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Food antiflaming E901 (beeswax) — its effect on the body

What properties does food antiflaming E901 (beeswax white and yellow) have, and what effect does it have on the body?

Food supplement E901 is the most common beeswax. In industrial scale production, it is produced by melting honeycomb, honeycomb or wax formations in hives. This substance is affected by steam, hot water, or by direct sunlight. The melted wax is filtered from impurities and form briquettes from it. This substance can also be further clarified during the production process, making it white. For this, wax is either allowed to fade in the light, or else it is exposed to sulfuric acid or hydrogen peroxide.

Natural beeswax looks like a solid mass of white, sandy, saturated yellow or light brown color. This substance has the smell of honey. At the same time, the aroma of white wax is less pronounced than yellow wax. 72% of the substance consists of higher alcohols, as well as esters of higher fatty acids, the rest is free fatty alcohols, hydrocarbons and free fatty acids.

The food additive E901 is not prohibited for use in the food industry, nor is it prohibited in the production of non-food items. It is used not only as a defoamer, but also as a separator and a glazing agent.

Food supplement E901 has received wide application in many areas, but as far as food production is concerned, it is used for the surface treatment of citrus fruits, pineapples, melons and various fruits: apples, pears, peaches and others. This is necessary to prevent these products from rotting if they are to be stored for a long time or when transported over long distances. It is also a component of some sweets, for example, dragee, candy, chocolate, chewing gum, frosting for a variety of pastries. In addition, beeswax processes the heads of the cheese. Because of this, they do not dry out and can be stored longer. This substance may also be in the composition of coffee beans and nuts.

The most famous use of beeswax is the manufacture of candles. In addition, add it to household chemicals, and in particular in polishes. Also in industrial production, this substance is used to make casting molds.

E901 additive is quite popular in cosmetology. Apply it as a basis in the production of cosmetics for the skin: cream, mask, lipstick, etc. In this incarnation, this component is able to provide softening and anti-inflammatory properties, which is especially effective in combating acne. In addition, it perfectly nourishes the skin. This property will help to avoid the early development of wrinkles, preventing the development of dehydration. In general, this additive is very useful for the skin, which, incidentally, ensures its wide application in cosmetology. Also used beeswax and in the production of hair balms, as well as a component of mascara for eyelashes.

The pharmaceutical industry also took the E901 additive into service, applying it in the production of various ointments, as well as patches. In folk medicine, beeswax has also found its use. He treats trophic ulcers for diabetes, sinusitis, inflammation of the gums, hemorrhoids, corns and calluses. This list can be continued for a very long time, but we will talk more about this later in the article.

As for the effect of the food additive E901 on the body, although it has some beneficial effects, it is still necessary to take into account that it can provoke allergic reactions. In addition, the use of wax inside in its pure form is not desirable because it causes constipation, which leads to serious violations of the gastrointestinal tract.

As we mentioned earlier, the food additive E901 is a component of many drugs. In addition, it is used in the recipes of traditional medicine. But what are the healing properties of this substance? Let’s figure it out!

On the basis of wax release a lot of medical ointments, which successfully heal wounds, relieve skin inflammation. This substance helps even in the fight against trophic ulcers.

As for popular recommendations on the use of beeswax, here is one of the most popular: this substance is mixed with propolis and chewed three times a day for ten minutes to relieve gum inflammation. The same mixture with the addition of lemon juice will be an excellent ointment for getting rid of calluses on the legs and natoptyshy.

Also in traditional medicine the property of natural beeswax is known to increase lactation. To this end, it is slightly heated and mixed with plantain, and then applied to the chest before feeding. This procedure has a warming effect and increases the flow of milk.

There is still a lot of recipes using this substance, which, incidentally, deserves separate discussion.

Additive E901 can be found under the following names:

  • beeswax white;
  • yellow beeswax;
  • white and yellow beeswax.

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