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Essential oils — their benefits and harm to health and beauty

Essential oils — their benefits and harm to health and beauty

Essential oils (see photo) are volatile oily liquids, characterized by a pronounced aroma and taste, which have a very broad spectrum of action. In the context of this article we will try to tell as much as possible about the ethers, their classification, as well as the benefits and harms to health and beauty. In addition, we will indicate how this product differs from other cosmetic and therapeutic components in as much detail as possible.

The above elements are usually derived from terpenoids, terpenes, aromatic chemicals, hydrocarbons, alcohols, clays, phenols, organic compounds and their saturated acids, amines, aldehydes, heterocyclic compounds, oxides, thioesters, and other particles.

According to the current GOST 30145-94, for distillation and extraction of essential oils and other products derived from these components and their products, there are certain conditions for receiving, collecting samples and methods for sensory evaluation.

The following factors directly affect the components of the pharmacy product:

  • type of a plant and grass;
  • weather conditions during growth and collection period;
  • storage conditions for raw materials;
  • method of extracting the necessary oils;
  • duration (shelf life) and compliance with the storage conditions of the finished product.

These butter-like liquids are practically insoluble in water and are transparent or colored components. The main difference of essential oils from vegetable fats is that pharmaceutical means do not leave behind them fat stains on fabric or paper sheet, since they very easily disappear after drying at a certain temperature.

The described elements are obtained from fruits, herbs or plants, including medicinal, with pronounced pharmacological and physiological properties. Manufacturers of cosmetic aroma oils distill the natural product through water vapor, which absorbs fats. For some plant particles, manufacturers use a press or extract carbon dioxide and other solvents from them.

Purified concentrated or diluted cosmetic product is very widely used in aromatherapy, cosmetology, perfumery, medicine, cooking, as well as in the chemical industry. The pharmaceutical industry uses oils that have been added alcohol for inhalation and the production of various medicinal preparations (for breathing, rinsing the mouth and face and body care), as well as many other products.

Many essential oils can be dissolved in a liquid medium (alcohol, water, combustion products, and other lipophilic substances). For this reason, these components are very actively used by perfumers for the production of various perfumery products (perfumes, eau de toilette) and cosmetics for men and women.

On the basis of essential oils and their extracts, the food industry produces a variety of aromatic spices and spices. Cooks around the world as a raw material for their delicious culinary masterpieces are constantly using certain food ingredients, which are based on aromatic edible oils of mint, lemon, lime, lemongrass, olives, patchouli, oregano, nutmeg, orange, basil, lemon balm, ginger, thyme, fennel, rosemary, clove, vanilla, cinnamon, grapefruit, cedar, bergamot, sage, mandarin, anise, walnut, coffee, black pepper, thyme, coconut, honey, grape, peach, almond, nutmeg, coriander, honey, grape, peach, almond, nutmeg, coriander, honey, grape, peach, almond, nutmeg, coriander, honey, grape, peach, almond, honey, grapefruit marjoram, cumin, oregano, laurel, musk, avo kado, carrot seeds and other fragrant products.

The natural product also contains active ingredients. If you do not close the cap of the bubble in which the ether is located, then it will immediately evaporate. When buying funds in a pharmacy, a specialized department, or on the official website of an online store, be sure to consider this fact.

For the production of high-quality esters (homogeneous or transparent) should not be allowed the presence of sediment in the finished pharmacy product. After getting money on a sheet of paper or cloth, the fat pigment should evaporate and become imperceptible. If the ether has some shade (green, blue, orange, red and other colors), then a small color of matter or parchment is the norm.

The beneficial properties of esters are of tremendous value for humans and pets, because they can effectively heal wounds, care for hair, eyelashes, nails, face and body, scare mosquitoes, bedbugs, fleas, ticks, ants, moths and midges, treat teeth, burns, inflammatory diseases and fungus, use as bleach, aphrodisiac and many other procedures.

