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Bird-cherry ground — the use of the product, its composition and caloric content, how to grind

Ground Bird Cherry — product description with photo, composition and calorie content; how to grind dry berries, application; beneficial properties and harm

Calories: 100.8 kcal.

The energy value of the product Bird cherry ground:
Protein: 8.4 g.
Fat: 0 g
Carbohydrates: 16.8 g.

Ground Bird Cherry — This is a natural food additive, which is very often used for the preparation of desserts and baking. It is a powder from the fruits of dried berries, which is crushed by hand. However, ground bird cherry can also be bought in the store in special sealed bags.

At the moment there are three varieties of bird cherry: late, ordinary and virgin. Based on these types of scientists managed to artificially bring several other species that differ from their predecessors in a much larger size, as well as enhanced flavor.

Bird cherry was used not only as a decoration or filling for desserts. Due to its beneficial properties, the product was often used to treat certain ailments. They also made flour from bird cherry, on the basis of which tasty and delicate pastries were made.

If you do not trust manufacturers of flavorings and want to make your own ground bird cherry, then in our article you will find several recommendations that will help you simplify the process.

Grind dry bird cherry should be properly, so as not to form lumps. You also need to make sure that the berries were not undried. For cooking ground cherry at home you will need such a set of items:

Before chopping the bird cherry, it must first be dried. To do this, take a baking sheet, cover it with parchment and put the berries in one layer. After that, send the pan to the oven, heated to a temperature of a hundred degrees. Wait until the bird cherry is dry enough, then you can begin to grind it.

In order to properly grind dry bird cherry, you will need a meat grinder. Many hostesses grind berries in a coffee grinder, but this is fraught with overheating of the device, as a result of which it can become unusable.

Pour dry berries into a meat grinder and chop as finely as you can. Only after the meat grinder can you additionally grind the bird cherry into powder.

The beneficial properties of ground bird cherry are due to its composition, while harm can occur when the product is abused.

Prunus benefits from a number of vitamins and trace elements that are found in berries. So, it contains vitamins A, C, E, K, PP, D and all the vitamins of group B. In addition, iron, cobalt, zinc, copper, magnesium and other trace elements are present in the bird cherry. Together, they help to saturate the body with the components it needs, which will positively affect the work of the immune system and internal organs.

The beneficial properties of ground bird cherry do not end there. Very often it is used for such purposes:

  • as a means of lowering the temperature, because the bird cherry has diaphoretic properties;
  • for the treatment of sexually transmitted diseases and enhance potency in men;
  • for protection from unwanted conception, as the bird cherry reduces the reproductive abilities of the body;
  • for the treatment of colds and coughs;
  • as an additive to increase appetite.

For diets, ground bird cherry is not suitable, as it can increase the feeling of hunger, which will adversely affect the figure. But to cook cough broths based on it can be easily.

As for the damage, it can cause a bird cherry in the event that does not comply with contraindications. So, it is not recommended to use it to people who have an individual intolerance to the product. It is also strictly forbidden to take the supplement to pregnant women or women wishing to have a baby, as well as nursing moms and children under eight years old.

Apply ground bird cherry not only in cooking, but also in medicine, making useful decoctions based on it. For example, some sexually transmitted diseases and thrush in women can be cured with a warm broth of ground cherry, using it externally.

Among other things, infusions of dried cherry are used as an anesthetic for toothache. In order to appease it, it is necessary to add two tablespoons of ground cherry per liter of hot boiled water and leave to infuse for four hours. The resulting tool to rinse the mouth three times a day. Of course, it is better to go back to the dentist, if the problem is rather serious, but short-term toothache can be removed with this decoction.

For bruises and sprains, compresses should be made from the infusion of ground bird cherry. To do this, you need to add four spoons of the product per liter of water, as well as use a few cherry leaves. Leave it all to infuse for five to six hours, then moisten a clean cloth with the resulting liquid and apply to the hurt place.

Here are some more recipes for the use of ground cherry in medicine:

  • For the treatment of gastritis and stomach cramps, you need to make a special infusion. To do this, take 500 milligrams of boiling water and add ten grams of ground cherry. Infusion placed in a thermos and let it brew for about twelve hours. It is necessary to accept means on one hundred milliliters three times a day.
  • In case of inflammation of the eyes or the formation of wounds and ulcers on the skin, it is necessary to prepare another decoction. Take 500 milliliters of boiling water, add a spoonful of ground cherry and twenty grams of its flowers, leave to infuse for twenty minutes. After the infusion is ready, you can treat their eyes and skin.
  • Radiculitis, osteochondrosis and diseases of the joints can be treated with alcohol tincture of bird cherry. To do this, you need one hundred and fifty grams of ground cherry to pour 500 milliliters of vodka and leave to infuse in a cool dark place for two weeks. Ready means to use as a liquid for lotions.

Among other things, ground cherry is also used in cooking. With its help, make delicious cakes and pies, muffins and muffins, add it to the custard and sprinkle it with pastries. There are many recipes for making desserts, which include ground cherries. With the help of our recommendations, you can grind it yourself, as well as protect yourself and your family from possible harm that this product can cause.

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