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Balsam Dikul — varieties for joints and spine, contraindications

Balsam Dikul deep action for the spine and joints (massage, sports, winter, radiculin) — instructions for use and contraindications

Balsam Dikul — This is one of the known remedies for the treatment of various diseases of the spine and joints. Its unique composition allows you to cope with even the most seemingly hopeless situations. Thanks to many years of research and Tibetan recipes, Valentin Dikul has successfully created a quality ointment against pain and swelling, as well as against other diseases of the joints and bones.

The composition of Balsam Dikul includes a huge amount of herbs and components: essential oils of tea tree, sea buckthorn, aloe and celandine, rosehip, chamomile, propolis, honey, mummy, as well as a set of vitamins.

However, before applying Dikul gel balsam to treat the spine or joints, it is necessary to clarify that it also has contraindications that should be noted. We will tell you about them a bit later, but for now let’s get acquainted with the varieties of Balsam Dikul.

Dikul Balsam has several varieties, each of which is suitable for a particular occasion. In total there are four such varieties:

I would like to clarify that in the pursuit of analogs of such a balm, you risk getting caught up in the tricks of fraudsters and buy a fake. There are practically no analogues of Dikul balm, with the exception of a couple of products that are also based on natural products.

Dikul massage balsam is often used for osteochondrosis and its exacerbation. His massage movements are rubbed into the inflamed area, after which they provide the patient with warmth and peace.

If you are too active and you are familiar with stretching or bruising, it means that Dikul sports balsam will be most welcome. It helps especially well in stretching the muscles of the legs or lower back, but it can also be used as a remedy for osteochondrosis.

As for the gel «Radiculin», then, judging by the name, it is most often used as a cream against radiculitis. It is also very effective against arthrosis or arthritis of the joints of the legs and arms.

Dikul winter bear balm improves blood circulation and protects the joints in the winter time. Especially well this tool helps with bruises and injuries, as well as bruises and hematomas of the soft tissues, lower back and back.

Like any other cream or gel, Dikul balsam must be applied to the inflamed areas of the body in the back or joints. Rub it must be carefully, for five minutes without lifting his hands. After you have rubbed in the required amount of gel, you need to wrap this part of the body with a warm scarf and ensure the patient rest.

Use balm Dikul can be no more than three times a day for no more than six weeks. It is best to apply the cream with light massage or vigorous movements, depending on the location and degree of inflammation.

Here is a small list of diseases in which the use of Dikul balm will be the best way out of the situation:

You can buy such a miracle cure at any pharmacy, the price for it can vary, however, the classic Dikul Balsam will cost you inexpensively. You can read the reviews of those who used this balm, and make sure that it very effectively helps to get rid of joint pain, as well as break up the salt and bring them out of the body. Thanks to the regular Valentin Dikul balm massages, you will feel much better after just a few applications.

As with any other folk medicine, Balsam Dikul has contraindications that should be considered in order not to harm the body.

First of all, it is necessary for people with individual intolerance of one or several components that are part of the ointment to stop using the balm. It is also not advisable to use Dikul balm for pregnant and lactating women, since the body’s response to the agent in this state of the female body has not been thoroughly studied. It is best to consult your doctor first. Also, do not apply Dikulya balm to children under five years of age.

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