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Compress with angina and bronchitis

Compress with dimexide and alcohol for the treatment of angina and bronchitis in adults and children

Compress with angina and bronchitis is a very effective therapeutic treatment, with the help of which you can cope with the diseases described. In this article, we will try to highlight this topic in as much detail as possible, we indicate the effective therapeutic methods for treating the diseases that have arisen, not only in adults, but also in children.

Many are interested in the question of whether it is possible at home to make compresses for purulent tonsillitis or obstructive bronchitis for an adult and a child. Of course, it is possible, but only if the patient has no contraindications to the use of certain components necessary for the preparation of a compress, but we will describe this later.

People have long noticed the healing properties of alcohol or other warming dressings, which they applied to the sore throat or chest. For this reason, many homemade recipes, known to our grandmothers, do not lose their relevance in our days. With the popular method of treating tonsillitis or chronic bronchitis, the disease proceeds much faster, and the load on the body is minimal.

Hot, cold, warming or medicinal compress is a multi-layer bandage of gauze fabric, which is impregnated with various liquids. It is used in order to provide therapeutic treatment, relieve puffiness and inflammation in case of purulent tonsillitis, with or without high fever, severe cough, laryngitis, obstructive, acute or chronic bronchitis.

Since both the diseases described (types of angina and bronchitis) are infectious, they can be contagious. Let us dwell on each disease in more detail.

Angina. This disease can be caused by the ingestion of viruses and bacteria, and therefore the treatment of angina must be carried out under the supervision of the attending physician. Often, tonsillitis occurs in childhood. When self-medication by folk remedies alone, there is a risk of chronic purulent tonsillitis, in which children’s tonsils become unprotected, but rather, on the contrary, serve as the basis for the spread of the disease. With a severe form of the disease and its complications, the patient is sometimes prescribed a surgical operation. To avoid this, it is necessary to do everything possible and try to cure a viral disease by medical means, supported by healing compresses.

As a remedy, the doctor prescribes a whole spectrum of medicines consisting of antibiotics, antiviral and antibacterial drugs, as well as antipyretic drugs to the patient with angina. It is extremely dangerous to neglect the prescribed treatment to the patient for a number of reasons. But this does not mean that, apart from drugs, a sick adult or child should not resort to the help of alternative medicine, but rather the opposite.

It is likely that the doctor will offer the patient to perform mouth rinses and use medical compresses. Although they will not be able to completely kill all bacteria and viruses in the throat, but at least compressive dressings will be able to ease the course of the disease and significantly shorten its duration. In addition, after using the compress, the patient feels a significant relief.

Bronchitis. Therapeutic dressings for bronchitis are an integral part of the complex therapy necessary for the treatment of both adults and children. With the right procedure, you can increase blood circulation and relieve spasms from the smooth muscles of the bronchi. The effectiveness of the treatment of bronchitis is due to the process of absorption of drugs through the skin. The effect of treating inflammation in the bronchi with healing dressings is achieved much faster if they are applied directly in the vicinity of inflammatory foci.

Bronchitis is also a very common disease that affects the lower respiratory tract and is accompanied by various inflammatory processes in the bronchial mucosa. Symptoms of the disease may develop first in one form, and then go into other stages. DThis disease, as well as tonsillitis, requires compulsory treatment, since there is a huge risk of serious pathologies.

If the complication is eliminated in a timely manner, then the complex action of medicinal preparations and traditional medicine is sufficient. Wet healing dressings for this ailment is a fairly effective method of treatment, with the help of which you can get rid of unpleasant symptoms and significantly improve the condition of the patient for a certain period of time.

For treating sore throats and bronchitis with the help of compresses, one should first acquire the necessary equipment and medical components, of which the home remedy will consist. This section will be devoted to this section.

First of all, you need to understand what a compress is and how to make it at home with your own hands. This item is a type of medical dressings, which are impregnated with natural extracts and infusions as well as medical preparations in order to provide therapeutic treatment.

What compresses can be done with the described diseases? There are several varieties of special dressings that can effectively treat tonsillitis and bronchitis, namely:

What you need to have on hand to compress:

  • a thin towel or cloth;
  • plastic bag;
  • medicinal ingredients;
  • wool scarf or warm shawl.

For the rapid absorption of the therapeutic composition through the skin and the penetration into the foci of inflammation, it is necessary for the patient to sweat a lot. For this purpose, when compressing the treatment, it is imperative to wrap the patient with a thick blanket. Sick at the time of the procedure must maintain a fixed horizontal position.

If you do not neglect this recommendation, the healing compressive bandage will give a very good result and will make it easier for some time to feel sick.

