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Honey with a cold

Honey with a cold — This is one of the most effective means for the treatment of cough and other symptoms of a cold. There are a large number of different national recipes for making cold remedies with honey, but in our article you will see only the most common and effective.

Many wonder: «What honey is best for treating colds?«. In fact, any honey is able to benefit the body and help cure the disease, but the quality of honey is imperative: it must be genuine and not diluted with water and sugar. Also, honey should not be too liquid and light. This also suggests that honey is most likely unnatural.

Due to its unique properties, bee honey helps to cure colds in both adults and children. It is safe for pregnant women.

The only contraindication is allergy to bee products. In all other respects, if you properly follow the dosage, honey for cold will not cause any harm.

And now let’s consider some of the most effective folk recipes for using honey against colds.

The most common way to use honey against colds is to mix it with milk. There are several options for making milk with honey for colds, among which you can choose the one you like the most.

In this recipe, you need two hundred milliliters of fresh milk, which should be heated to a temperature of 50 degrees. Make sure that the milk does not boil! In warm milk, add two tablespoons of bee honey, wait until it is completely dissolved, and after that you can drink a honey shake to fight a cold twice a day before eating.

The second recipe is similar to the first, only honey should be taken in the amount of two teaspoons, and another juice in the resulting mixture, squeezed from half a fresh lemon.

The third recipe is the most difficult, but the most effective. You will need to mix one hundred milliliters of warm milk with a teaspoon of honey, then, waiting for the honey to completely dissolve, add five cloves of garlic, grated or squeezed through a garlic dish.

Take any of the proposed milkshakes with honey for colds should be no more than three times a day during the week. Children need to significantly reduce the proportions of added ingredients.

Ginger with honey and lemon is also an equally effective folk remedy for colds and its symptoms. To prepare a miracle cure, you need to purchase ginger root. And then you need to act as follows:

Take 300 grams of fresh ginger, peel it and chop it on a fine grater.

Now take one fresh lemon of a small size, wash it thoroughly with water, then cut into slices, remove the stones and grind using a meat grinder.

Crushed ginger and lemon should be sent to a glass jar, where you need to add about 200 grams of bee honey.

Stir the ingredients, cover the jar with the lid and let it stand for a couple of hours.

Take ginger with honey from a cold should be at least three times a day in between meals for two weeks. In addition, you can drink this medicine with weak tea with honey. This tool will be happy to use your children! If after two weeks you do not notice the results, then an urgent need to consult a doctor.

Vodka with honey is a great way not only to cure a cold, but also to cheer up. To prepare such a tool in the following way:

Take a small saucepan, add fifty grams of honey and vodka to it.

There, add one pinch of cumin and a small piece of lemon.

Using a water bath, the mixture must be heated to 30 degrees.

While the drink is still warm, you need to drink it in big sips.

After you drink vodka with honey for a cold, you should lie down in a warm bed and cover yourself with a warm blanket. Do not worry if excessive perspiration begins, it is for the better.

Among other things, you can add a little aloe juice or hot pepper to the resulting cocktail, which will make the treatment of the common cold more effective.

This alcoholic infusion is not recommended for children and pregnant women. The course of treatment with this infusion should be no more than ten days. On the day you need to use one serving of this tool.

Another great recipe for treating colds is honey with beer. In order to prepare such a tool, you need to take 500 milliliters of light beer, heat it in a mug in a water bath, and then add two tablespoons of honey there. You need to drink this beer right away before it has cooled.

This method of treating colds is also not recommended for children and pregnant women. The course of treatment should not exceed five days, and in case you do not notice the results, you should consult a doctor.

Black or green radish with honey is another great recipe for treating colds. And to prepare such a tool can be as follows:

Take a not very large root vegetable, wash it thoroughly and peel it.

Radish pulp should be cut into small squares the size of one centimeter, after which they should be shifted into a glass jar.

There also should send two tablespoons of honey, mix well and cover.

When honey with radish is infused for at least eight hours, you can use it to treat a cold.

Radish with honey for the treatment of colds should be taken for one to two weeks on a tablespoonful of the remedy at a time. A day is recommended to take no more than two tablespoons.

All the remedies presented in the article will undoubtedly help you to cure the common cold and its symptoms, however, do not forget to consult your doctor before using these medicines. Also be careful with the dosage for children. In the video below is a vivid example of a recipe for cold honey.

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