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How to choose blush

How to choose the right rouge for the color of the skin? — text and video instruction

The question is about how to choose blush, no wonder many girls ask themselves. After all, the wrong choice of decorative cosmetics can ruin your amazing image. In our article we will tell you how to choose the right rouge for your skin type and hair color.

Before choosing the color of blush, it is necessary to emphasize that the consistency of this type of cosmetics may also vary. So, for example, blush can be in the form of a gel, cream or in the form of powder. The consistency of the rouge should be chosen on the basis of the base for make-up: if the base is used with a greasy base, then the powder and blush must be crumbly so as not to overload the skin.

Correctly choose the blush for the face the color of the skin can be as follows: for light skin is better to use cold or pastel shades. Perfect light pink or purple shade. If a light-skinned girl has dark hair, then you need to pick up a blush of light brown or flesh color. Blondes are better to choose a blush pink palette.

Darker blush will suit dark-skinned girls. Brunettes should pay attention to brown and reddish shades, and blondes will suit chocolate and mother-of-pearl shades.

You should know that when choosing a blush you need to observe accents. It is not recommended to use too bright lipstick for girls who prefer dark or red blush. Also note that problem skin does not require increased attention, so it’s best to give up pearlescent shadows.

Pick up a blush — this is still half the battle. Do not forget that the final result depends on their correct application. A blush should be applied as follows:

Do not forget that you should powder not only the face, but also the neck, as well as the chin. This creates a good base under blush.

Light pink blush looks very refreshing on the face. They will help to give the image a highlight.

Apply blush should be on the cheekbones. If you need to emphasize or enlarge the eyes, under the lower eyelid, gently distribute the bright blush.

Apply blush at home should be a special brush made of natural wool. This will evenly distribute the makeup on the skin.

If you have too bright a blush on your hands and you want to make it a little dimmer, then powder will help you. It is necessary to powder a little blush on top, then they will not stand out so much.

Apply blush on cheekbones need only in one direction: bottom-up. Do not forget to shade the borders of rouge carefully, so as not to violate the aesthetics of makeup.

It should be understood that the owners of the already beautiful skin use rouge is not recommended. After all, the natural beauty never went out of fashion, unlike those overloaded with cosmetics. Let your skin rest until it has a chance. Learn more about choosing and applying blush in the video.

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