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What not to do at home: 10 major prohibitions of feng shui

What not to do at home: 10 major prohibitions of feng shui

The ancient Chinese teaching Feng Shui will help you organize the space of the house and make it harmonious. In order not to attract into your life the flow of negative energy, follow the main prohibitions of the exercise, and your home will become a place for restoring vitality and energy.

Space in the house for each person plays a role. In order for you to feel safe, rejuvenate and live in complete harmony with yourself and your family, use the recommendations of the Feng Shui doctrine. The knowledge accumulated over the centuries will help you get rid of any negative and fill living space with streams of positive energy.

10 main prohibitions of feng shui

Ban 1. Avoid hanging mirrors in front of the front door. Thus you prevent the flow of energy into your home. Mirrors in the bedroom affect negatively marital life.

They are able to attract rivals and parting lovers to your relationship. In other rooms, mirrors do not pose a threat, however, remember that chipped and cracked mirrors are subject to immediate disposal. It is desirable that the house had a mirror that reflects a person in full growth without crushing into fragments.

Prohibition 2. Never leave a trash can in front of the front door. Any dust, dirt and unwanted trash poison the energy of space, causing irreparable harm to the health and energy protection of the household. Get rid of unnecessary things, freeing up space for new useful and beautiful acquisitions that will soon appear in your home.

Prohibition 3. Repair any broken items you plan to use. Items that cannot be recovered, throw out without pity and delay. This will help you get rid of negative energy, bringing to life happiness and abundance.

In addition, broken objects lead to more frequent quarrels and conflicts. The Feng Shui teaching says that every faulty thing or object removes a problem from a person’s life by taking it upon himself. Pay special attention to leaking cranes and pipes.

The constant flow of water does not contribute to an increase in happiness in your home, so any leak must be eliminated as soon as possible.

Prohibition 4. Multi-level floors in the house also serve as a stumbling block for the free circulation of positive energy. Different levels of flooring in your home help break up the fate into pieces, and this can cause failure and trouble in business and personal life.

Prohibition 5. Try to get rid of sharp corners in your house. Furniture with protruding corners must be directed so that the edge of the corner is directed into empty space, and not the place of your likely location and rest. Hinged shelves also serve as the cause of the appearance of negative energy, so it is important to round or camouflage their corners, for example, with an amulet of beads and coins.

Prohibition 6. The bathroom and toilet spaces should be kept clean. Timely cleaning and closed doors will help you maintain coziness and comfort in your home. If you have a pet, the place for which is in your bathroom, use the built-in doors, but do not leave the doors open.

Prohibition 7. Air the space in the house. The more often you keep the windows and vents open, the more often the energy of the living space is updated. In order not to become victims of colds, ventilate the house during his absence.

Prohibition 8. Proper organization of the working space will help you perform your duties much more productively. Back must sit on a solid wall without windows and doors. In extreme cases, block openings to protect your rear from the outflow of energy.

Competent placement of objects on the table will provide you with greater efficiency, and the absence of unnecessary objects will help you to concentrate and not be distracted from the main tasks.

Prohibition 9. The territory adjacent to the house should be as open as possible. Growing trees and cars blocking the passage prevent the flow of positive energy from entering your home. The exception is the landing, fencing off the entrance from the roadway.

The same applies to the inner doorway space. Get rid of piling up things and put your shoes in a designated place.

Prohibition 10. Before buying a home, rate its neighborhood with other buildings. The most successful location of the house will be the presence of a nearby fountain, garden or park. A dangerous neighborhood will be a cemetery, a prison, and a hospital.

These «neighbors» have a huge field of negative energy that can complicate your life.

By changing the space around you, you are changing your life for the better. Remember that to achieve happiness in your own home is not so difficult. It is enough to follow the proposed recommendations to make your home a container of positive energy. We wish you happiness and prosperity, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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