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Food antioxidant E301 Sodium ascorbate — its effect on the body: harm and benefits

The benefits and harms of food antioxidant E301 (sodium ascorbate)

E301 or sodium ascorbate — This is a dietary supplement that you can find in the list of ingredients of many food products: sausages, other meat products, infant formula, bakery products and many others. However, this «Eshka» should not scare you. She is one of the varieties of vitamin C — sodium ascorbic acid salt.

Externally, sodium ascorbate itself is a powdered solid substance, painted either in white or in light sand color.

The formula of sodium ascorbate is as follows — C6H7NaO6.

We also note that the food antioxidant E301 is approved for use in all countries of the world, which is caused not only by its safety for the organism, but also by the benefits it brings.

Antioxidant E301 is most often used in the production of a variety of food products. For example, it is included in the composition of all kinds of pastries, in which it is used as an acidity regulator. In various meat products add E301 to stabilize the color. Besides can ascorbate sodium and perform the role of a preservative, prolonging the shelf life of food. By the way, to this end, E301 is included in margarine, mayonnaise and similar fat-containing products.

Sometimes food supplement E301 include in the formulation of the product in order to enrich it with vitamin C.

It is also known medical use of sodium ascorbate. It is part of the drug called «Askotsin», which is used to strengthen the immune system.

The most important positive effect of sodium ascorbate is its effect on the human immune system. This nutritional supplement strengthens it. By the way, sodium ascorbate is an excellent alternative to vitamin C for those patients who, due to the increased acidity of the gastric juice, cannot use it. It is also prescribed in the case of individual intolerance to pure ascorbic acid. In addition, it is recommended for use as a vitamin C for children.

Food supplement E301 has a number of positive properties. For example, it is an excellent prevention of cardiovascular diseases and atherosclerosis. In addition, it is believed that this antioxidant helps even in the fight against oncology.

It is worth noting that the E301 supplement bears not only benefit, but also harm. With a systematic increase in daily intake, which is 15 mg per kilogram of weight, the formation of kidney stones, as well as unpleasant consequences from the urinary tract. This is due to the fact that an excess of sodium ascorbate is split into oxalic acid, which is very harmful for people with kidney disease and the excretory system as a whole.

Food supplement, which was discussed in this article, can be also such names:

  • sodium ascorbate;
  • sodium ascorbate;
  • salt of ascorbic acid;
  • Sodium Ascorbate.

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