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Lash care in the salon — biowave, keratin lamination and dyeing with semi-permanent mascara

Lash care in the salon — biowave, keratin lamination and dyeing with semi-permanent mascara

Lash care in the salon with the help of modern technology — this is the trend of the modern world, and moreover, the trend is quite justified. For millennia, our ancestors sought to emphasize the beauty of their eyes with long, thick and black eyelashes, while applying the gifts of nature, but this was due to the fact that there was no more choice. Except how to use oils, decoctions and dyeing natural pigments, it was no longer possible to emphasize the beauty of their cilia and make them thicker, as well as longer. No one says that these tools are not effective and should not be used. Of course, they are worthy of attention, but sometimes they have to wait for a result from them for a very long time, and indeed it is not as clearly expressed as we wish. Therefore, now that there is an alternative to using the achievements of modern technologies that promise results in a very short period of time, you should pay attention to this method of obtaining beautiful eyelashes.

The other side of the coin in the fascination with cosmetic procedures using innovative methods is that it is very easy to go to extremes, because the possibilities of modern cosmetologists and salon masters are practically unlimited. Therefore, there are situations when eyelash extensions that are extended by the beam method extend almost to the hair roots or, on the contrary, there is a complete loss of your eyelashes due to overuse with different procedures using chemical and artificial materials.

So, what is the conclusion of all this? First of all, you need to familiarize yourself with the possibilities of modern science in terms of cosmetology in general and in the field of eyelashes in particular. Only after reading it is worth making your choice and stop at one of the options.

Coloring eyelashes semi-permanent mascara is now available in almost every salon, which monitors its reputation, and also seeks to constantly raise the level of quality of services provided.

However, what is this miracle remedy — semi-permanent mascara, so rapidly gaining popularity? The name “semi-permanent” this mascara received thanks to the word “permanent” — permanent. But, and since the constancy of this tool has its limitations on the time of use, the prefix semi- has been added. In fact, semi-permanent mascara — it is a mascara that is applied and held for two to three weeks, without being washed off even while swimming in the pool, while getting a tan on the beach or in the solarium, and even while visiting the sauna. That is, once you visit the master for applying semi-permanent mascara, you can forget about cosmetics for this period, because now, even waking up in the morning in the mirror, you will have bright, distinguished eyes, as if you just made up their brasmatic.

Naturally, after such a characteristic, many people ask themselves: “where can I buy permanent mascara?”. The answer is pretty simple — nowhere. Because the use of this tool has a number of features and is allowed to people only after passing through certain training.

The process of applying semi-permanent mascara itself consists of the following steps:

  1. First, the eyelashes of the client, conveniently located on the couch, degrease with special compounds. This is done in order to maximize the setting of the coloring composition with native hairs.
  2. After that, the eyelashes are carefully combed, and also, at the request of the client, get the desired bend with special curling tweezers. Indeed, despite its wonderful qualities, semi-permanent mascara is basically an ordinary mascara. That is, it can add volume, lengthen and twist a little, but you should not expect any radical changes in appearance from it, such as from eyelash extensions.
  3. After that, the master applies mascara on the inside of the upper lashes with very fast movements, after which he separates them with special tweezers. At this stage, the final result depends entirely on the skill of the master, because the composition dries out almost instantly, so the speed and quality of its movements will necessarily affect whether your eyelashes are thick, beautiful and fluffy, or turn into three unattractive stuck together tufts.
  4. In order to create the necessary volume for the client, the tool can be applied several times.
  5. After a satisfactory result, residues of the coloring matter that may have remained on the skin are removed with the help of a special cosmetic.

And after that you can enjoy beautiful eyelashes with a freshly colored effect for two to three weeks. But in order for the result to please you as long as possible, you must follow certain rules:

  1. Do not touch the eyelashes for two to three hours.
  2. Try not to let the cilia get wet or get under steam during the first two days. Then the rule is canceled.
  3. Do not sleep, resting his face on the pillow. From this cilia can break and rub off.
  4. Do not use the skin around the eyes and makeup remover, which contain fats in its composition. Because any lipid and oil bases can dissolve the composition of semi-permanent carcass and shorten its life.
  5. Only the master himself can remove this mascara, because otherwise you can irreparably damage your eyelashes, injure them and the delicate skin around the eyes. Immediately after removal, you can reapply this tool, but no more than three times in a row, then you should take a break for a month.

If you follow all these rules, you will be able to fully appreciate all the advantages of this tool. And they have a lot of them: complete freedom from cosmetic bags, especially if you are accustomed to using mascara as a main cosmetic in daily makeup, lack of anxiety about the drained makeup and the need to constantly correct it.

Many are worried about the possible harm that persistent mascara can do. But in fact, the benefits of its use are much greater. This is a kind of protection that puts a barrier between the eyelashes and all the harmful environmental factors. So, on the beach and in the city in the summer, the sun does much more damage to the eyelashes, and a persistent cosmetic can protect them from it even in places where we do not usually use cosmetics: the beach, the pool, and so on. Therefore, if you are a fan of natural makeup and are going to go on vacation, the application of semi-permanent mascara will bring you only positive emotions.

The biowave eyelashes in the salon is now a very popular procedure, because with it you can create beautiful twisted eyelashes, without using hot tweezers every day.

Biowave is fundamentally different from the chemical perm of eyelashes known to every girl. In particular, the main difference lies in a more benign composition that does not contain hydrogen peroxide and ammonia, which cause serious damage to the hairs. Its use is more preferable for the eyes. The result lasts about a month., but this does not mean that after a month the eyelashes straighten, just new ones that have grown cilia will not curl, so you should repeat the procedure about once a month and a half, depending on the individual properties of the hair.

