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Care for eyebrows and eyelashes — after tattooing and extension, respectively; daily care

Care for eyebrows and eyelashes — after tattooing and extension, respectively; everyday care at home with the help of folk remedies

Care for eyebrows and eyelashes it is not difficult, all procedures will not take too much time. That is why you should still pay attention to these areas of your face, because beautiful eyebrows and long, thick eyelashes are one of the most important ornaments of a girl.

Since ancient times, our beautiful great-great-grandmothers had at their disposal a huge number of ways with which they could look beautiful at any age. Nowadays, modern technologies can give you something that you have been dreaming about for a long time — in just a couple of hours your eyelashes will grow twice, and your eyebrows will get a seductive bend and will fly up the wings of the bird to the temples, while there will not be a single extra hair flat line. Eyelash extensions, coloring and tattooing eyebrows can work wonders with appearance.

But at the same time, we absolutely do not understand what harm we do to our own, natural beauty, because by applying aggressive chemical compounds, we force our own hairs, of which our eyebrows and eyelashes consist, to thin and become porous, and therefore more fragile. In addition, by depriving them of oxygen access and dehydrating them, we stimulate hair loss, which means we will again turn to a beautician and a master of eyebrow tattooing and hair extensions again and again. And getting out of this vicious circle can be quite difficult.

Although in reality is not so difficult. The fact is that the hairs in our cilia and eyebrows are updated fairly quickly. And, fortunately, unlike the hair on the head, we do not need to cut off the split ends and carry out other procedures. Similar to the ones we hold for hair. But if you do not care for them, the newly appeared hairs will be weak, poorly pigmented and will tend to fall out..

That is why it is worth turning your virtues into truly real treasures, taking proper care of your eyebrows and eyelashes, rather than trying to artificially disguise flaws, making them more and more weak.

And if you still turned to a beautician in order to make eyelashes or eyebrow extensions, and now you want to restore them after such cosmetic interventions, reduce the negative effects of the previously mentioned procedures, or simply make eyebrows and eyelashes stronger and give up artificial materials, and in this case, you can very easily and easily perform these tasks at home. In more detail we will tell about it further.

Care of eyebrows after a tattoo can consist of several components, it is a fight against a possible infection, and the preservation of pigment, and the preservation of healthy skin and hair after the procedure. It is necessary to start care for eyebrows that will undergo a tattoo procedure ahead of time. The meaning of such activities is to ensure the maximum safety of their health before applying the pigment. It is advisable to even consult a doctor in order to eliminate the possibility of allergic reactions, as well as to prevent the infection from entering the body. And, of course, it is worth carefully choosing your master who will carry out the procedure, because tattooing is a rather serious matter, which, if improperly performed, can bring huge health problems.

Immediately after the tattoo has been completed, your eyebrows may become covered with small crusts, which in no case can not be removed, because otherwise you will increase the risk of infection, and also in this case you risk losing pigment. And at this time in no case should the following steps be taken:

  1. Apply cosmetics and decorative cosmetics not only on the eyebrows, but preferably on the entire face.
  2. In no case do not take sunbaths, do not expose to frosty air. Avoid also visiting saunas, baths or tanning beds, you should not even expose your face to steam.
  3. Do not treat your skin with alcohol and alcohol-containing cosmetics.
  4. Mechanical impact, that is, you should not scratch, rub this area.

After a couple of weeks, all the swelling will disappear, and the crusts will disappear themselves, and you can get beautiful eyebrows. True, at first after the tattoo, the color may be too bright, but little by little it will be muffled and you will get natural shades. And then you can already begin the eyebrow restoration treatment. To do this, it is best to use non-oil based cosmetics, because the oil can contribute to the loss of color.

Broths and masks based on herbs and plants can serve as excellent means of restoring hair and skin:

  • Perfectly help restore the skin and stimulate healthy hair growth can decoction of mint or chamomile. Make a strong decoction and rub it twice a day in his eyebrows, or apply as a compress with a cotton swab.
  • A good tool can serve as another mask of grated carrots with sour cream, which should be applied.
  • Drug nail has long earned a reputation as an excellent tool for hair restoration and skin health.

Proper care of eyebrows after tattooing will allow you to maintain a rich pigmented pattern, while not damaging your own health.

Restoring eyelashes after building at home will require some effort from you, because very often after removing artificial hairs, your own become completely unattractive. The fact is that synthetic fibers, even the highest quality and light ones, in some way injure the real ones and make them heavier. This means that they can no longer grow under this weight, and therefore they fall out more often than expected. Therefore, after removing eyelash extensions, you can observe that your eyelashes have become lighter, thinner and shorter, and gaps in the hairline, so-called “bald spots”, may even appear.

