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Does tattooing hurt — on which parts of the body are most painful

Does it hurt to tattoo (on the arms, wrists, neck, back, fingers, shoulders, legs, ribs)?

Question: «Does it hurt to make a tattoo?«- ask themselves not only those who first decided on a tattoo, but also those who are going to put on their body the second and subsequent drawings.

Answer this question definitely can not. Someone will say that tattoos do so much pain that some faint, and someone will answer him that doing the tattoo does not hurt at all. It depends on the degree pain threshold human, as well as from the part of the body on which you want to do a tattoo. Not the last role played by the professionalism of the master, to whom a person turns to get a tattoo. The level of pain is also affected by the method of anesthesia, the duration of the procedure and the internal mood.

In order to more accurately answer the question: “Does it hurt to make a tattoo?” — we suggest you to go through the list of parts of the body on which tattoos are most often made, and find out where the procedure will seem painful and where it is the other way around. Moreover, you should know that after applying, you need to care for the tattoo correctly.

Getting a tattoo on your wrist can be painful enough, since in this place the skin is especially thin and lies close to the bones. The closer the skin is to the bones, the more pain is felt by the nerve endings. Again, the pain of getting a tattoo on the wrist depends on the pain threshold. But according to most reviews, the wrist is a rather painful area for tattoos.

Most people who have tattooed their necks say that this is one of the most painful places on their entire body. The skin on the neck is very thin and tender, and if you are very afraid of pain, but you want to get a tattoo on the neck, then it is better to ask the master to provide you with anesthesia.

As for tattoos on the back, it is just the opposite one of the most painless places. Especially painless to do a tattoo between the shoulder blades, as the masters themselves say. But tattoos on the shoulder blades or on the lower back, too, will not make you scream in pain. True, it is hard enough to care for such tattoos, But that’s another story.

Tattoos on the fingers are gaining increasing popularity, despite the fact that doing such a tattoo is rather unpleasant. Here is the same principle: the skin is too close to the bones, so it makes the tattoo on the finger hurt. In addition, try to carefully select a pattern for tattoos, as if you choose a bad tattoo for such a tattoo you can pay with health because of the representatives of gangster subcultures.

Making a tattoo on a shoulder or forearm is easiest because it’s almost painless. The shoulder and forearm are the areas in which tattooing of any complexity will not hurt, since the skin in these places is far from the bones.

If you are going to tattoo your leg, then you should remember a rule that says that the closer the skin is to the bones, the more painful it will be. So make a tattoo on Lyashka or on calf will not hurt, while on the lower legs and in the area of ​​the bone, the pain will be noticeably strong.

Ribs — the most sensitive part of the body., make tattoos on which unbearably painful. If you decide to do this, then you should have patience and painkillers, otherwise you will not tolerate this session.

If you really want a tattoo, but are afraid of pain, then a great way out — temporary tattoo. But here comes a large number of minuses:

  • First, a temporary tattoo, though done faster and painless, but its size can not exceed 5 cm in radius.
  • The term of a temporary tattoo is 3-6 months, but after this time it does not disappear without a trace, but it spreads into an ugly spot, which then will need to be removed with a laser or scored with a real tattoo.

A great option for a temporary tattoo that is not painful to do at all is henna tattoo. It looks like a greenish powder that must be diluted to put the desired pattern on the body.

Henna stays tattoo for about a month and disappears without a trace, what is its advantage over a temporary tattoo.

If you are going to get a tattoo, but worry that it will hurt you, then choose a suitable place for the picture where the skin will not be located close to the bones. In this case, tattooing will not hurt at all.

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