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Chal — useful properties of camel milk, use in cooking

Useful properties of camel milk drink, use of chal in cooking

Calorie content: 82 kcal.

Energy value of Chal product:
Protein: 4 years
Fat: 5.1 g.
Carbohydrates: 4.9 g.

Chal It turns out thanks to natural process of fermentation of milk of a camel at a high temperature. To get this drink, fresh milk must be mixed with the chalom that was made yesterday. They cook chal in Turkmenistan, so it’s almost impossible to try it in another territory.

Souring takes up to 4 hours, and after 7, the drink becomes the most delicious. Longer storage leads to deterioration of the product, since its taste and smell becomes quite sharp, therefore it is impossible to transport the drink. It is not recommended to leave the chal for more than a day without a refrigerator.

The benefits of chal is in the mineral and vitamin complex. Also it is necessary to say about the low calorie content of the product, so it can be safely included in your diet during weight loss, with obesity, as well as those who follow their ideal weight.

The composition of the drink includes calcium, which is necessary for strengthening bone tissue, as well as for hair, nails and teeth. There is in the magnesium magnesium — the main mineral for the heart muscle. Due to the iron content, the blood formation process and the composition of the blood as a whole are improved. Copper is also a component of the product, which is involved in the production of hormones, collagen, and also performs many other functions. In addition, zinc is contained in the chalet, which strengthens the immune system and positively affects the activity of the nervous system. Also in the composition of the drink includes a large amount of vitamins.

Given the presence of a large amount of lactose, with regular use is the power of the brain and nervous system. It is recommended to include chal in your diet with diabetes, avitominoze, anemia, psoriasis, as well as the depletion of the body. Useful drink for people with chronic gastritis and colitis.

Chal is an independent drink, which is consumed in Turkmenistan. For a change in taste, different greens are added to it.

Harm chal can bring only those who experience individual intolerance to the product.

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