The effectiveness and peculiarities of the treatment procedure for inflammation of the mucous membrane of the bronchi and tonsillitis (viral or bacterial) are manifested in the removal of puffiness, the removal of accumulations of mucus from the throat and lower respiratory tract.

If any of the described diseases occur, it is necessary to prepare a compress based on various medical elements that can warm the throat. As a result of this effect, some transformations occur in the throat, tonsils and lymph nodes. With the help of a compress, you can eliminate muscular spasm (with bronchitis), as the medicinal drug penetrates directly into the bronchi, increasing blood circulation in the chest. As a result of such exposure, the mucus in the bronchi dilutes and freely excreted during coughing. Dressings help accelerate the accumulated fluid and reduce the effect of pathogenic microbes on the tracheal walls.

By following some practical recommendations, you can achieve maximum treatment outcome.:

  1. When bronchitis is necessary to apply bandages on the chest and back.
  2. Compress should be well fixed, especially the bandage, which impose on the night.
  3. After the compress has been applied, you should lie down and cover yourself with a very thick blanket or a warm blanket to cause sweating.
  4. In case of bronchitis a warming compress cannot be used when the patient’s disease is accompanied by an increase in temperature (from 37 to 37.2 degrees).
  5. It is necessary to carry out the procedure at least 1-2 times a day. Effectiveness can be achieved when a compress bandage is applied before bedtime (for bronchitis and laryngitis).

When sore throats use a wet compress, which is imposed in a certain sequence, namely:

Clean the skin

The skin should be thoroughly cleaned so that the therapeutic component penetrates easily into the organs and tissues. If the patient has a fever and sweat, then before the procedure you need to wet the patient with a damp cloth or towel moistened with warm water.

Dip a gauze cloth (napkin) in the medical component

It is necessary to lay a gauze section in several layers, then get wet in a remedy and apply on the throat. The coverage area should concern the tonsils, but a bandage should not be applied to the thyroid gland.

Cover the wound with crepe-dressing paper

Next, you should use a special paper for compresses, which can be purchased at the pharmacy. A piece of crepe paper should be applied on top of the dressing, and a thick cotton layer should be placed on top.

Secure all items with a scarf, scarf or bandage

In order for the structure to hold tight, it must be wound securely with any of the listed elements. For reliable fixation, you can double a scarf, a scarf or a bandage, and then tie it.

With this method of application in a compress bandage, you can sleep all night. A securely fixed compress will warm the sore throat well and allow the patient to breathe better. In the daytime, the medical bandage should be changed after 2-3 hours.

Thanks to the pharmacy anti-inflammatory agent «Dimexid», which is sold in the form of a solution, you can cope with bronchitis, tonsillitis and other colds.

This drug has gained wide popularity because the component is absorbed into the skin in a short time. Positive therapeutic treatment can be achieved in just a few sessions. And if you use the drug to treat a child under 12 years old, then it is necessary to use only compresses diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 3, respectively. Preschooler children and elementary school students to apply compresses with this drug on the chest or throat is strictly prohibited.

An adult patient should be diluted with 1: 1 saline. Conduct a similar procedure is necessary only after consultation with the doctor. To engage in self-treatment and self-appointment can not be a compress. The fact is that another 2% sodium diclofenac and novocaine are added to this medicine. The bandage with dimexidum can be set for 40 minutes, but no more (the age of a person does not matter). At the end of the procedure, it is necessary to properly treat the surface of the skin in this place with a moistened towel or napkin.

As a rule, an aqueous solution of dimexide is used as a compress. Medical bandage put on the area of ​​inflammation, covering the adjacent skin. The strength of the substance and the frequency of use of the drug varies depending on the complexity of the common cold.

For local anesthesia, it is recommended to apply a 25% -50% solution from 2 to 3 times per day. If a purulent tonsillitis occurs, a 40% preparation should be used, and for eczema and streptoderma foci — a 40% -90% solution.

When bronchitis and cough, compresses with Dimexidum are prescribed to provide additional therapeutic treatment. To do this, you must use the drug, diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 4, respectively. Keep the bandage should be no more than 40 minutes.

Remember that before using this medication, you should consult with your doctor about the possibility of prescribing Dimexidum, as well as its dosage.

Alcohol compress with angina and bronchitis is no less effective. This method very successfully treated the described diseases even by our ancestors. In the current section, we will talk about how to make homemade medical dressings using alcohol or vodka.