The most suitable means for the care of eyelashes after extension are oils, which from time immemorial have been a panacea for problems not only with eyelashes, but also with eyebrows, as well as hair. For the treatment of eyelashes most often used castor oil, olive, burdock, wheat germ oil and many others. To restore the former beauty of your cilia, you can try these recipes:

  • Mix in equal proportions of castor oil, wheat germ oil and olive oil cold pressed. Do not immediately make a large portion of the funds. Then put the mixture in a water bath, and at this time, steam out some eyelashes, you can simply put a hot towel on your eyes for ten minutes. Then with a brush, apply warm remedy to steamed eyelashes, close your eyes and lie on the sofa for about twenty to thirty minutes. At the end of the procedure, thoroughly wash off the home remedy, it is best to remove it with a makeup remover tonic, because it is somewhat problematic to wash off the oil mixture with water.
  • An excellent solution may be to add more vitamin solutions to oils, which can be purchased at the pharmacy. These may be well-known vitamins A and E, or innovative compounds.
  • If you mix herbal broths and oils in a hot compress, the benefits increase by several times. Pour the calendula flowers with a very small amount of boiling water and leave to adhere for 15 minutes. In a blender, grind this broth to a mushy state and add burdock, burdock and olive oils in a teaspoon. Apply with a cotton pad on the eyelashes and hold for half an hour. You can do more — great.
  • Chamomile in combination with thyme and peanut butter can work wonders. Tare a teaspoon of chamomile and thyme in a small amount of boiling water, mix with a tablespoon of peanut oil. Beat the whole composition with a blender and apply the composition overnight with a brush. Wash off in the morning. In order for the composition to remain on the eyelashes, you can use a special fabric mask.

Every girl loves experimenting with her appearance, and this is wonderful. Most importantly, be sure that these experiments will make you even more beautiful and not harm your health. Therefore, do not neglect the home care of your eyelashes after a buildup!

Care for the eyebrows, carried out at home, must necessarily consist not only in making the hairs thicker and stronger, but also in helping the skin in this zone to be moisturized, supple and healthy. Because that is how you can get healthy hair, because they are fed through the hair follicles located in the upper layer of the skin. That is why in any case do not forget to treat this area, even if you just apply day or night cream. Well, at home you can apply the following means that will help to tighten the hairs, make them more flexible and elastic, saturate them with color and health, as in the case of eyelashes, they are basically contain natural vegetable oils.

  1. To activate the sleeping hair follicles, camphor oil can be an excellent tool, which should be mixed in the amount of a few drops with the same amount of olive and pumpkin oils. Rub this mixture in the eyebrows with your fingertips, but wash it off only the next day. Therefore, carry out this procedure before bedtime.
  2. An ancient remedy for the beauty of eyebrows — colorless henna, which is made from dried leaves of Lawson. It is used in a pounded, powdered form. So, henna needs to be mixed with hot water. In this mixture it is still good to add a few drops of wheat germ oil, which not only improves the health of the hairs, but also moisturizes and nourishes the skin of this zone. Apply the mask on the eyebrows for an hour, then rinse with hot water.
  3. Hot oil compress activates blood circulation, and thus improves the nutrition of hair follicles. To do this, take a tablespoon of almond oil, add a little beeswax, about one teaspoon without a hill of its fine chips, and a few drops of wheat germ oil and apricot seeds. Heat the composition in a water bath and use a cotton pad to apply a compress to the eyebrows while hot. If desired, additionally lubricate them with the same eyelashes for their makeup. Keep as long as possible, if possible all night, then rinse with hot water.
  4. Sea buckthorn oil will help to cope with hair loss, especially in combination with garlic. To do this, rub a clove of garlic in a mortar with two tablespoons of sea buckthorn oil and apply to eyebrows for one hour. Then rinse, it would be good after you wash, rinse your eyebrows with a weak solution of lemon juice.

Very often, in our daily care we forget about eyebrows, because it seems to us that there is nothing to do with them, except for plucking and tinting. But this is absolutely not correct. Try to apply several recipes submitted and soon you will see that your eyebrows can be beautiful and without any cosmetics, thanks to them your look will become mysterious and inviting.

Folk remedies for long and thick eyelashes are also called popular because they have already been tested by a large number of generations and therefore have an excellent result. That is why you should know these wonderful recipes for everyday care of cilia:

  • Of course, the undisputed leader in the care of eyelashes is castor oil, which only the lazy does not know. But, unfortunately, very few people apply this knowledge in practice, otherwise everyone would have walked with thick and black eyelashes. The result of applying castor oil for eyelashes is amazing!
  • You should not think that thin, fragile eyelashes are a problem only of our region. Not at all. That is why in the folk recipes of other countries you can find wonderful tools that may suit you much more than the usual ones. So for hot Eastern countries, coconut oil and antimony serve as a means used to create a beautiful “frame” for the languid eyes. Coconut oil should lubricate the eyelashes at night, and antimony used as a decorative means for the eyes.
  • Another gift of the east is usma, but with it one should be careful. Apply it with a thin brush, not reaching the line of growth of eyelashes, not washing off.
  • And from the expanses of distant America came to us an Indian recipe. The main ingredient is cocoa butter. It should be melted in a water bath, add two teaspoons of peanut oil and a teaspoon of dry cinnamon. Leave this mixture in a warm place and then apply with warm fingers over eyelashes along the entire length overnight. In the morning, rinse with warm water, if you want to use cosmetics, you can leave without washing, if you do not intend to use mascara.

Folk recipes that you can use at home are truly capable of working wonders. But remember that only health can provide beauty, so in no case do not forget about healthy eating, which will have enough fresh vegetables, legumes and cereals.

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