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Food additive E1101 Protease: chymosin, pepsin, papain, bromelain, ficin

Food supplement E1101 Protease (chymosin, pepsin, papain, bromelain, ficin) — where these enzymes are contained, their use and possible harm

Food supplement E1101 or protease — This is a group of food enzymes that is aimed at the breakdown of proteins in food. This substance is divided into such species and subspecies:

  • protease (chymosin, plant protease, pepsin);
  • papain;
  • bromelain;
  • ficin.

A detailed description of all types and subtypes of the food additive E1101 is given in the table, which follows.

As for the effect of the food additive E1101 on the human body, then for all proteases (chymosin, plant protease, pepsin, papin, bromelain, fitsin), no serious danger was established. And although there is no accurate data on this subject, it is still believed that proteases can cause allergic reactions. In addition, there is an opinion that the harm of the food additive E1101 is in violation of the development of the embryo. However, other results of the study found that proteases are safe and there is no maximum daily rate of consumption. Today food supplement E1101 approved for use on the territory of the Russian Federation.

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