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Balsam Karavaeva — types and instructions for use

Varieties of balsam Karavaeva (Vitaon, Auron, Somaton, Hemoraton); video and text instructions for use

Balsam Karavaeva can be considered a truly universal remedy, as it is used for various purposes. To use such a drug can be used to treat various diseases, as well as to treat their symptoms. The use of Karamaev’s balm is not prohibited, even for children and pregnant women, but in reasonable quantities.

It is best to purchase the drug on the official website of Karamaev balsams. Buy these balms can be in the pharmacy, the price may vary depending on the region and type of funds. We will discuss these varieties in the next section.

There are several varieties of Karavayev balsam, each of which is used for a particular purpose. Each of the balms has a huge number of useful components, and such products are made on the basis of herbs and plants, which are very often used in traditional medicine for the treatment of various ailments.

So, Karavaeva balsams can be of the following types.:

As already mentioned, each species is responsible for its range of activities. Consider them in more detail.

The most popular type of product is Vitaon balsam. It is used and bought more often than anyone else. You can meet people who use it for the treatment of rhinitis and sinusitis, dripping into the nose, as well as for the treatment of the throat, including tonsillitis. With this tool you can carry out inhalation, as well as to treat diseases of the ears like otitis.

Balsam Karavaeva «Vitaon» is also divided into several subspecies: face cream, a mixture for the oral cavity, a children’s balm, as well as «Vitaon Lux».

«Vitaon» for children is designed to care for the delicate skin of babies. It provides reliable protection from prettiness, heals small wounds and scratches, moisturizes and nourishes the skin with beneficial substances. Baby cream «Vitaon Baby» and use young mommy to take care of the breast while nursing.

Face cream «Vitaon» helps to prevent the early appearance of wrinkles, it also cares for the skin, providing hydration and nutrition.

If you have dental problems, oral diseases, weak and bleeding gums and other troubles, then the Vitaon oral mixture will help to get rid of these problems. Such a balm is very often used to lubricate the gums of babies who are just beginning to cut their teeth. He is also able to help with toothache and pain after dental surgery.

“Vitaon Lux” differs from the standard Karavaev balsam only in the concentration of useful oils in the preparation. It is applied, as well as simple “Vitaon”, as a means that enhances tissue regeneration, increases the dry skin’s moisture balance, helps relieve puffiness and inflammation, and also get rid of itching and redness of the skin. In addition, “Vitaon” and “Vitaon Lux” differ in packages: the usual balm has a blue label, and its enhanced version is red.

Balsam Karavaeva, which has the name «Auron», is used to care for the scalp and hair. Use it to destroy dandruff and prevent its occurrence, moisturize the scalp, make hair less oily and heavy, as well as smooth and shiny. Balsam Karavaeva «Auron» is one of the best hair products in cosmetology. It is used both with balms and masks, and instead of them.

Among other things, this drug is used in order to get rid of headaches and dizziness. It makes you feel better when you have a cold and high temperature.

Balm «Somaton» is used only for external use. It helps with pains in joints and muscles, bruises and sprains, as well as other injuries of the limbs and body. Due to the special composition, this drug is able to get rid of pain in the legs, which occurs when walking, and also alleviate the condition of the joints and bones in various diseases, such as arthritis or osteochondrosis.

In case of severe injuries, massages with Karavaeva balm «Somatone» will quickly relieve swelling and pain, as well as get rid of bruises.

«Hemoraton» is a tool that is used in gynecology. Most often, its use helps with hemorrhoids or thrush. The compositions of herbs that are part of this drug, help relieve irritation and inflammation, as well as heal wounds and sores.

Also, hemoraton ointment can help with cracks in the nipples during breastfeeding and heal the stitches after cesarean section or unsuccessful delivery.

It is best to read the reviews about the chosen remedy and instructions before applying it to the treatment of a particular ailment. One way or another, balms do not have contraindications, but you should make sure that you do not have an individual intolerance to the product.

Instructions for use of the balm depends on its type. In our table you will be able to learn in detail how to apply a particular balm at home.

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