How to make a homemade dressing:

  1. Alcohol. It should be moistened with gauze in medical alcohol diluted with water (1: 1), and then apply a bandage on the chest (with bronchitis) or throat (with angina). Next, gauze should be covered with a paper for compresses or a plastic bag, on top of which you should put a layer of cotton wool. The last is to wrap a bandage. To enhance the heat transfer of the medical dressing, you can wrap the top with a warm scarf or a scarf. A child over 3 years old should be put on an alcohol compress dressing only after consultation with the doctor. If the doctor allows you to use a home compress, then dilute it with water should be in a ratio of 1: 3, respectively.
  2. Vodka. For this compress you will need to moisten gauze, bandage or cloth in vodka, diluted with water at a ratio of 1: 2, respectively. Water should be at room temperature. Next, the solution should be moistened with a bandage, squeeze out excess moisture, and then apply a compress to the inflamed area (on the throat or chest). After that, it is necessary to wrap the throat (chest) on top with a plastic bag, and tie it over it with a thick soft handkerchief or scarf. An adult should keep a vodka compress for 6 to 8 hours, and a child should not have more than 3 hours.

If you dilute vodka with water in an insufficient amount and do not achieve a decrease in the degree of the alcoholic product to 20% -25%, then you can severely burn the skin.

In case of purulent quinsy, a vodka dressing cannot be applied to the throat, because of the proliferation of microbes and bacteria in this organ there is a huge risk of getting blood poisoning. With angina while using a vodka compress on the throat area, alcohol can be absorbed through the skin into the circulatory system. For this reason, after applying the alcohol dressing, you cannot drive a vehicle even if, in your opinion, persistent alcoholic “amber” has evaporated.

With the help of popular recipes and available components that do not lose their relevance even today, it is possible to effectively cure both diseases (all types of bronchitis and sore throats). In this section, we have provided you with some recipes for home compresses, which can be used.

What kind of medical dressings can be prepared with your own hands:

  1. Salt compress with angina. It is necessary to dilute 2 large spoons of table salt with 1 cup of cool water. Next, you should dip a piece of cloth or gauze in the solution, and then wrap the cloth around the throat and leave the agent on the neck for about 40-50 minutes. This method can cure even purulent tonsillitis. But this way you can not use those who have problems with the kidneys, as well as children under 3 years.
  2. Onion. From this product should be made gruel (grate a vegetable grated or chop a blender), and then put the mixture on a thick cloth (without juice). After this, a therapeutic agent is needed to wrap the neck (with the contents to the skin), a plastic bag over the fabric and a warm scarf on top. It is necessary to go with such a compress for at least 8 hours. Obtained in the process of grinding juice, you can gargle a sore throat. To do this, dilute fresh onion with water, and then drink 1 large spoon of the product 2 times a day. The resulting solution can also perform rinsing of the mouth. If you add to the onion mass a proportional amount of honey, then you can make a means of resorption in the mouth.
  3. Honey You should take 1 large spoonful of dry mustard, wheat flour and honey. All components must be thoroughly mixed, and then molded of a tight cake, which should be wrapped in cloth and put on the inflamed place. To enhance the effect, you can divide the compress in half and put one part on the chest (or neck), and the second — on the dorsal region.
  4. Cottage cheese. You will need to take 200 grams of non-cold fermented milk product, and then wrap it in cloth or gauze. After that, it is necessary to apply a compression bandage on the sore throat or chest area, and then securely fasten it with a bandage. In a compress from cottage cheese, you can go to sleep until morning..
  5. Potato. It is necessary to take 4 boiled potatoes “in uniform”, pour 1 large spoonful of sunflower oil to them, and then knead the vegetables with a mortar or potato masher. On top of the tool you need to drop a few drops of rare honey. The resulting mash mass should be transferred onto the fabric so that the dressing covers the inflamed area. Further it is necessary to secure the compress firmly with a bandage or a scarf. The dressing should be kept until the potatoes are completely cooled.

A potato compress can be used to treat not only adults, but also children. It is only necessary to ensure that the vegetable is not too hot at the time of application of the remedy.

In addition to folk remedies, an adult patient can also be treated with various pharmacy heating agents necessary for a compress. The list of therapeutic components is very extensive, but we will list only a few of them:

Honey and vodka for bronchitis

It is necessary to smear the whole back with honey, and then dip a cloth in vodka. Moisture moistened with alcohol should be placed on the back, and an oilcloth should be laid on top of it. In order for the compress to take effect, you must additionally wrap your back with a warm scarf or thick cloth. Keep a medical bandage should be 4-12 hours.

Essential oils (bronchitis, sore throat)

You can use drugs based on those plants that have antiseptic properties (chamomile, lavender, tea tree, rosemary, sage, eucalyptus and others). It is necessary to dilute 5 drops of a pharmaceutical agent with 1 glass of water, and then dip a gauze cloth into the composition, squeezing out excess moisture. Next, you need to attach the matter to the inflamed area (chest, throat). To enhance the therapeutic effect, you must carefully fasten the bandage, and then wrap it around a warm scarf. Compress should be kept for at least 1.5 hours, periodically changing. This method is suitable for an adult, and a child can be bandaged in the absence of allergy to the components of the product.

