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Intimate female haircut or haircut in the bikini area — how to make it?

Intimate female haircut or haircut in the bikini area — types and photos; a description of how to do it in the cabin and at home

Intimate haircut, or, as it is also called, haircut in the bikini area — This is a very common phenomenon in the modern art of body decoration. But do not think that the decoration of this intimate zone is the prerogative of only our times. Even in ancient times in such great empires as Ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt was a sign of good form to have no vegetation on the body. It was then that the first ways of getting rid of hair were invented, such as waxing, shugaring and hair removal. As for the intimate zone, even the ancient people were inventors worse than modern women of fashion, because they used dye compositions made of various herbs, such as henna, to decorate this delicate area.

Well, the modern history of intimate hairstyle began with the sexual revolution and bikini fashion. In the sixties, girls visited the beaches in miniature triangles of fabric. Of course, the hairs looking out from under such elegant details of clothes were absolutely unsightly. That is why they began to simply clean up.

Nowadays, you will not surprise anyone with an interesting pattern or completely missing hair in the bikini zone. That is why the tendency to decorate this part of your body is becoming more and more popular, in almost every beauty salon you can find the service of intimate hairstyle, there are even catalogs in which a wide range of drawings and photos of intimate haircuts are presented. Each girl will be able to choose something according to their tastes, preferences and characteristics.

What is most interesting, the benefits of this type of art can be very much. Merits Intimate haircuts are such features:

  • Personal hygiene. Constant care and hair removal helps to maintain this sensitive area in the proper order and is a kind of prevention of many diseases and unpleasant phenomena, which has a positive effect on women’s health. Cosmetologists consider such a service mandatory, such as manicure, cleaning and many other procedures.
  • Sexual emancipation. Intimate haircut as a beautiful underwear gives the girl a lot more confidence. It allows you to feel beautiful, attractive, even if the picture and not visible at all.
  • Attractiveness. Few of the men can be left indifferent by the graceful intimate haircut, the original design or even the complete absence of hair in the bikini area of ​​the girl. So, you will be still provided with passionate kisses and interested looks even beyond the bedroom.

Therefore, if you are thinking about the need to make yourself an interesting and original haircut in the bikini zone, then be sure to do it! In the summer season, you will feel much more confident on the beaches in the now fashionable swimsuit, opening the maximum «space» of the body. Yes, and in the winter it will not be superfluous to please yourself and your beloved and your other half with an original design, seductively looking out from under the lace underwear. And the variety of the proposed options will allow you to change the pictures every day.

The types of female intimate hairstyles in our time are very diverse and are presented with a large number of options (see photo). There are several areas of care for the bikini area:

  • persistent and temporary hair coloring in this area;
  • epilation with various techniques in order to give a conceived shape or pattern;
  • cutting hair to a certain length;
  • Decorating with various decorative items such as rhinestones, feathers and more.

Very often, in order to achieve the desired effect, specialists and just amateurs combine several or all directions at once.

There are total four basic types of intimate swifts, on the basis of which various variations are performed.

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