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The value of numbers in Feng Shui by Natalia Pravdina

The value of numbers in Feng Shui by Natalia Pravdina

According to the ancient teachings of Feng Shui, all numbers are divided according to the principle of yin and yang. Accordingly, yin are all even numbers, and yang are odd numbers. In ancient China, it was believed that the most favorable and lucky numbers in the date of birth of a person were odd.

Natalia Pravdina, a professional consultant in the field of feng shui, says in her books that such a thing as homonymy is very developed in Chinese, that is, there are many coincidences in the pronunciation of various words. So, for example, the number “four” is very consonant with the word “death”, hence the belief that the four is an unlucky number.

In general, it should be noted that the Chinese are a superstitious people. They are willing to pay a lot of money, just to ensure that in the number of their home, credit card, insurance or anything else there is no unlucky number. According to Natalia Pravdina, the meaning of Feng Shui numbers in China is determined according to the sound of the word itself.

Take for example the number 24. The two of the Chinese recall the word «easy» in their speech, so the whole number is considered good, but in combination with the four can be interpreted as «easy death.»

The most successful and favorable number for Feng Shui is the figure 8. It is consonant with the word «prosperity», and if it is considered in combination with two, then it will symbolize «easy money». But in a house or apartment at number 174 in China, you will never meet a native inhabitant, because if you say this number out loud, you will get something like “everyone dies together.”

Psychologist and consultant Natalia Pravdina believes that the influence of happy and unlucky numbers on Feng Shui accompanies every person everywhere. Many believe that numbers have their own aura and in a certain sequence are capable of influencing the life of any of us. The Feng Shui teaching allows interpretation of only two-digit and large numbers, since a simple number gives a too vague prediction.

For example, the number 48, although it has a four in itself, however, this combination will be interpreted by Feng Shui as “great wealth”, because here 4 means not lethal money, but capital acquired by hard and exhausting work.

In one of her books, Natalya Pravdina gives the basic meanings of Feng Shui prime numbers:

  • A unit is considered to be a rather favorable number, although there is no definite value for it. In the Feng Shui teaching, it symbolizes independence, since it is not attached by homonymy to other words.
  • The two is considered a symbol of the disease and is an unlucky number for Feng Shui.
  • Three Chinese are compared with anger and conflict.
  • The four are usually associated with love and intimacy, which is somewhat at odds with the usual colloquial interpretation.
  • Five is also an unfavorable number. Because it means failure and depressed.
  • Six can give the ability to save money.
  • Seven symbolizes the rich spiritual world of man and sociability.
  • The eight, according to feng shui, means prosperity and success in the future.
  • Nine, perhaps, can be called the luckiest number in Feng Shui, since it is a symbol of good luck and luck.

According to consultant Natalia Pravdina, Feng Shui is a teaching that constantly moves and changes depending on specific life circumstances. Depending on how the numbers are located in your date of birth or house number, you can follow their symbolic meaning. Leave your comments on the topic under the article and do not forget to put and

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