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Badger fat

Badger fat — recipes and methods of use for coughing children and adults

Badger fat and its use when coughing will help you get rid of annoying colds very easily. Despite the fact that many consider this remedy quite disgusting to eat, badger fat really helps very well when coughing. Even children are encouraged to use it, another thing is that the child will definitely not want to accept it voluntarily.

If we talk about the beneficial properties of badger fat, then you can find a huge variety. Surely, everyone has long known that the badger accumulates in its fat deposits the most useful and nutrients that are quickly absorbed by the human body. In addition, badger fat tends to heal wounds and disinfect them, so that this tool is used not only for coughing, but also for significant or minor injuries. Here is a brief list of the main beneficial properties of badger fat:

normalization of metabolism in the body;

help in the treatment of gastritis and stomach ulcers;

treatment of inflamed kidneys or urinary tract;

treatment of large and small wounds and abrasions;

treatment of acne, boils and other purulent processes;

strengthening the immune system.

Badger fat is good because it has no age limit, that is, it can be used by both adults and children. However, reviews of the use of badger fat from cough and bronchitis are often only the most positive. The use of badger fat during pregnancy is also not excluded, as an alternative safe way to treat cough.

Badger oil can be used both for rubbing and for ingestion as capsules. Badger fat is often taken with honey or milk.. We offer you several recipes for the effective use of badger fat in dry and wet cough, as well as instructions for its use.

In order not only to cure cough, but also strengthen the immune system, we recommend the following recipe: chopped nuts, badger fat and bee honey in the amount of 100 grams of each product are mixed with dried apricots and raisins in the amount of 50 grams. Take the mixture should be one spoon per day, preferably in the morning before breakfast.

In this recipe, you must mix one hundred grams of honey, badger fat and cocoa, then add 50 grams of butter, half a tablespoon of alcohol, one gram of propolis and 50 grams of aloe pulp. The resulting mixture should be taken twice a day before meals. In addition, you can use this cocktail for grinding overnight. To do this, dilute half a tablespoon of the mixture in one mug of water and use it for rubbing.

If you do not want to take badger fat from cough inside, then we can recommend you rubbing. In order to prepare the mixture for grinding, you will need to mix a hundred grams of fat with rosemary oil and wheat germ, as well as with lavender and mint oil. The most effective rubbing will be immediately after a relaxing bath.

For a more comfortable use of badger fat, there is the following recipe: melt the same amount of chocolate with butter on the stove, then add 3 teaspoons of badger fat and 5 spoons of cocoa to the mixture. All this must be mixed until homogeneous, after which it will be possible to use the mixture as spreads on bread or rolls. It is very good to give badger cough fat in this form to children.

It should be noted that it is impossible to give badger fat to children for oral administration up to five years. But you can use it to rub your back or chest.

You should also not forget that you should take badger fat in any form only on an empty stomach, before eating or before going to bed no more than three times a day. This tool perfectly helps to get rid of cough and strengthen the immune system as a whole, if not abuse it.

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