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Food antiflaming E902 Wax candle — the characteristic of this additive

Food anti-flaming E902 Wax candle — the characteristic of the additive and its effect on the body

E902 food antiflaming or candle wax is a set of higher acid esters, unbranched hydrocarbons with an odd number of carbon atoms (C29 — C33), a small amount of alcohols, alcohols with unbranched carbon chains (C28-C34), as well as a small amount of free acids, as well as neutral resins and minerals. Externally, it is a solid, but fragile substance, which is painted in yellow-brown color. When heated, this food supplement begins to exude a very pleasant spicy smell.

Nature contains candle wax in a plant from the genus Euphorbia, which is called «candelilla Euphorbia antisyphilitica».

Food supplement E902 is approved for use in food production.

This additive is quite common in the food industry. So for example her used to treat the surface of fruit. This helps protect products from premature spoilage. This is especially true for citrus fruits, which are brought from afar, and therefore there is a need for their long-term storage. Candle wax is also included in some confectionery products (icing, chocolate, candy, etc.). In addition, you can also find this substance in chewing gum, various nuts, coffee beans, as well as in cheeses (in this case, the substance is used as a coating).

In addition, in order to avoid drying and chapping, add candle wax to the cream and some cosmetics. It is also the basis for dry perfumes. Also, this substance can increase the shelf life of finished products. E902 is also added to some ointments and lubricants.

As for the technical use of candle wax, it is used in various polishes, as well as for the manufacture of candles.

In medicine, the food additive E902 is used to stop bleeding, and it has also found its use in neurosurgery.

There are no obvious beneficial and harmful properties when using candle wax. However, it should be noted that with excessive consumption of food supplement E902 can cause serious violations of the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, this substance may cause allergic reactions.

Alternative names for E902 are:

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