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Top 10 Feng Shui Laws for a Happy Life

Top 10 Feng Shui Laws for a Happy Life

The ancient Chinese teaching of feng shui is gaining popularity. Many with the help of this science have managed to change life for the better and make their dreams come true.

Many people want to live happily, but not everyone knows where to start. Using the proposed recommendations, everyone will be able to draw up an action plan for themselves and follow it to achieve their own well-being.

Top 10 laws for a happy life

one. Do not, under any circumstances, sit on the corner or sit so that the corners of the furniture are aimed at you. According to feng shui, angles negatively affect the energy field of a person, depriving him of good luck in both his personal life and luck in the business sphere.

2 When parting or greeting do not become beyond the threshold. This kind of energy barrier will prevent the establishment of contact, clearly separating you from the border, beyond which, in the understanding of the interlocutor, you will acquire the status of «alien object.»

You need at least one foot to remain on the threshold. It is best to greet and say goodbye, being on the same border with a person.

3 Avoid cooking if you are in a bad mood. The fact is that food actively absorbs any energy, and with the negative emotions of a cook, such food becomes dangerous not only for energy but also for the physical health of the person who will use it.

Hold on to cooking only in a good mood, handing dishes all your love and care.

four. Eliminate the moments in which a person is behind you. According to Feng Shui, this area is vulnerable, so there should be a wall or a screen behind your rear.

Otherwise, you may experience not only discomfort, but also quite tangible outflow of forces, which will deprive you of the opportunity to be vigorous and active throughout the day.

five. Don’t be in the corner for a long time. This place in the teaching is given the role of a kind of energetic vampire, which in a short time is able to deprive you of strength.

Not without reason, our ancestors used the corner as a punishment of a guilty child: according to ancient superstitions, the corner “pulled the hooligan energy”, forcing the raging child to temper the ardor.

6 Never look in a mirror with cracks and pictures. According to Feng Shui, the energy of this object is very strong, and any crushing of your reflection breaks your biofield, negatively affecting the state of the organism as a whole.

7 To protect against negative energy and ill-wishers, use a pocket mirror. The Chinese believe that such a talisman, laid out by reflection outward, “mirrors” negative energy flows, not allowing you to become a target.

To protect your own home, you can also use this technique by hanging a mirror next to the door or in the window opening.

eight. If you believe feng shui, the self-eye mechanism starts when you send an energetic impulse, pointing your finger at someone’s illness. Such a charge of negative energy can penetrate your natural defense and harm your health.

9. Teaching Feng Shui warns people against returning from half the road. The reverse movement negatively affects the energy sector and is able to lead a person astray, complicating his activities and turning the capricious Fortune away from him.

ten. Use the energy of the rainbow to make your life happier. Of course, it’s impossible to walk under a rainbow, but seeing this colorful natural phenomenon is considered a good sign.

Also, the wise Chinese use arched openings and vaults in order to pass under them and receive an additional energetically positive impulse.

These recommendations will help you avoid a series of failures and will improve the quality of your own life. So that nothing prevents you from receiving positive energy, improve your own home using the Feng Shui teaching. We wish you well-being, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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