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Apricot syrup — a description of the beneficial properties and harm used in cooking

Apricot syrup — a description of useful properties, nutritional value, harm; use in cooking

Calorie content: 86.1 kcal.

Energy value of the product Apricot syrup:
Protein: 0.3 g.
Fat: 0.04 g.
Carbohydrates: 22.5 g.

Apricot syrup It is becoming more and more popular among people who prefer natural food and lead a healthy lifestyle. Today it is actively used as a substitute for refined sugar.

Apricot trees appeared for the first time in Asia, and later spread to the Caucasus and European regions. Today, there are about 20 cultivated species of this plant, and each of them has extremely beneficial qualities.

Apricot syrup belongs to a group of products called pekmez, which is an integral part of Turkish cuisine. This is a berry syrup that is boiled down to the state of molasses, but in the process of cooking sugar is not used at all. It is these kind of natural products from ancient times that served as a sweetener for food. Today they are used as a natural substitute for white sugar, although it was this refined product that at one time almost drove them out of use.

The composition of pekmesa from apricots is natural fructose, which is instantly broken down by the body. In Turkey, it is given even to small children, added to complementary foods and cereals, thanks to which healthy real beauties and heroes subsequently grow.

The beneficial properties of apricot syrup are based on the qualities characteristic of the product from which it is made. The value of the fruits of apricot is extraordinary, in its composition you can find vitamins A, B, C, E, PP, extremely important elements (potassium, magnesium, iodine, iron, phosphorus), as well as pectin, inulin, fiber, starch. It also contains the necessary for the body malic, citric, salicylic and tartaric acids, dietary fiber and natural organic water.

The energy composition of apricot includes 0.8% of proteins, 0.1% of fats and 10.5% of carbohydrates in the form of glucose, fructose and sucrose. Natural sugar contains a very low glycemic index, thanks to which even diabetics can consume the product in small quantities.

Calorie apricots is 45-50 kcal. The bulk of their beneficial qualities and substances is preserved in the preparation of syrup, so it can be considered a great alternative for humans. After all, we do not have the opportunity to enjoy fresh fruits throughout the year.

In addition, the beneficial properties of peckmas enhanced by the action of white clay, which is included in the composition. It is considered an excellent sorbent for all toxins.

However, the most important for us is the use of apricot syrup in the culinary art — baking, desserts, various toppings acquire literally unforgettable taste, especially if you are aware of its positive effects on the body.

The use of apricot syrup in cooking is very diverse, but in our country it has not yet acquired a large-scale character, although rare desserts can do without it in the East.

You also have the opportunity to cheer up your mood on a cloudy cold day with a bright and tasty product. It is enough to make preparations of fragrant and literally sunny syrup in advance, and you will definitely find application for it.

The recipe for making apricot syrup has not changed for centuries. The secret to getting a unique substance is to prolonged and very slow warming of fully ripened fruits and adding white clay during the preparation. Under the action of enzymes in the composition of the clay, the mass releases a sweet fruit extract, becoming viscous, but at the same time the syrup should not boil. Such a mild treatment allows you to save the maximum amount of vitamins and elements.

Apricot pekmez can be called a universal sweetener — it is added to various drinks, juices, tea and coffee. In addition, adopting oriental experience, where syrups are used for both breakfast and lunch:

  • You can make toasts in the morning and smear them with apricot pekmez, such breads will make a serious competition to the famous French toasts. Perhaps the addition of cheese, sour cream, in general, all that you like.
  • In Georgian cuisine with apricot sauce, suluguni cheese is often used. It is baked to a molten state and poured on top of the syrup. You can sprinkle with nuts, sesame, dried fruit. It turns out an original snack for a festive table.
  • Even the meat is marinated with pekmeza: so it gets a very delicate and savory taste, especially if you add a variety of spices.
  • Preparation of halvah is a rather elementary procedure at home, and apricot syrup can be the basis of such a useful dessert.

There are a lot of recipes, apricot syrup can be used as an additive or as an independent component. In any case, with one look at a jar of a saturated product, you will have a lot of ideas for its use.

The benefits of apricot syrup for the health of the human body due to its chemical composition. First of all, its positive impact is actively used by supporters of healthy food, replacing regular sugar with syrup. The latter is not in vain called «white and sweet death.» Very few people will be able to give up sweets, because dependence is literally equated to drug, although it is much easier to overcome. And perhaps there is no need to do it. It is enough to replace sugar with a natural analogue that will bring pleasure to your taste buds without disturbing the metabolism.

To talk about some kind of therapeutic effect from taking apricot syrup, most likely, is not worth it, the benefit is manifested in the form of prevention with regular use.

In the finished product can be detected a large amount of mineral salts, essential for the normal functioning of bone tissue and teeth, the normal movement of body fluids, the restoration of acid-base balance and the normalization of metabolism.

You can talk about a fairly wide range of effects of apricot syrup:

  • healthy functioning of the thyroid gland;
  • beneficial effects on organs and quality of vision;
  • strengthening immunity;
  • relieving stress and maintaining brain activity;
  • antioxidant effect;
  • recovery from liver disease;
  • preventing anemia due to the large amount of iron;
  • reduced kidney stones;
  • maintaining the tone of the heart muscles;
  • increase sexual power;
  • promoting the maintenance of excellent form as a dietary supplement, as well as the preservation of moisture and nutrients in the skin.

However, when using apricot syrup, it is necessary to understand that this product is highly concentrated, therefore, its benefit affects with limited consumption.

The harm of apricot syrup can be affected due to the high sucrose content, therefore this product has doubtful benefits for diabetics. Although when choosing a product from varieties with its low content and careful use of pekmez will be very useful.

Contraindications to the use are the following diseases and circumstances:

  • hyperiosis, provoking a decrease in thyroid function;
  • hepatitis, due to which carotene and vitamin A are no longer absorbed;
  • during the feeding period for mothers it is better to give up the syrup, since apricots and their derivatives can have a laxative effect and upset stomach.

Even if you are in a healthy state, beware of eating the syrup on an empty stomach, otherwise the risk of indigestion is high.. As well as problems with the stomach can cause a combination of apricots with cold water, at least a quick cleaning can be provided.

Treat with caution and rational calculation to the consumption of all products, and then many of them will greatly benefit your body.

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