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Badian: useful properties and contraindications, use in cooking and traditional medicine

Calories: 337 kcal.

The energy value of the product Badian:
Proteins: 18 g.
Fat: 16 g.
Carbohydrates: 50 g.

Badyan — This is a type of tree of low growth, which grows in a tropical climate and is one of the varieties of anise (see photo). His second name is star anise, because the fruits of this tree look like stars in which eight to thirteen rays originate. Each of the rays is like a dark brown boat, and to the touch they are hard and woody. Inside each semgent of fruits there is one brilliant seed. Flowers are green and yellow.

In many European countries, the Badian was heard for the first time in the 16th century, and this amazing tree hails from South China and Japan. Currently, its cultivation is engaged in many countries with a tropical climate, such as: India, Jamaica, and the Philippines.

Specialists in linguistics claim that in our vocabulary the word badian comes from the Tatar «bhajan», which translates as anise.

An unusual fact is that star anise in ancient times was used as a dye for wood in the construction of ships. He gave it a reddish tint.

Many people mistakenly believe that star anise and anise are the same spice spice. But this is not so, there is a difference between them: Badyan is called a star anise, because it looks like this spice in appearance.

The main difference between spices is that anise appeared earlier in the culinary and medical fields. Spices can be confused by flavor. But for the badian is characterized by a more persistent and complex flavor. And the fruits have a slightly sweet taste with a bitter tinge.

Badian is considered a spice of Chinese cuisine. It goes well with cloves, fennel, cinnamon and pepper. It is used to prepare hot dishes and broths. Such spice is not very suitable for baking, because with prolonged heating, the star anise loses its original flavor and is able to give the baking smell of licorice. However, some chefs use it to make cookies and cakes.

As for anise, it is, conversely, more suitable for the preparation of flour and confectionery. In addition, anise is best added to fish products, and the star anise is great for stewed meat products.

Cardamom has a very pungent aroma with a spicy taste, in contrast to the badian, which has a sweet aftertaste with a slight bitterness.

Badian visually resembles a star, and cardamom can be purchased in the form of a pod, where inside there are grains that need to be crushed to get a culinary spice.

It is precisely because of its aroma and taste that star anise is often used in the culinary industry and in the production of perfume.

In order to choose a product that will preserve its aroma for a long time, it is necessary to purchase whole bayan (star) fruits. Ground seeds are also good, but after opening the package, they very quickly lose their properties. Asterisks should be whole and be red-brown shade. Quality also depends on the size of the fruit: the bigger the star, the better.

It is better to store whole stars in opaque glassware with a tight-fitting lid. The spice should be in a dark dry place.

Badin can often be found in cooking, in the form of powdered powder or in whole grains. Fragrant spice is on a level with the most common spices in the world. This spice is just perfect for making pastry and flour products, such as pretzels, cookies, and gingerbread. The proof of the fact that the dish is ready is the characteristic aroma of the alley, which reveals its notes at a high temperature.

Puddings, mousses, jams, and cheesecakes with this spiciness are excellent. Badian adds a subtle touch to the dish, which emphasizes the taste and aroma of the main component, while not interrupting the flavor of the dish.

Badian is recommended to try to add when cooking cherry jam. In addition to its aromatic and taste qualities, it will radically change the shelf life of “goodies” for the better, as well as help preserve the color of the jam. In desserts, star anise is added 15-20 minutes before cooking is complete.

In the western countries of Europe, starter is an excellent addition to sauces, marinades for meat and even hot drinks. In the cities of France, oil of a badian is used to add to liquor, and in Russian cities they prefer a bitter tincture using the same spice. In the Philippines, Badin is used as a spice for meat dishes, and poultry. To use star anise as a spice for meat, you must grind it in a mortar and mix with vegetable oil.

Spice is not recommended to be added to fish dishes.

This spice is very good in combination with pepper, onion, vanilla and cinnamon.

The city of Flavinha holds the secret of making world famous Béyanova lollipops. It was in this city that in the Middle Ages monks were preparing healthy, with a refreshing effect, candy, sprinkling with powdered sugar on the side of the Bigian grains. Such a treat was affordable only to representatives of the higher strata of society.

Buryan brewing is very simple. Usually it is added to hot tea to increase immunity in the cold season. To do this, put one spiced asterisk in a cup with brewing and pour boiling water over it. After two minutes, you can drink tea, but you do not need to remove the badian from the cup.

Since the star anise is combined with mint and cinnamon, they can also be put together with it in tea. The main thing — to observe the proportions of each spice, so as not to spoil the taste of a hot drink.

The best way to brew this tea is this: pour a teaspoon of tea leaves into a mug, put two mint leaves there and pour boiling water on it. After one minute, you can add a cinnamon stick and one star star anise. After two minutes, the tea is ready to drink. Such a hot drink can be drunk after a hard day’s work, because it has a calming effect.

Badian can be replaced with only three spices — anise, cumin and cinnamon. Such spices are best to help reveal the excellent aroma and give the product an amazing taste.

Anise, for example, can replace the bhadian in the preparation of fish dishes, as well as in the manufacture of bakery products.

Cinnamon and cumin can also be put in confectionery, compotes and jams.

However, do not forget that in any dish of spices should be in moderation, otherwise the finished product will turn out very bitter.

Useful properties and use in traditional medicine

We’ll begin to consider the beneficial properties of the bayena from the fruits that contain essential oil (6-8%) with a wonderful aroma. The components of the essential oil are: 85% anethole, and the remaining 15% is metalchavicol. It is these elements that help fight diarrhea, eliminate abdominal pain, as well as cope with cramps and improve gastrointestinal function.

A badian can also help with coughing, as it stimulates expectoration. This spice was part of one of the first cough drops, which were produced more than a century ago.

Scientists, by research, have shown that star spice can be used as an aphrodisiac, which affects both women and men.

When breastfeeding it is also advisable to use a badyan, because it has a great effect on lactation. The seeds of the plant in the form of a solution have a positive effect on digestion, eliminate diarrhea, and are even recommended for admission with constantly increased heart rate. In the following table there will be several illustrative examples of treatment in traditional medicine, on the basis of a badian.

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