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How to douche? pear for pregnancy and thrush

To answer the question: «How to douche at home?«- it is necessary to clarify what is syringing.

Douching is the process by which various fluids are introduced into the vagina to flush out the bacteria.

But overly addicted to douching at home should not be, because together with the pathogenic bacteria, you can clean up the useful, which will negatively affect the vaginal microflora.

Douching is used only for medicinal purposes, but not for preventive purposes. Syringe is only necessary if you are worried about strange discomfort in the vagina, as well as itching or burning. But in this case is still better consult with a gynecologist first. He will schedule a douching if he sees fit. It is impossible to self-medicate and douche yourself at home.

And now let’s consider how to douche with the help of certain drugs. For your convenience, we have collected them in a table, using which you can see, how to prepare a solution for douching and how to douche them.

Chamomile douching at home is very good helps with thrush, and you can make a decoction for proper douching as follows: take two large spoons of dry chamomile per liter of boiled hot water, pour boiling water, pour into a small enameled container, and then put on medium heat. When the broth boils, it should be cooled to room temperature, then gently inject it inside using a gynecological syringe. It is necessary to douch chamomile only before bedtime, since after this procedure it is necessary to lie down for a while.

Douching soda is most recommended for thrush and for conception. The douching solution is prepared as follows: take half a liter of warm water, add a small spoonful of soda, then pour the solution into a gynecological syringe and inject it into the vagina with a neat stream. It is best to perform a douching procedure in the morning or in the evening, but not at the height of the working day.

In order to properly douche «Chlorhexidine», no need to use a pear or gynecological syringe. The form of the packaging of the drug will make it possible to do a douching and without these elements, it is enough just to insert the tip of the spray into the vagina and inject about ten milliliters of the product. After that, you need to take a horizontal position for half an hour to the drug had time to act.

To douche the drug, which has the name «Tsiteal», it is necessary to dilute 50 milliliters of the drug in 500 milliliters of warm water, then gently introduce the solution into the vagina, after which it will be necessary rinse with clean warm water. Syringing this drug at home is possible every day.

To properly douche with hydrogen peroxide, without causing damage to the body, mix peroxide with warm water in a ratio of 1: 3. After that, the solution is poured into the gynecological syringe, one of its ends is inserted into the vagina, and then the solution irrigates the walls of the vagina. The duration of the procedure should be at least 10 minutes, so that it has at least some effect.

Douching with «Miramistin» is as follows: the tip of the vial is treated with hot water, then introduced into the vagina at least 5 centimeters, then it is necessary to press the vial 3-5 times, resulting in irrigation of the vaginal walls. Reviews of women who doused with this drug, mostly positive. The drug does not cause a burning sensation, it is odorless and almost colorless. Still, he has contraindications, so douche «Miramistinom» without a prescription is not advised.

Properly douche drug «Tantum Rose» should be this way: if you have purchased a liquid for douching, then it does not need to be diluted with water. The tip of the vial is inserted into the vagina and by pressing on the vial the liquid irrigates the vaginal walls. If you bought powder from roses for douching at home, then its contents should be dissolved in 500 milliliters of warm water, then pour the solution into a pear for douching, and then use it for its intended purpose. This drug can even be doused in the rectum.

Sprouting celandine is very simple. To do this, take 10 grams of dry celandine, pour it with one liter of hot water and put it on a fire to bring the infusion to a boil. When the liquid boils, it should be removed from the heat and allowed to stand for at least three hours. Then the infusion is poured into a pear for douching and is used for irrigation of the vagina. Douching celandine should occur no more than two times a day.

For proper douching with a solution of potassium permanganate, a 0.02% solution should be prepared. Its color should be pale pink, since higher manganese content in the solution can cause burns when douching. It should be clarified that douching with potassium permanganate has a very short-term effect, and in addition, the finished solution can be stored for no more than 12 hours. After this time, it loses its properties.

In order to properly douche with Dekasan, 50 milliliters of the solution should be heated to a temperature of thirty-eight degrees, and then douch with a pear. You can use the drug three times a day. Overdose with this drug is not possible., but this does not mean that you can douche «Dekasanom» every half hour.

It is not recommended to douche the blue vitriol, as it is possible to earn burns of the mucous membrane of the vagina.

Properly douche «Furacilin» at home can be as follows: one tablet of the drug is diluted in one hundred milliliters of hot water, give the solution a little brew to dissolve the tablet, then pour the resulting product into a gynecological syringe and use for its intended purpose. Douching with the help of «Furacelina» can be no more than four days in a row.

Syringe with the drug ASD should be as follows: in 500 milliliters of warm water it is necessary to dissolve exactly 30 drops of the SDA, after which the resulting solution should be syringed. Syringe SDA is recommended and when woman wants to get pregnant.

Right douche pear or gynecological syringe need as follows:

To start, prepare a suitable solution that must be warm.

After that you should go to the bathroom, the bath itself should be dry and warm so that you can sit on its edge.

The legs must be spread apart, the vestibule should be lubricated with a baby cream.

The tip of the pear should be inserted into the vagina gently, being careful not to injure the walls of the vagina.

To properly douche, the tip of the pear must be entered to a depth of about seven centimeters. If you feel at the same time discomfort, then enter the tip of the gynecological syringe should be at a depth of five centimeters.

The jet entering the vagina should not be excessively strong in order not to wash out the beneficial bacteria.

After douching should lie down in a horizontal position so that the solution has time to be absorbed.

It should be clarified that it is impossible to douche during pregnancy, as this may cause harm not only to the body of a pregnant woman, who is already weakened, but also to the child.

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