The inviting and stupefying smell of various medicinal, cultivated plants and flowers is the basis for the manufacture of essential oils. From the obtained plant extracts, people have learned to benefit from themselves, which is manifested in the improvement of spiritual, physical and psychological well-being.

People knew about the benefits of essential oils (liquid and dry) and their beneficial properties a long time ago, and therefore they added the product to various cosmetic or therapeutic agents. In this section, we will try to tell in more detail for what purposes a particular pharmacy drug is suitable.

The content of esters is very similar to human hormones. Therefore, the particles that are part of this product, a very positive effect on the mental and physical well-being of people.

Thanks to the described oils it is possible to normalize the activity:

  • nervous system;
  • endocrine glands;
  • digestive organs;
  • skin and hair and others.

To date, aromatherapy treatment using various medicinal ethers has gained rather wide popularity not only in Russia, but throughout the world.

What names of esters have healing properties:

These are the top 3 of the most common and sought-after pharmacy products (although in fact there are many more), which are usually added during inhalations into nebulizers, inhalers and other auxiliary medical equipment. Specialists in Eastern and Tibetan medicine use various essential oils everywhere (for massage, wraps, aromatherapy, and other procedures), which have healing properties and help to cope with various ailments..

If you read the encyclopedia or the book of essential oils and look at the table in it, which is freely available on the Internet, you may find that, in addition to the above-mentioned popular healers, you can also use other elements made on the basis of chamomile, lotus , neroli, leuzei, juniper, shea, eucalyptus, peppermint, myrrh, rosemary, rosewood, hibiscus, sandalwood, ylang-ylang, fir, lavender, geranium, jasmine, frankincense, pine, spruce, iris, verbena, thuja, jojoba , lilac, damask roses, cedar, fell марmarozy, peony, wormwood, monarda, toffee, citronella, cubeb (litsei), myrtle, vetiver, lily of the valley, petitgrain (citrus), valerian, cypress, bey, and many others.

For what purposes can you use this product:

  1. For massage (therapeutic, relaxing). Esters are very successfully used in massage parlors and offices. In the ranking of sought-after therapeutic, stimulating, restorative, pleasant, relaxing and soothing means for massage, the following oils are leading: tea tree, avocado, lemon, coconut, cocoa, sesame, shea, kukui and others. These items in the spa make special mixtures for massage. In addition, without this set of oils it is impossible to hold an aromatherapy session.
  2. To solve cosmetic problems. An important useful quality of the described pharmacy products is its ability to eliminate various cosmetic defects that women, men, and children can have. These imperfections can be stretch marks on the abdomen and chest after childbirth, cellulite, age spots, dandruff, dry or oily skin, weakened, splitting and falling hair, brittle nails, excess weight, wrinkles around the eyes, acne, foot fungus and nails, as well as other problems. Moreover, if a woman has a broken menstrual cycle, homemade salt baths, in which chamomile, juniper, basil, wormwood and cinnamon essential oils are added, have a very good effect.
  3. For the treatment of teeth. If a person has problems with his teeth, then he can buy this product at a pharmacy or specialty store, which will help to cope with this or that unpleasant symptom that causes discomfort (bad breath, sensitive teeth or gums, etc.). Pharmacy products based on cinnamon, peppermint or lemon are very effective..
  4. To combat colds. Using the above products can cure cough, runny nose or sore throat effectively. For this purpose, you can use the sweet lavender, rosemary, mint, eucalyptus, tea tree, naoioli, fir, pine and other oils. Antiviral and antibacterial properties have products made on the basis of juniper, tea tree, bergamot, rosemary and manuka.
  5. To combat allergies. Allergy sufferers can take advantage of such products, which include patchouli, chamomile or juniper, as these plants do an excellent job. Cedar, rosemary, eucalyptus or pine oil can be very good to disinfect the room or the interior of the car, adding a few drops of the product to the spray bottle with water, and then splashing the fragrance, made with your own hands, in an apartment or car. Remedies for nausea symptoms are lemon, mint, lavender and rosemary..
  6. To clean the body and get rid of toxins, as well as to eliminate toxins. In addition, some of the favorite coniferous esters, in which resins are present, can be used for a bath to enhance the effect of their effects.

