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How to bring down the temperature without drugs? in a child or in an adult quickly

How and how can you quickly reduce the temperature in a child or an adult without medication? — text and video instruction

The question is about how to quickly bring down the heat without medication at least once bothered anyone. Understandably, with the help of pills, you can often bring the temperature down, but many refuse to take medicines, relying on traditional medicine. And for good reason, because traditional medicine has also repeatedly helped to reduce the temperature for both adults and children at home. Let’s try to figure out how to do this.

The first and easiest way to bring the temperature down without medication is wiping. There are two ways to carry out this procedure: with the addition of alcohol and without it. Wiping at home is easy. You only need to take water at room temperature, add alcohol there and using a sponge to wipe the whole body. This method works very well, since when moisture gets on any surface, it cools, and the moisture begins to evaporate, thereby lowering the temperature.

The second method is similar in principle to the first. And it consists in the following:

Take two pairs of ordinary cotton socks and wet one of them in water at room temperature.

Put wet socks on your feet, put dry socks on top and lie in this position for about 15 minutes.

When the socks heat up, repeat the procedure.

You can even bring the temperature down in this way, however, it should be borne in mind that the baby should be soaked in clean socks with no vinegar or alcohol.

Also another great way to bring the temperature down without drugs is ice use. It must first be crushed, poured into a regular plastic bag and attached to the body in those places where the largest blood vessels pass. For example, in places of armpits or popliteal fossae.

With the help of hot tea with lemon and honey, you can also bring down not very high temperature. If you drink hot tea, then after a while plentiful sweating will begin, due to which the body will cool down, and with it the temperature will drop.

Among other things, there are a few more recommendations that can help you quickly bring down the temperature without medication in a child and an adult:

Do not forget drink water, as at high temperatures, the moisture evaporates too quickly from the body, which can only make it worse. Drink only need clean water at room temperature, eliminating sweet and carbonated drinks.

Put compresses with vinegar or broth of yarrow. Apply wet, cool cloth to your forehead or wipe the body with it.

You can also put enema from chamomile decoction. It will help not only reduce the temperature, but also cleanse the body of toxins.

In any case, if you bring down the temperature without medication, you still will not get rid of the causes that caused it. Therefore, at high temperatures it is recommended to call the doctor at home or go to the hospital on your own. In the video you will learn more about this topic.

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