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Where you can and can not hang a mirror: tips Feng Shui

Where you can and can not hang a mirror: tips Feng Shui

Teaching Feng Shui will help you create in the house the energy of comfort and convenience. To make your home a source of positive energy, hang mirrors correctly.

Mirrors from ancient times attracted people with their secrets. According to many esotericists and feng shui specialists, they have exceptional power that can both harm and help us. According to ancient Chinese teachings, mirrors are the link between the material and subtle worlds, as well as the conductors of the energy of Qi.

To avoid trouble and fill the house with positive energy, you can, if properly position the mirror.

Where you can not hang mirrors

Do not hang mirrors in front of entrance doors or windows. The mirror hanging in these places is not able to miss the flow of positive energy, which seeks into the house from the outside. It blocks its entry, depriving you of good luck.

The bedroom is also a negative place for mirrors. Reflection of sleeping people can bring a lot of trouble. You may begin to experience problems with sleep, you will have more frequent conflicts in your family, and you will also get worse.

No wonder many esotericists believe that a person is vulnerable in a dream. Given the fact that mirrors are used to communicate with the world of the dead, it is absolutely contraindicated for a person in a state of rest and sleep to be reflected in a mirror. Our ancestors believed that living souls can get into the looking glass or otherworldly forces move into a person.

Do not place mirrors in places where they will reflect something negative. Unfinished repairs or fallen off tiles in the bathroom, a mess in the room — all this reinforces the negative energy that the mirror generously returns to the room.

Do not place the mirror so that it reflects your work area. Feng Shui practitioners believe that this is how you increase the amount of work. Doubling is one of the distinguishing features of mirrors, so exclude the possibility of being affected by this influence.

Do not place mirrors opposite each other. So you will create a corridor that can provoke negative emotions, scandals in the house and deterioration of well-being of all family members.

Pay attention to the shape of the mirror. Do not use chipped mirrors in the interior. Eliminate newfangled tendencies that suggest crushing mirrors into parts.

If a person breaks up in a mirror, his internal integrity is disturbed, which leads to problems with the biofield.

Do not forget to wipe the mirrors often, so that they are always clear. Do not swear and do not think about the bad in front of the mirror, otherwise you can not avoid problems.

Where can I hang mirrors

A good solution would be a mirror in the hallway. The energy of Qi coming from the front door, reflected in the mirror, will freely circulate around the apartment. However, as mentioned above, you can not hang it in front of the door.

To prevent the flow of positive energy to disappear, hang a mirror outside the bathroom. Then it will circulate evenly in the space of your home, “without flowing into the chimney”.

The mirror will bring good luck if it reflects a beautifully designed and served table. The energy of abundance and well-being will increase.

Use the teachings of feng shui to have a place in your home only positive energy. Talismans, which are known since ancient times, will help attract happiness. Remember that broken mirrors should be discarded immediately.

Looking into your reflection, think and say only pleasant things, otherwise you can transfer doubled negatives to yourself. We wish you good luck, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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