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What not to keep at home: 12 prohibitions of feng shui

What not to keep at home: 12 prohibitions of feng shui

Feng Shui is an oriental teaching, based on deep research and observation, which is more than 3,000 years old. This practice has absorbed the vast experience of dozens of generations of Eastern sages.

The most popular direction of feng shui is energy at home. Many of us, almost the majority, spend a huge part of their lives at home. At home we sleep, relax, receive guests and often even work.

The rules and postulates of feng shui relate to many aspects, ranging from cleaning and rearranging furniture to creating the right atmosphere and choosing colors for walls, floors, and so on. However, there are 10 of the most important prohibitions about the fact that you can not keep at home.

Energy things

There are many items that spoil the energy background in your home. Absolutely every thing has its own purpose. Feng Shui can tell you about every little thing that will be important for your health, luck, motivation, mood.

Some things can act like magnets, but attracting not positive qi energy, but negative. It is about them and will be discussed further. Energy vampirism is inherent in many household items with which you can connect your life every day.

You can use something all the time, but in fact it can be a big mistake.

Over time, bad things only get stronger, worsening your mood, and sometimes well-being. In 99 percent of cases, people simply do not understand why they began to get enough sleep, it does not matter to feel, why they have a headache, why failures are pursuing them. Negative things can even cause discord between lovers, between parents and children, brothers and sisters.

What not to keep at home

Old shoes. This is especially true of slippers. They accumulate negative energy, which does not allow the positive to circulate normally through the house.

The space in the house should be free from everything superfluous. Do not be afraid to make room for new things, throwing trash. Of course, this is not entirely about old wardrobe items, but about torn, dirty, unsuitable for normal wear.

Many people are engaged in the storage of such things, afraid to part with them. Need to learn how to throw them away. With them, you throw away problems, feeling unwell and dark thoughts.

If your old shoes or clothes are well-groomed, look normal, then everything will be fine.

Broken mirrors. Not only in feng shui a broken mirror is considered a bad, negative subject. Psychics and bioenergy specialists say that broken mirrors attract troubles. Eastern teaching claims that a broken mirror distorts positive energy, turning it into a dark one.

In Oriental traditions since ancient times it was decided to get rid of broken glasses and mirrors. Many of us keep broken mirrors in country houses, wishing money for new ones, but this is fundamentally wrong. It is even worse when even whole mirrors hang in front of the entrance door.

It needs to be fixed immediately.

Broken dishes. The effect is similar to a broken mirror. An old Chinese proverb says: “A crack in a pot is a crack in everything.”

This is the case, because when we use defective plates or circles, we destroy our luck. In Feng Shui philosophy, a lot of attention is paid to the kitchen and everything that is on it. Tableware is one of the most important elements. Throw away broken and cracked dishes immediately.

Do not postpone the removal of garbage. This is fraught with negative consequences that no one needs.

Dirt, dust and debris. Dirty floor — this is a very bad omen in eastern cultures. As for the cleanliness of the house, in the east, people take this very carefully.

Dirt on the floor attracts poverty, destroys money luck. Dust is the enemy of your health, because it delays the renewal of energy. Dust better wipe every other day.

Garbage should not accumulate in any case. Dirty dishes, if any, should lie in the sink. Garbage bags can not be saved and can not be put to the front door — neither outside nor inside.

This blocks all inputs and outputs for qi energy. Very often, trash is put out the door, but this is wrong. Put it in its place and do not store it.

Throw away on time.

Broken appliances, electronics. Many people do not throw away mobile phones with a broken screen or not working gadgets at all. Do not save all this, because electronics has its own special disadvantages, if it does not work. This is especially true of televisions, which some bioenergy specialists call energy portals.

The negative circulates through the technique, but as long as it works, it remains inside. When a telephone or TV, tablet, radio, and so on fails, what happens is what experts call an energy block. All accumulated negative energy devices begin to give to the outside world.

Photos of the printed type with defects. Many people keep old photos at home, which are dear to them as a memory of past times, people. This is normal, but photos should not be worn.

Now there are many services for the restoration and digitization of photos. Throw out old photos that do not transmit the picture normally. Replace them with an electronic version if you do not want old samples to take energy from you. The effect is similar to broken mirrors, but it is less noticeable.

You should not risk the present for the sake of the past.

Gifts from people you don’t like. If you were presented with a gift, but this person causes only negative, then such a thing will be a vampire thing. She will suck the energy out of you and your loved ones until you get rid of her. Sell ​​it, throw it away, do whatever you want, but just take it outside your apartment.

This is very dangerous because you put yourself in jeopardy. Such things deprive people of good luck, good mood and even health. It is possible that this thing will act like a curse or the evil eye.

If it is something small and can burn, then you can even burn such a gift to make sure that it will not have power over you.

The things of the dead. This is absolutely obvious, but this item applies to absolutely all things. These can be photos, appliances, clothes. Anything that belongs to a person who is no longer in this world is better to throw it away or sell.

For other people in other homes, this will not have any negative beginnings. In Eastern philosophy, it is customary to treat dead people with great respect. Their belongings should not belong to the place where they once lived.

Old broom. What we sweep up garbage should look neat. Old brooms bring only trouble.

From them we can often be ill, lose luck in all spheres of life. Get rid of old brooms, broken mops, excessively dirty rags. Do not skimp on new home cleaning products.

They themselves can be powerful magnets for negative energy.

Empty bottles and waste paper. Paper and glass are the best conductors for a negative. He sticks to them. There is less safe junk, but paper and glass are the pinnacle of danger.

Old magazines and newspapers are very bad companions of your life. They accumulate dust, litter the space. They can not be kept even in the barn, not to mention the place where you sleep, eat, rest.

Plants with needles. Cacti, roses, wild rose and so on are living blockers of positive energy coming from windows. If you want to have a cactus, then put it next to a computer or TV, but only one, no more.

Such plants in Feng Shui is not recommended to use to create a pleasant atmosphere at home. In general, this applies to any sharp objects, including elements of decoration and decor.

Climbing plants. Another type of plant, which experts consider feng shui dangerous. Climbing plants prevent a person from thinking normally, distort his attitude.

Such plants become sources of doubt. People find it harder to do intellectual work in such a room. If cacti or roses can be placed away from the windows and the place where you sleep, then it is generally better not to plant these plants.

To bring well-being into a home, it is not enough just to get rid of dangerous things, although this is already more than half of all the work. Starting from the cleansing of the house, you are moving on the right path, because there is no positive where there is simply no place for it. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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