Menovazine (for angina)

It should be rubbed with the drug (with a solution or ointment) area of ​​the back and chest. After that, immediately wrap the body with a woolen scarf or wear a warm sweater. Then you need to lie under a warm blanket and how to sweat. After 2-3 sessions of such treatment, you can eliminate a strong cough and get rid of angina.

In addition, menovazin can be rubbed and the throat, which should also be wrapped up to increase blood circulation. With a bad headache, you can inhale the vapors of the drug, first with one nostril, and then with the other.

A child who is sick with bronchitis or tonsillitis should be treated with other means, unlike an adult. First, due to the fact that medical dressings are applied for quite a long time, which is not always possible for a small patient. Secondly, the previously listed “adult” procedures may cause the child some inconvenience or cause itching and burning.

What compresses can be prepared:

  1. With honey, water and flour (for bronchitis). It is necessary to combine these components in a 1: 2: 1 ratio, respectively, and then knead the dough out of them. Next, you need to roll it out in a thin layer (at least 5 millimeters). The resulting cake should be laid on the back of the child, grabbing the lungs, and on top of it — parchment paper. From above it is necessary to wrap the baby with a thick towel or a fluffy shawl, and then put the child under the blanket. In this position, the small patient should be as long as possible (up to several hours).
  2. With sunflower oil for bronchitis. It is necessary to heat 0.5 liters of the product to a temperature of 40 ° C using a water bath. After that you should dip an old towel or a piece of cloth in warm oil, and then apply a cloth to the rib cage. Compressed paper should be laid on the top of the oiled fabric, and a warm cloth or thick sweater should be placed on it, which you will not feel sorry for, as the thing will be damaged. This procedure can be performed at bedtime.
  3. With hydrogen peroxide in sore throat. It is necessary to dilute 2 small spoons of a 3% peroxide solution with 50 milliliters of purified water. Next, you need to moisten a piece of cotton cloth in the tool, then put the fabric on the inflamed area, and on top of it — a diaper. To keep the compress warm, it is necessary to wrap the baby around the diaper with a warm scarf. Medical bandage should be kept on the throat for 15-60 minutes (depending on the degree of complication). At the end of the procedure, it is possible to rub the child with this material, which should be moistened in undiluted 3% solution of the pharmaceutical preparation. This procedure can be performed at bedtime or in the morning.
  4. With potatoes, vinegar and iodine (with angina). From the boiled potatoes should be mashed, put back 2 drops of iodine and vinegar. The latter should be diluted with water in a ratio of 2: 1, respectively. In the resulting mixture you need to dip a piece of cloth, and then wrap her baby’s throat. Thanks to this compress, you can relieve sore throat and reduce heat.

Remember that it is impossible to use an alcohol or vinegar compress for treating children’s sore throat. This is because a penetrated through the pores means in the child’s body can cause severe poisoning. For babies under 1 year old, it is strictly forbidden to make any medical dressings, since this procedure can have negative consequences.

As with any procedure, and with the use of compression dressings, there are a number of contraindications, the neglect of which can cause some harm to health.

Before putting a compress on the inflamed place, you should first find out what contraindications to use there are one or another means.

You should not perform a treatment session in the presence of such diseases and symptoms:

  • diabetes;
  • cancer diseases;
  • pulmonary tuberculosis;
  • heart diseases;
  • skin lesions in the form of scratches, wounds or cuts;
  • violations in the endocrine glands;
  • leukemia;
  • skin diseases;
  • individual intolerance to the components of the tool;
  • too high temperature.

It is allowed to apply a bandage only on unaffected skin areas on which there are no wounds or cuts. To conduct a healing procedure in the presence of high temperature should not be. For the treatment of children’s bronchitis is not necessary to perform acetic wiping of the chest. Use alcohol compresses for the child is also unacceptable. Otherwise, both products are very quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, which will lead to the development of intoxication. During pregnancy, it is necessary to perform these procedures using natural components, and an alcohol dressing should be made in dilution with water at a ratio of 1: 3, respectively, or should be abandoned altogether.

If the patient has at least one of the diseases, the patient ignores the possibility of getting a side effect, the patient can earn a burn, hives or various skin irritations. It is impossible to perform a thermal procedure in the presence of various tumors, since this process can provoke an increase in the affected area and its rapid growth.

Undoubtedly, compressive healing dressings are an effective method of therapeutic treatment, with the help of which you can get rid of unpleasant sensations and bring healing closer. In order for the treatment to have a positive effect, one should first consult with the doctor, as well as observe the necessary principle of the thermal procedure..

If the material you provided was not enough, then we suggest watching an informative video that clearly demonstrates how to make a compress at home.

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