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Expectorant folk remedies — the most effective for children and adults

Expectorant Folk Spasms

Expectorant Folk Remedies, often, they help more effectively than medicines prescribed by a doctor. In addition, taking medicines made according to popular recipes does not harm your body if you are properly taking the dosage, which cannot be said about pharmacy medicines. The advantages of folk recipes are large, which makes them the most popular and effective.

Among other things, another advantage of expectorant folk remedies is that they can be taken by both adults and children, as well as pregnant women. The only thing to do with this is make sure that you or your children are not allergic to the means used, and you need to properly follow the dosage.

In our article you can find out which expectorant drugs should be used for different types of cough, as well as for bronchitis and pneumonia. Let’s deal with this issue in more detail.

For dry and wet cough, various types of medication are usually used., made according to popular recipes: some accelerate the release of sputum, while others help alleviate dry cough and prevent cracks in the mucous membrane.

For a wet cough, the following recipe is perfect.:

  • First, take half a kilo onions and clean it from the husk.
  • Chop the peeled onions as finely as possible and send to a prepared small saucepan.
  • There add 400 grams Sahara and one liter of water.
  • Put the pot on the fire and wait for boiling, stirring the medicine constantly. Boil such a mixture should be at least three hours.
  • After the medicine has been well-baked, remove it from the heat and cool to room temperature.
  • Add 50 grams to the cooled liquid honey, stir it all up, after which you can take an expectorant mixture.

This tool must be taken within 4-5 days, five tablespoons at a time after meals. Children up to 10 years old need to reduce the dose to 1-2 tablespoons. Also, be careful: make sure your child is not allergic to onions or honey.

To relieve the symptoms of dry cough, a banana is perfect. In addition, the expectorant will be very useful, it is also tasty, so that it can easily be given to children. And you can cook it as follows: select a pair of ripe, but not overripe bananas, peel them and mash them with a fork. Then pour 150 grams of water into a saucepan and add two large spoons of sugar. Heat the mixture, and when it boils, remove from heat and cool to room temperature. After that, add banana pulp there and you can take this expectorant immediately after a meal.

An excellent expectorant for bronchitis is black radish with honey. Many have heard about the miraculous means of black radish and honey, however, not everyone can use it correctly. In our article we will tell you how to properly prepare black radish syrup with honey as an expectorant for bronchitis.

In order to prepare the most effective expectorant for bronchitis, you need to choose a black radish of not too large size, thoroughly wash it and cut off the tip. Next you need to arm yourself with a small knife or spoon and make a wide hole in the pulp of the fetus. Three tablespoons of honey should be inserted into this hole and covered with the cut off top. You can pre-make a few cuts in the pulp of the radish, so that it launches juice and expectorant syrup turned out faster.

Send a radish with honey to infuse in a dark place for six hours, after which you will see how amber syrup appeared at the place of honey. It should be poured into a separate container, and the radish can be used in this way two more times.

Ready expectorant syrup can be taken up to three times a day before meals. There are no contraindications, just make sure that you or your children are not allergic to honey or radish.

Concerning pneumonia and stagnation in the lungs, then, with such diagnoses, herbs that are brewed according to popular recipes will be an excellent expectorant. Herbs will not harm the body even during pregnancy, and they are also used as an expectorant for smokers.

In order to dilute phlegm, herbs such as thyme, coltsfoot, licorice root and oregano. And to prepare an expectorant infusion is very simple. To do this, take two tablespoons of any herb you like, pour one liter of hot, but not boiling water, and wait a couple of hours for the expectorant to infuse. You can take no more than three times a day. Preferably one hour after eating.

Any of the proposed means will help you get sputum at home. However, before using such expectorant folk remedies, consult your doctor.

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