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Food anti-flaming E903 Carnauba wax — its properties and effects on the body

Properties of food anti-flaming E903 (carnauba wax) and its effect on the body

Food supplement E903, which is also called carnauba wax, is a solid, but quite brittle. It can be painted either light yellow or light brown. This wax also has a rather pleasant smell.

Get carnauba wax by separating from the leaves of tropical trees that grow in Brazil. They are called Copernicia cerifera (Arruda) Mart or Purnifera (Muell). Also, this substance undergoes additional purification from plant impurities.

According to the results of numerous studies, the food additive E903 is recognized as non-hazardous. However, the norm for its use was still established. It makes on one kilogram of weight no more than seven milligrams.

Application in food and non-food industries

Food supplement E903 actively used in the food industry, where it performs two main functions: the glazing agent and the defoamer. The main method of application is the surface treatment of fruit, which prevents the product from rotting, which allows it to preserve the consumer’s quality of the product longer. In addition, carnauba wax process coffee beans. It is also included in the composition of the glazing for buns and other pastries and is an ingredient of some sweets (sweets and chocolate).

Wide this antiflaming is also used in the production of decorative cosmetics (creams, eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara, blush, lipstick). It is also added to deodorants, which increases their melting point and hardness.

As for the other branches of the non-food industry, the range of application of carnauba wax is as follows:

  • polishes for wooden surfaces;
  • car wax;
  • shoe polish, etc.

Scientists have proven that the food additive E903 does not have a toxic effect on the body, that is, it is safe. Although the daily rate of consumption still should not exceed 7 mg per kilogram of human weight. If this dosage is not observed, then serious gastrointestinal disorders can be caused, in particular, long-term uncontrolled constipation.

The synonymous names for the food additive E903 are:

  • carnauba wax;
  • Brazilian wax;
  • palm wax;
  • brazil wax;
  • carnauba wax.

Food antiflaming of E905a Vaseline oil food

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