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How to choose a foundation

How to choose the right shade of foundation according to the complexion?

Choose a foundation for the face — a very simple task, but it seems so only at first glance. In fact, there are a large number of different factors that influence the final choice. For example, for oily, dry or combination skin, you should choose different types of foundation creams. Let’s look at this question in more detail:

It is necessary to choose a foundation for oily skin so that it contains vitamins of group B. In addition, the composition of such a foundation must necessarily include absorbents that will neutralize the excessive release of subcutaneous fat.

Foundation cream for combination skin should be chosen so that its texture is not too dense, as this will not look very neat. It is better to give preference to cream powder.

For dry skin, you should choose a foundation with a moisturizing effect.

It is a bit more difficult to choose the color of the foundation for the face than its texture, as there are a huge number of different shades. The correct foundation should not differ much from the complexion.

The ideal foundation for problem skin does not exist. You need to rely only on the type of your skin, as well as its color, in order to choose the right foundation.

There are several recommendations that will tell you how to choose the right foundation in the store.

Before you buy a foundation, you need to do a little test. Each store has testers to help you understand whether this foundation is suitable for your skin or not. This tester must be used, putting it on the lower cheekbone.

You should also understand how the foundation feels on your face, whether you have the sensation of a “mask” or whether the cream tightens the skin.

Pay attention to how well the foundation can be shaded, if there are any visible color transitions.

Tonal cream can be lighter than the natural color of the skin just one shade, otherwise your face will look too pale and painful.

If you ask the question: “What is better to choose: powder or foundation?”, Then it is best to purchase both products, since they have different purposes. Also do not forget that for the foundation you need a special brush that will allow you to apply the cream on the skin as evenly as possible.

And now we suggest that you adopt a table that will visually demonstrate which shade of foundation should be chosen based on the color of your skin.

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