What eyelashes biowave is shown? Absolutely everyone! Indeed, biowave can help a girl with any type of appearance to get a beautiful and exciting bending of eyelashes. But there are types of eyelashes, which more than others this procedure is shown:

  1. If by nature the girl has long, but straight eyelashes.
  2. In the presence of short and lowered down the cilia, which give drowsiness look and do not paint the girl.
  3. The biowave is applied also to the extended eyelashes in order to change their shape, to give another cut to the eyes, more suitable for them according to individual indicators.
  4. If the direction of growth of eyelashes is not uniform, and there is a need to correct some cilia and align them with the total mass.
  5. If you are allergic to the components present in the means for eyelash extension.

If you have decided that a biowave is exactly what you need, then you should familiarize yourself with the process of its implementation, which consists of the following steps:

  1. First of all, the master should familiarize himself with your type of eyelashes in order to determine the proportions of the active substances and the time of their exposure to the hairs in order to achieve a better, but safe result.
  2. After that, apply special gel pads, designed to protect the lower cilia from contact with the solution applied to the top.
  3. Then, the upper eyelashes are carefully degreased with special compositions, because in this case they will better accept the active ingredients.
  4. Then silicone pads of a certain size are attached to the upper eyelid along the growth of hairs with glue for biowave eyelashes. Interestingly, the pads are completely different sizes, their diameter depends on the length of your own eyelashes, the shorter they are — the thinner these “curlers” and, of course, vice versa.
  5. Then cilia are also attached to this roller with glue and a softening agent is applied on them. Moreover, it should be applied in accordance with this feature: the tool should be at a distance of two millimeters from the hair roots to avoid contact with the mucous membrane, and two millimeters from the tips, because they are very thin and can be damaged.
  6. After the exposure time of the softener, it is removed with a cotton swab and a retainer is applied, which is kept in less time than the previous remedy.
  7. Well, the last one will be the application of klinser — a special cleaner, which will remove all the remnants of previous solutions and help more comfortable removal of eyelashes from the roller.
  8. At the end, you can pamper the eyelashes with a vitamin balsam, which will soften them, make them more elastic and shiny.

And of course, immediately after the biowave eyelash procedure, you should not visit the solarium and sauna, sunbathing on the beach. This should be done only after two or three days after the procedure. By the way This is practically the only procedure for eyelashes that is not afraid of oils., so do not forget to pamper your beautiful and curled cilia with various oils, such as castor, burdock, almond, apricot, and oily vitaminized mixtures.

But do not think that the biowave procedure is completely harmless, yet there is a certain proportion of chemical components in the eyelash curlers. Therefore, it is necessary to be wary of this procedure if you have certain allergic reactions to chemical compounds. And it is worth refusing to twist eyelashes with chemical compounds during pregnancy and lactation.

Keratin lamination of eyelashes is a new word in cosmetology, which is designed to transform your own eyelashes into brilliant and chic eyelashes of a Hollywood diva in one session. The lamination procedure of eyelashes is primarily intended to saturate your eyelashes with keratin and create a shell around each hair in order to avoid loss of moisture, nutrients and pigment on the one hand and to prevent the impact of negative environmental factors.

The main active ingredient by which eyelashes are saturated with keratin and become more dense and elastic is specially processed wheat protein, which is also an excellent antioxidant.

Duration of action after one procedure is approximately eight weeks., that is, cilia are updated and need to re-session. But the advantage of lamination lashes is that it has a cumulative effect. And, judging by the reviews of many girls, after several sessions of lamination, they completely stopped using mascara and tweezers.

Lamination of eyelashes in the salon occurs according to the following steps:

  1. First, the cilia are deeply cleaned from makeup residues and fatty particles in the hair fiber.
  2. After that, the eyelid skin is thoroughly nourished and moisturized with a cream for this area to prevent damage.
  3. Silicone pads are attached to the upper eyelid from the inner corner to the outer corner, with the help of which the cilia will be combed upward to obtain a bend.
  4. Then the serum, which serves as a base for the pigment and keratin, is applied along the growth of eyelashes from the roots to the tips. Here it is the complete application that is important, because in the undeveloped areas the effect of the means may not be obtained.
  5. Then the cilia are carefully stained with a special pigment and saturated with keratin solution.

Now on sale you can find lamination kits for eyelashes, designed for keratinizing eyelashes at home. However, please note that carrying out this procedure at home is fraught with negative consequences, because you can not completely relax your eyes and do everything right. In this case, bending or asymmetry of the bend is possible. And it does not look aesthetically pleasing! Of course, it is better to contact a professional who can guarantee, after the procedure, that these effects are obtained:

  • getting more length by staining even discolored tips;
  • hair thickening due to keratin nutrition;
  • obtaining the effect of voluminous and thick eyelashes;
  • each hair will be more than previously saturated with pigment;
  • beautiful bend and getting an open look.

The lamination procedure of the eyelashes is absolutely harmless, no contraindications. Very often, girls who are just trying to learn something about this procedure have the impression that it is nothing more than a simple perm of eyelashes followed by dyeing. But there is a fundamental difference — the composition of the drugs used. The main thing in getting a great result, as in any cosmetic procedure, is to get to a highly skilled and well-trained business. And then, nothing but good health benefits of eyelashes and a wonderful appearance you will not get!

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