This is not all the useful qualities possessed by the above-mentioned products. We have listed only some properties of esters, thanks to which you can solve various problems with well-being, cosmetic defects, as well as domestic issues. More detailed information about this or that product, which, as a rule, is supported by positive or negative reviews, can be obtained on Internet portals and forums.

Remember that, no matter what means you use (stimulating, curative or relaxing), it will certainly have a positive result, because the effect of a particular product is not tested by one generation.

The principle of the impact of natural esters on humans

The principle of human exposure to various natural esters is the incredible ability of the realm of aromas to curatively influence the body. In this section, we will talk about what effect the ethers have on the human body and how to use them correctly without harm to health.

Long ago, the ancient Romans and Greeks, as well as the Egyptian pharaohs, used this product for aromatherapy. Thanks to some oils, you can take care of the skin of the face and body, do the most special homemade cleansing masks and scrubs, accelerate the growth of nails, eyelashes or hair, use for weight loss or relaxation (massage or sleep), strengthen the immune system, apply during depilation, get rid of headache, whiten the skin, to achieve a smooth and beautiful tan, use against mosquitoes, ticks and other insects, put on the body instead of perfume, prepare homemade soap, perfume or freshener with your own hands, as well as a lot of other useful more.

If you use the ethers during the diet, as well as in order to accelerate hair growth and add thickness, improve the condition of the skin and face care, you must use a suitable product for this purpose with great care, carefully studying the instructions for use. The fact is that with illiterate or thoughtless choice of a drug, non-compliance with the dosage when it is used, you can greatly harm health.

As a result of such non-observance of proportions, the consequences can be very different, ranging from appearance, and ending with disorders of mental, somatic and sexual behavior. Considering the latter circumstance, an aromatherapy session with the help of esters combined with other components for a particular procedure is often compared with aroma magic.

In addition, if you regularly use esters of suitable hair type in the form of firming and moisturizing hair masks or add the product to shampoo, you can effectively normalize excess fat and dryness, as well as deal with split ends of curls.

Certain types of described pharmaceutical products can be used for the rapid growth of hair follicles, elimination of oily seborrhea and various inflammatory processes of the scalp.

Widely popular are those esters, with the help of which you can solve problems with your hair and scalp at home. To achieve the most positive result can be after applying a particular product to the comb. Then you should comb the entire length of the hair, capturing the surface of the skin at the roots of the hair.

If you add several droplets of one ester or their combination to a particular cosmetic (mask or scrub, as well as shower gel), then you can enhance the therapeutic effect of the effects of these products on humans.

In addition, the strongest essential oils can have the effect of rejuvenation and improve the condition of the skin, as well as eliminate various skin diseases. It must be remembered that in the natural (undiluted) form, this product cannot be used (except for tea tree and lavender) in order not to get burned skin.

A certain set of oils can be safely added to some masks or creams on a natural basis, which should be mixed with the base esters.

Preservation of beauty and health with the help of an oily substrate

To preserve beauty and health for a long time with the help of an oily substrate is quite real, but only if you know how, because not all of the preparations can be used. In this section, we will give a few practical recommendations on which pharmacy product is ideal for achieving a particular goal.

Since ancient times, with the help of esters have maintained beauty and youth. On the recommendation of cosmetologists, to increase the effectiveness of the drug, you can add from 2 to 3 drops of essential oils in a face mask or in hair and body care products. Cosmetic products that are sold in a store or pharmacy at a different price will have healing, rejuvenating and relaxing properties. For this reason, every beauty who looks after her appearance and wants to preserve beauty for as long as possible should keep on hand a homemade cosmetic bag consisting of various pharmaceutical components in order to always look great and have a great mood.

What aromatic esters are very effective:

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