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E100 dye Curcumin — characteristic; effect of dietary supplements on the body

Curcumin E100 dye — the characteristic of a food additive and its influence on an organism (advantage and harm)

Food supplement E100 (Curcumin) — it unites a group of natural dyes, which are absolutely not dangerous, but rather, even useful for the human body. These substances paint food, when added, in yellow or orange.

There are two main types of E100 dye:

  • directly curcumin,
  • as well as turmeric.

A more detailed description of each of these two substances will be discussed in the table below.

Table 1 — Characteristics of Curcumin and Turmeric

Influence of food E100 dye on an organism: harm or advantage?

As for the question about the effect of E100 food dye on the human body and, accordingly, on its health, it can be argued with certainty that no harm he has. Although it is not necessary in this case to exclude the possibility of personal intolerance to this substance, which can lead to the appearance of all sorts of allergic reactions.

Speaking of curcumin, be sure to emphasize the fact that for a person they have considerable benefits. Scientists have found that this substance of natural origin is able to fight cancer cells in the body. Due to this property, a drug was developed on the basis of a dietary supplement, which is currently still at the testing and verification stage.

Also in this context, I would like to mention that in some countries of the world, curcumin was used and is still used as completely independent spices, which can not only increase the taste and color of the product, but also improve the health of the person consuming it.

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