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Food antioxidant E303 Ascorbate potassium — its characteristic

Characteristic of food antioxidant E303 (Potassium Ascorbate)

E303 is also called potassium ascorbate. This substance is a food additive, which is obtained by the action of potassium hydroxide on ascorbic acid. Externally, the E303 looks like a crystalline powder of a snow-white color; it may acquire a light yellow tint in the air.

In many countries, potassium ascorbate is a prohibited food additive. However, it is impossible to assert confidently about its benefits or about its harm, because until the end all the properties of this substance have not yet been investigated.

Chemical formula of potassium ascorbate: С6H706TO.

In some countries, potassium ascorbate is still allowed, and therefore it is used in the production of sausages, sausages, other meat products, all kinds of pastries, canned food, margarine, mayonnaise. It plays the role of a color stabilizer in these products, as well as a light preservative. Due to its preservative properties, the E303 food supplement is also used when freezing seafood.

As for the effect of potassium ascorbate on the body, it has not yet been fully investigated, and therefore it is impossible to state unequivocally about the benefits or harms of this dietary supplement! The only thing to remember is that this antioxidant should be consumed with great care and not exceed the daily intake of more than 15 milligrams per kilogram of body weight (in terms of ascorbic acid).

Food supplement with the designation E303 may also have the following names:

  • potassium ascorbate;
  • potassium ascorbate calcium salt of ascorbic acid;
  • potassium salt of ascorbic acid;
  • potassium ascorbate;
  • Potassium Ascorbate;
  • sel d’acide L-ascorbique;
  • Kalium L-Ascorbat.

Food antioxidant E304 Ascorbyl palmitate

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