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The perfect home for Feng Shui: how to attract money, love and prosperity

The perfect home for Feng Shui: how to attract money, love and prosperity

Feng Shui is not just an oriental teaching. This is real art that helps people around the world make their lives a little brighter. The interior of your home, selected in accordance with Eastern rules, will attract well-being to you.

Money, love and good fortune are connected, because it all comes to your home and your life not without the help of positive energy waves, which are taught by the “lure” of Feng Shui philosophy.

Feng Shui Home Basics

This teaching is not just an attention to detail. Specialists in bioenergy confirm the opinion of the Eastern sages that the Universe is permeated with an infinite number of energy waves. So, our task is to attract positive waves in your life, in your home.

A lot of expert advice from this area helps to customize threads. By following them, you can make your home a true cluster of positive energy.

The principle of operation of Feng Shui tips is quite simple — if you follow all the tips at once, then your house begins to transform the energy mass entering it, and also to keep it inside. Energy stagnation is also very bad, so you need to set up a dwelling for energy circulation. So, there are three steps:

  • energy attraction;
  • retention;
  • update (circulation).

A great deal of success is played by your attitude and the way you see it all yourself. Every person living side by side with you should be involved in the process of attracting good luck and positive energy, otherwise it will not work out due to dissonance. Of course, some positive effect will still manifest itself, but it will be far from ideal.


Pets play an important role in the development of your luck. They are mainly responsible for the circulation of energy and its retention. There is such an ancient tradition — to let the cat in first in a new house.

This has nothing to do with feng shui. From the point of view of Eastern teachings, this tradition is absolutely useless. Pets filter energy, as it were, but in no case act as a magnet.

The best pets: cats, dogs, birds, rodents, turtles. The rest can have a negative effect. Separately, it is worth noting the fish. These pets are an example of incredible balance.

The element of water to create a home is incredibly good. Fish will attract well-being, help make the knee positive more manageable. Only fish can attract positive, being a “universal tool” of feng shui. Dogs are the “professionals” of increasing wisdom and strengthening love.

Rodents stabilize well-being, and cats rid the house of evil spirits, negative, being a kind of filter. The best Feng Shui rodents are rats. The strongest cats are black and red, with green eyes.

Windows and plants

Many do not attach importance to the view from the windows, but this is a crucial point. Perfect view from the window — water, forest, field, trees, vast territories. If there are no trees, and the view obstructs another house, then it will be mandatory to have protective filtering plants like cacti on the windowsill.

Cacti — a shield that absorbs all the negative. In addition to negative energy, cacti also capture some of the positive energy, so if you have a beautiful view from the window that you are completely satisfied with, you should not put cacti on the window, because they will delay Qi energy passing into your home. The remaining plants can be selected on the basis of the presence or absence of thorns.

If there are spines, then the principle of action is similar to cacti.

Plants with large leaves, climbing, small trees — these are the best «specialists» in keeping positive within the dwelling. They will keep your luck, not allowing it to leave your house ahead of time. Flowers will help to keep love inside your house.

The main thing is that the smell of flowers was as weak as possible. It is believed that flowers with a smell change the perception of the surrounding reality, depriving the household of objectivity.

The shape of the window itself can be, in principle, any. Glazing area should be as wide as possible if the view from the window is good. If the view does not please you, it is better to make the window smaller.

If there are garbage bins or something similar in front of the house that is disgusting, you can make very thick curtains so as not to see it. The color of the curtains should be dark green, pale blue or, for example, gray. If the view from the window is acceptable, then the color of the curtains should be closer to red: orange, crimson, burgundy, brown, and so on.

Mirrors should hang so as not to interfere with comfort and attract good luck, love and money into your life. You should not hang them in front of sharp corners, directly opposite the front door, opposite the place where you sleep. You can hang a mirror in front of a terrible view from the window — in this case, you can reflect the negative that goes inside the dwelling.

The mirror opposite to the mirror can become a dangerous choice for the interior at all — this will create a vacuum point into which all positive will rush. Mirrors in the kitchen are a bad idea too.

That wall is the main magnet for positive. This means that you need to do so that the wallpaper match the energy of a particular room in color. For example, the hallway can be made red, because there is still often no one there. The bedroom should be green or bluish, or white, light gray.

The ideal room and living room are black and white, with slight accents of orange or blue. The kitchen should be bright, but the choice of shade is yours.

Bedroom — the most important room in the apartment or in the house. Especially the children’s bedroom. When choosing a color for the walls of any room, you can use a maximum of two colors — this is the golden mean, because monochromatic walls are oppressive, and two colors have a beneficial effect on energy.

The bedroom is best done bright, but diluted with a large amount of black or white. You can make the top green, and the bottom of the wall is dark blue, for example.

The floor in the kitchen you can safely do white, bright. In the living room, hall, hallway and bedroom, it should be black, dark. As for such premises as a toilet or bathroom, there it is better to use a one-color structure.

Avoid the use of red, brown and orange in the toilet and bathroom. There is no extra positive energy for you for obvious reasons. No need to take a positive from other areas of your home.

Accessories, trivia, decorations

In Feng Shui, the use of lamps and lamps without sharp corners is welcome. They do not just create comfort, but attract good, truly pure energy of Qi. In addition to fixtures, you may have some other nice little things.

As for their color, you can choose almost any. In the kitchen, it is better to keep the overall tone, but in the bedroom or living room you can experiment as you like. In the hallway, it is advisable to use at all only red lamps and decorations to attract good luck and money to the house and to your life as a whole.

Opposite the front door you can and even need to hang a red ribbon, which is better to change every couple of months. She will drive away evil spirits and negative energy. The Chinese and other peoples who believe in the wisdom of Feng Shui, are extremely responsible attitude to the advice of this kind.

The use of oriental charms of luck is welcome — turtles, frogs, elephants, dragons, tigers. Feng Shui talismans for the home is a great way to complement the interior with pleasant trifles and attract financial success, well-being and love to your life and the lives of your loved ones. Strive for harmony inside and outside your home so that your life gives you maximum pleasure. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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