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How to make a matte lipstick

How to make a matte out of ordinary glossy lipstick at home? — text and video instruction

Question: «How to make a lipstick matte?“- most often young women ask, however, many aged ladies also want to look beautiful. We will help you with this by sharing the secret of how to properly make a matte lipstick out of the ordinary at home.

Mat lips are always beautiful and delightful! Matte lipstick looks rich, especially if it has a dark shade. But in order for glossy lipstick to become matte and look beautiful on the lips, it is necessary to properly prepare the lips. How to do this you will learn in our article.

You can buy a matte lipstick, and then you do not have to excel and make a glossy lipstick on the matte lips. But if you still want to try to do it yourself, then our article will be useful to you.

First you should treat your lips with a special scrub to remove dead skin. You can make such a scrub yourself. To do this, you just need to mix the honey with sugar and olive oil, then apply the scrub on the lips with massaging movements, and after two minutes wash it off with warm water.

Also remember to moisturize your lips so that matte lipstick doesn’t look too dry. For this perfect lip balm or olive oil.

To make matte lips especially saturated, use a pencil of the same color as lipstick. Pre-apply a pencil on the entire surface of the lips. It is best to use red lipstick in this case.

Lipstick is better to apply with a brush. Thus, the effect of matte lipstick will look much more attractive.

You can make your lips dull from ordinary pearl lipstick or gloss. At the same time, putting lipstick on the lips, lightly blot it with a damp cloth and gently wipe the edges. You should also bear in mind that when applying matte lipstick you can not rub your lips against each other, since this lipstick has a slightly different structure.

And now let’s take a closer look at how to properly make mat lips with ordinary lipstick or without it.

There is the most effective and common way to make lips matte, which is used even by stylists. And it consists in the following:

Make up your lips with your favorite lipstick in the usual way. Use a pencil, then apply lipstick. It is desirable that it was not too brilliant elements.

Blend lipstick by rubbing lips together.

Apply a thick paper napkin to your lips, take a dark powder or blush and use a brush to apply a little powder on your lips.

Thus, the napkin will absorb excess moisture and shine, and the color of your lips will become more saturated. You can optionally repeat this procedure again.

Make lips matte with lip gloss can be exactly the same way. It may take a little more time for the cloth to absorb moisture, but the result is equally impressive.

In order for matte lipstick to look especially attractive on your lips, you should choose the right shade that suits you best. In this case, you will look amazing with matte lipstick. And if at the same time you pick up a beautiful makeup for the eyes and a gorgeous hairstyle, then others will not be able to take your eyes off you! Two detailed master classes for creating a matte effect of lipstick on the lips can be found below in the video.

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