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E302 Food Antioxidant Calcium Ascorbate — the benefits and harms of this supplement

E302 Food Antioxidant Calcium Ascorbate — a characteristic of the properties of the benefits and harm of this additive

E302 or calcium ascorbate (Calcium Ascorbate) — It is a food additive, antioxidant, which has received quite wide application in the food industry. This substance is necessary to prevent damage to the final product, as well as to prevent its oxidation. It will also help E302 to prevent the appearance of bitterness. In addition to the above objectives, calcium ascorbate is also used for the production of oil and fat emulsions.

This substance is a crystalline powder type, white or light yellow in color. It is obtained by extracting ascorbic acid and calcium hydroxide from the acid, thus it is a combination of vitamin C and calcium. By the way, the leader in the production of substance E302 today is China.

Calcium ascorbate is distributed not only as a dietary supplement, but also as a dietary supplement, used in addition to the main treatment. However, the beneficial therapeutic properties of this substance will be discussed later in the article.

Food supplement E302 is approved for use in many countries around the world. It is completely harmless to the body. Rather, on the contrary, it is of great benefit!

Calcium ascorbate is synthesized in scientific laboratories, as we have said before, from ascorbic acid and calcium hydroxide. In addition, it is found in nature: in the cells of some animals and plants.

In terms of ascorbic acid The consumption rate of food antioxidant E302 for an adult is 15 milligrams per kilogram.. This figure is quite large, and therefore you should not be afraid of an overdose of this substance. This situation is almost impossible!

The need for calcium ascorbate increases during pregnancy and in the presence of nicotine addiction. In these cases, the consumption rate increases by twenty to thirty percent.

The excess of this substance the body removes, splitting it into oxalic acid. This suggests that persistent overdose can cause kidney stones.

As we mentioned earlier, calcium ascorbate today is increasingly being found in the form of dietary supplements. This is an excellent alternative to pure ascorbic acid, since E302 has a more gentle effect on the gastrointestinal tract.

The positive properties of calcium ascorbate are manifested in strengthening the protective functions of the body, as well as in regulating the production of certain hormones, and in regulating the absorption of vitamins and mineral salts. E302 also has a positive effect when the body overcomes the harmful effects of a polluted environment. In addition, this substance is actively involved in the formation of connective and bone tissues. Calcium ascorbate helps to heal damaged skin and prevents the development of gum disease and all mucous membranes.

As for the harmful effects of E302 on the body, it can occur only in the case of frequent overdose of the substance. This can cause the formation of kidney stones and irritation of the urinary tract. In addition, caution should be applied to calcium ascorbate for people who already have urolithiasis.

Application additive E302 found in the food industry. For example, it is used as a preservative in the industrial canning of vegetables, fruits, soups and broths. Also add it to meat products. There, calcium ascorbate serves as a color stabilizer and as an antioxidant. Even with the help of this substance enriched with vitamin C bakery products.

In addition, this food additive has been used in pharmacology.

Synonyms for this substance:

  • Calcium Ascorbate;
  • calcium ascorbate;
  • calcium salt of ascorbic acid.

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