply to any type of dermis, as well as make-up lips and eyes. Make-up remover helps not only to clean, but also to refresh the facial and cervical area, enriching the dermis with the necessary minerals and vitamins. Among the well-known and widely sought-after brands of emulsion for make-up removers are such as Eveline New and Bishoff.

In addition, hydrophilic serum for washing and make-up remover brand Biore is used to remove makeup and cleanse the face.

Make-up removal and cleansing of the dermis is not complete without special devices, such as:

  1. Makeup remover. According to numerous reviews, sponge remover is the fastest and most convenient process of washing. Sponge hypoallergenic. It is fairly easy to hold in your hand. It makes the skin velvety after cleansing due to its porous structure, and also cleans the epidermis from dead cells. How to use sponge for makeup? It would seem that such a simple device, however, the sponge can harm the skin if it is wrong for them to do makeup removal and face cleansing. While washing with the sponge, it is necessary to move around the face area with soft movements without strong squeezing, trying to follow the massage lines. After completing the procedure, the device should be thoroughly washed from the remnants of the composition and left to dry in a warm and ventilated room. On sale there are several types of sponge: sea sponge for make-up remover, Chinese horse and cellulose sponge. The first type of sponge is characterized by softness and gentle cleansing of the skin from various impurities. Use a makeup sponge is permissible no more than four months, and then you need to buy a new one. The second type of makeup remover provides deep penetration of moisture into the layers of the dermis, performing a soft massage and peeling of the skin. Changing konnyaku once in six months. The latter type of sponge perfectly cleans the pores, removes mud particles and the product of the sebaceous glands. Change this sponge is required every six weeks. The most well-known brands of makeup sponge are Aquamagic Laska and Greenway.
  2. Mesh makeup remover. This product consists of foam pieces inside the soft mesh. Thanks to such an adaptation, even from a single drop of mousse or gel, it is possible to obtain a large foam. The mesh gently cleanses the dermis without provoking deformation of the epidermis. A popular manufacturer of this tool is Missha.

Having figured out what types of makeup remover exist, you should now find out which tools are suitable for a particular type of dermis. For combination and oily skin makeup remover is best to choose in the form of foams, mousses, tonics, lotions and gels. For make-up remover of dry skin, as well as susceptibility to sensitivity, it is required to use cream, milk, two-phase liquid and cream. Hydrophilic make-up oil, as well as mycelial water are suitable for absolutely every type of dermis.

You can buy a special makeup for makeup removal at any store specializing in the sale of skin care products.

Below you can see the sequence of makeup removal at home, as well as in a beauty salon.

Makeup removal steps are performed in the following sequence:

  1. Makeup remover lips. To remove lipstick, it is desirable to use cream or milk. First of all, the composition must be soaked with a cotton pad, and then applied to the lips, moving from the corners of the mouth to the center. If persistent lipstick is applied to the lips, then initially a wet disc will need to be applied to the mouth area for about thirty seconds, and only then it will be possible to start performing a make up remover.
  2. Eye Makeup. This procedure begins with the removal of shadows. How to make makeup on the eyelids so as not to damage the delicate skin? Proper makeup removal of the upper eyelid implies movement from the inner portion of the eye to the temple area. If you have a lower eyelid, then make-up removal is performed from the outer to the inner part of the eye. After that, you can proceed to remove mascara from the cilia. The movements are performed from the root area to the edges of the eyelashes. Such eye makeup products as hydrophilic oil, biphasic liquid and water containing micelles are suitable for eye make-up removal.
  3. Facial make up. Powder, masking cream and blush are removed here. Proper makeup removal requires the use of oil, milk or micellar water. Performing makeup remover occurs in different ways depending on which composition you use. If you have a gel, then it is better to apply it on the wet derma in foam form, oil — preferably on the dry dermis, and if you have chosen milk, you need to preheat it in your hands.
  4. General toning. After the main part of the cosmetics is removed, the dermis must be smeared with a tonic in order to remove small particles of dirt from the epidermis, and also to give the derma freshness and moisturize.

Now you know exactly how to do a make up remover of the face so that the skin always remains clean, fresh and beautiful.

De-makeup in the salon, of course, will be significantly different from the procedure that is performed independently at home. Of course, the cost of such a make-up remover will be much higher, since special professional compositions for the care of the dermis are used, and the work of a cosmetologist is included in the price.

Make-up removal in a beauty salon is required in two cases. Firstly, if there is a special decorative cosmetics on your face that you do not want to remove yourself or you simply cannot. It is very difficult to remove waterproof cosmetics from the eyes, lips, as well as tonal means. If you do not want your skin to deform or spoil your beautiful eyelashes, it is better to seek help from experienced professionals. Secondly, if you are preparing for procedures such as mesotherapy or facial cleansing with ultrasound.

Below is a video attached on how to properly remove makeup and cleansing the facial area.

If you do not want to use special cosmetic compositions, you can easily make a makeup remover at home. For example, most girls advise using such products as:

  • olive oil (gently cares, perfectly removes dirt particles, but is not recommended for the fat type of dermis);
  • milk powder (a couple of teaspoons of the product should be stirred in water and used as a cosmetic milk);
  • shampoo for children, which does not cause tears (can cope even with waterproof cosmetics).

For applying the composition on the front area can be used:

  • cotton pads;
  • cotton wool;
  • cosmetic wipes;
  • sponges.

However, this is not the whole list of what can be used for make-up remover at home. There are other options that can be made personally.

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